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    Wednesday, May 31, 2006


    p.s: Lidya!! kok ga email gw sih??? i'm waiting... n udah check email ntah brp kali... =( r u alright??? wat's happening?? T_T sorry... ga bisa call... ='(

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    Sunday, May 28, 2006

    finally got time to post! =) so busyyyyy... tutorialsss and projects! just can't seem to finish them! and 29 May to 1 June will be having term test.. i was thinking that finally I got sometime to focus on study instead of projects and all.. but Report writting and Presentation skill (RWP) seems like torturing me...=( Tuesday after exam we still gotta submit assignment and do our presentation! how sad is that! haiz... and monday i got my Engineering Maths until 9pm!! ='( that mean I'll reach home around 10.30pm!! T_T arrghh... sob sob... i thought year one shouldn't be so stress??!!! I haven't revised for test and still got to finish my RWP assignment. Can't get enough sleep at all... hope I can rest well after term test, which is e-learning week. When we'll just stay at home and do quiz or assignments and submit online... Nancy!! no more procrastinating! get ready and do your RWP now! =((

    kk.. ciao~~

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    Saturday, May 20, 2006

    It's SATURDAY!!!
    haha... n yet i got many assignments to do...='(
    yesterday was crazy!
    Can't find my precious watch thus late for my first and only lecture for Friday...=.= so I just went there to do RWP report with my group. After that went to Pool CCA. Fun and relax =) then went to meet SMAC previous Secretary. Show me some minutes that she did before..SMAC roX. People there is so fun to be with and also friendly =) it's just like a BIG family when all gather in the small club house...;) so after that I went to meet Dear at fc5 and go his house... and at about 10 or 11, Nely jie called me and said she's at Orchard so Dear said ask her to come his house since he's going to sponsor my cab fee..;p then after Nely's shopping trip, she went to dear's house and then not long after that..FALL ASLEEP! we can't wake her up... i think she's just too tired and soon I also fall asleep...=.= then we sleep till 3.30a.m!!!so shock! we rush home and it's already 4 a.m when we get home....

    Will be going to Dom's party later! ;p just found out that mr.chua and Fazli are not invited.. maybe don't have their food their is vegetarian and another is halal...T_T not a complete 403.. but alot also cannot go...some in US ,Aussie and Indo... =( anyway..just hope we'll enjoy this party!! ^^

    till here first! =)

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    Wednesday, May 17, 2006

    Finally got time to blog!! ;p
    in school right now... foodcourt 5... just ate KFC... *fatsss* went to AIDS talks after my last lecture..'s not as boring as some people told me... ;p now i'm waiting for Pool club meeting at 6 p.m!!! haiz... so late and after the meeting I still gotta go PS for my medical appointment at 7.30 and dunno what time i'll get home today! ='(

    Getting busy nowadays...=( n i'm tired like hell!!fall asleep in every lecture...T_T arrghh...i hate that!! now i can't catch up with some of the modules! wth... reach home late but wake up bloody early! and cannot drink coffee as i'm under chinese medication... haiz... my assignments are piling up... =.=

    might be collecting my O level certs and also Lidya's n Angel's this friday morning... hopefully the staff allow me to collect for them..

    So excited to meet 403 this Saturday at Dom's b'dae party!! yeahhh!! =) miss them so much...unfortunately... Drong3 tak is not complete!! =( when can we all meet as a class again?? T_T

    msg to dear : jia you!!! =)

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    Friday, May 12, 2006

    Finished with my maths tutorial! *skip some questions..hehehe!! dunno how to do ;p*
    Dear accompanied me all the way until I done all.. haha.. supervise me all the way...super fierce.. dun allow me to daydream at all... haha.. which is good as I managed to finish all that I can do...hehe... no need to bring back that BIG AND HEAVY BOOK. ^^
    But still got a lot of things to do so gotta bring them back to Indo =.=

    Will be taking ferry before 12 noon... Nely jie wanna be home earlier...

    Oh ya... Golf has gone back Thailand yesterday afternoon... Nely jie!! be brave!! Muachh...jia you jia you jia you!!!

    I think I got in to pool club! =) haha.. quite happy... but I want dear to get in also...T_T sianzzz... I got higher chance to get in as they need female member... so I'm quite lucky huh... *not sure if I've already got in also...;p paiseh paiseh..*

    Hmmm...nothing to blog anymore...

    Will try to blog in Indo... ;p



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    Wednesday, May 10, 2006

    he was really SUX!!! wth man.. make me travel to Ang Mo Kio(AMK) and then just a simple sorry through msg and he called it off =.= fuck up man!! i was so frustrated and just went off without a word n left Dear w Golf at MOS burger@AMK.
    (So sorry dear...~.~)

    Haiz.. Sianz... sick of travelling from Tampines and Dover... took taxi to mrt station this morning...=.= no bus came to my sight at all... what a day for me...

    bloody hell...


    I better talk about some happy news...
    I'm going back Indo for this long weekend (Vesak day holiday) ^^ and we might be celebrating mother's day too...=)
    Haha... so happy... miss Indo!! =p
    but got alot of assignment to bring back and do...=.= hmm... i dun want to bring back my CALCULUS BOOK WHICH WEIGHT ABOUT 3 KG OR MORE!!! T_T

    Must chiong finish this thursday! die die must finish it! =.=

    k then...

    too tired right now... wanna bathe...
    waiting for my food from Nely...

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    Sunday, May 07, 2006

    Yeah I'm back from Chalet. Feeling now : MIX n MESSY! haiz... Dunno I should be happy or I should be sad right now... I definately want more chalet days... but I'm so tired right now... End of this chalet marks that the leaving of Golf from Singapore soon. I told myself it's none of my concern but... some weird feeling just pop out from in there... =(

    Sometimes I'm so mean and say something bad about him to Nely. Haiz.. Anyway I just hope he'll be nice to Nely wherever he is...

    We left the chalet about 11 a.m and went back our own by cab.. Sofie cabbed back to Jurong, Jinbo cabbed back to Orchard, We(Nely,Golf n Me) cabbed back to Tampines and they went to Yishun by bus while I sleep at home.. and JB(Calvin) and friends went to Pasir Ris mrt to eat breakfast. All back... all back to where we should be... arrghh.. I hate leaving a place where we have fun together just like that.. T_T we shouldn't have organise this chalet isn't it? =( we shouldn't... we really shouldn't...

    Feel like crying now... oh my... my eyes are filled with hot tears... I won't let them roll down.. I won't!!! arrghh... hate it hate it!!!

    gotta bathe now..


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    Saturday, May 06, 2006

    We woke up late today...
    Last night Nely was really DRUNK and horrible..I mean things she did really scare people away...I hope I won't drink till drunk like image gone...=.=
    We were attending to her till she get to sleep then we all can sleep... so woke up around 12 *I think so..totally lost track on time =.= coz I didn't wear is really so important..*

    After resting awhile we went to Wild Wild Wet.. ermm... we bought swimming suit bla bla bla...
    now I'm BROKE =.= then tried almost all the games inside but it rain very heavy when we were about to play "Ular lah" , a game which six of us sit in a round thingy.. btw.. only 6 people staying although alot Nely's friends come here, but they only eat the food only then they went back.. it was so cold when it started to rain..all of us were freezing... but we continued to play until alot of games were stopped coz of the bad weather then by the time we went out to buy food for tonight the rain stop..=.=

    We were planning to eat steamboat but food is insufficient now.. actually gotta go White sands to buy some more ingredients for steamboat but dear is doing his project and we dunno when can go... see the time now already so late.. don't think we are eating steamboat ba...

    Sux! my MP3 player spoilt! I mean the whole casing drop out... =.= my fault to put it on table and nely's fault to bump on it till it drop down and the whole back cover cannot be attached back now... for the time being it is tied with a rubber band =.= haiz... nely said she'll go jurong (Creativve service center) to try and fix it up... We have no idea if this will work but it's the only way huh...=.= no choice...

    k... till here 1st..


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    Friday, May 05, 2006

    Guess what? =) I'm typing this blog at Downtown East chalet room =p haha... I brought my laptop for watching some vcd incase we'll feel bored here.. but found out here that they actually provide us with wireless connection ^^ so i gotta use it now...not bad huh... lol.. sorry for being so "sua ku"

    so exhausted man... carried all the big bags here by myself and go check in by myself and find the room BY MYSELF...T_T but now i'm enjoying alone in the and watching tv with the cold aircon here...haha..i switched it to the lowest temperature...=p

    Jinbo is on his way here from his house. Nely,Golf and friends are coming over from Yishun. Sofie is also coming over..ALL ARE COMING!!! =) I'm waiting for all the FOODSSSS to come right now... hungryyy =(

    Actually now is really not a good time to come for chalet..=.= alot of assignments on hand and also a report writting...=( but Golf is leaving really this is the only time we can come out for a gathering like this.. hmm.. Really hope that this outings will be a memorable and fun one... bad things is Lidya is not here.. haiz... I think it will be more fun if she's here with us huh...

    K then...might be updating anytime when I'm free..=p since here provide us with wireless ^^


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    Wednesday, May 03, 2006

    yeahh... now is already 3rd week of my first term in school...
    assignments keep coming...some lectures are very boring...
    workshop is fun... *except that it hurts my eyes =(..more on this later*
    and everything seems to be too fast for me...
    I keep dozing off in some lectures..=(
    which is very bad...
    and i just realise that my daily transportation fee is $4+
    oh dear..moneyyy... they just fly away like this everyday...
    Classmates are getting fun.. *especially our 6 females group* ^^
    they are really fun to be with especially Ru Yi..haha..we keep arguing..;p
    Friends play an important role in our life...=)

    Talking about my eye...yeah..while sawing the metal work piece in workshop yesterday...
    I think some metal chips flew in my right eye..I feel discomfort initially and i rub my eyes a few times... and the discomfort vanished... so I didn't really care about it afterwards..
    until at about 8.30 p.m after my last class.. I felt my eyes were very dry...
    but I still thought it's because I wore my contact lenses for more than 12 hours..
    I took out my contact lenses when I got home.. and found two tiny red dots on my right side contact lense...I dunno what are that... but I can see that my right eyes turn red..
    and it turns to abit yellowish today...=( went to my optometrist and the lady told me to come tomorrow as their optometrist who is in charge of eyecare is not in today...
    hope everthing will be alright...

    I went for SMA club (school of maritime Academy) interview today...
    I was pretty nervous at first but took deep breathes and went in the room..
    4 interviewers (3 guys 1 gal). I only know the President of the club who are also an Indonesian.. but I dunno him that well also..=.= so they asked which post I want and I just answered "Secretary" haha.. I dunno why...but at that time I just think it's the only post which I want... they asked me things like my O level English grade and experience in writing minutes..
    and Microsoft Word skill.. And I said B3 , went for attachment in company and saw minutes for meeting and learnt microsoft word skill before... which are all true but! I'm not sure if I can do the job they are giving me...T_T Thanks alot Fazli and Lidya.. they keep telling me to be more confidence... I'll try!! Thanks lots friends!! =) They just called me!! I mean from SMA Club!
    I've been selected..I SHOULD BE HAPPY!! Nancy! YOU CAN DO IT! ~.~ *oh hell.. i'm so nervous..T_T*

    We'll be having a chalet for Golf(my Sister's boyfriend) this Friday and Saturday.. He's going back to Thailand...
    haiz..although I always fight with him and hate him at times *coz of Nely(my Sister)*...
    but whenever I know someone is leaving me for far,my heart just sinks...T_T
    Hope we'll enjoy this last gathering *I mean for the time being!!We'll all meet again and have fun together!!We will!!*
    and I really hope Nely can be more brave to take up this fact... I hope I won't hear she cry her heart out everynight...I hope she'll be fine... mood to continue my blog after thinking about this sad things in life..
    it's just very hard or you can say we can hardly found a friend who grow up with us and keep staying near us *not beside* I mean just can meet up anytime we want or anytime we are free...
    until the day we are gone forever... it's HARD... so if you do have one... cherish them and never let them down...but if you do... I believe he/she will forgive you for all the wrong things you had done to them...

    Cherish every friendship!


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    Monday, May 01, 2006

    yeah.. today's holiday! =) just woke up from sleep 2 hours ago..
    argghh! It has been 2 days that I fall asleep before cleaning my face..
    alas... two pimples pop out!!! T_T
    so this is what lazy people get...

    Lidya called me last night.. talk for an hour plus...haha..
    but she called me because she couldn't sleep..=.=
    and I was just opposite her...I was so-so-so sleepy!
    and fall asleep soon after I had my "Hor Fun" (wet fried kway tiao) full that I didn't wanna do anything other than SLEEP.

    Oh ya...
    it's May now... so do view my April 2006 album! ^^

    Ok! I can't stop praising myself for these 2 days...=p
    my culinary skills are just marvellous!
    haha.. first was my "Fried Eggs with Bitter Gourd"
    I think it's veryyy nice! =p
    then the next day (which is yesterday) I cooked "Pork Ribs and Lotus Roots soup with Peanuts"
    hehe..and "Fried Prawn with Springroll skin"
    haha.. ALL ARE VERY NICE! =p
    muahaha... =D

    see.. I can do it k! Lidya!! faster come and you can taste my Bravo cooking! ;p

    k then..
    too happy to blog... muahahaha!!
    thinking of what to cook next time.. ;p



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