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    Saturday, December 27, 2008

    1st ever experience at Isetan Scotts Private Sale!

    It was utterly crowded!! and the queue for entrance is soooo long! We reached there at 8.30a.m.! and when we left at 10+...and I couldn't believe it...
    It's a big round from the entrance point to the lido cinema entrance and follow by a big big round circle to the nearby Thai embassy. =.=

    No wonder the BF keep on hesitating about accompanying me to the sale.. as he has been seeing this scene whenever Isetan hold a private sale. =.= people queuing up as early as 7a.m. even though the actual event starts at 8.30a.m.


    and we decided to act blur and just cut queue. hahaha. I saw my secondary school teacher! Mdm. Pang *if i nv get her name wrong* ;p she was also queuing up to enter the sale. :)

    Total damage = $484.84!!!

    The breakdown:
    -RMK's product = $200
    -Paul & Joe = $44
    -CK Jeans handbag= $134+
    -2 Thermos = $11.70 each (one for sis and one for myself)
    -Knifes = $78 (for the BF kitchen)

    ya.. that's all...
    Got RMK for Nely, as she's planning to use the whole range of RMK product from skincare to make up.
    No sales for beauty products but we can get rebate voucher for next purchase.
    She got:
    -RMK eye gel $75
    -RMK Fruit Barrier Cream $73
    -RMK Control Color N 01 $52
    -some free gifts: one silver tote(see picture above), One small white pouch with 3 travel size free gift (skintuner,base foundation and cleansing oil )

    Wanted to get a RMK light pink nail polish but was out of stock :(
    So went to Paul & Joe to get base coat and a light pink. The BF choose for me. :)))
    Has been telling myself that NO MORE P&J polishes... as I have altogether about 8 in my collection! =.= and it chips off pretty fast on my nails. but the packaging is just irrestible! :S
    Below: Left is the base coat (very very sheer pink tone when applied, hardly noticable) and on the right one is Paul & Joe in shade 09.

    Next stop! went to look for bags. Saw Calvin Klein bags having sale!
    So get a black bag! haha. Original was $223+ but after discount and member further discount!
    it's $140!! haha.. prefer the smaller version but it cant fit A4 size :(( so have to go with the bigger one...
    hmm.. very normal looking though. haha.

    Satisfied and went to household department for BF's knife. ;p
    He choose the 3 piece knifes for $78. Lol. he likes cooking and chopping ingredients. :))

    Then saw the 500 ml thermos. Lol. cute and cheap! so bought one for sister and one for myself. As Nely has got a more cute and more expensive one. So ignore about getting her one. haha..
    aren't they cute? lols. The blue is for my sister as she kinda can't accept pink stuff.. So i get the pink one. Original price is $29.90 but was sold at $12.90 and member gets additional 10% off. ;p
    so it's only about $11.60. :))

    well.. i'm sounding like a typical auntie boasting about the good bargain she got after a retail therapy ;D

    anyway!! gonna have gathering with the secondary school mate! :))
    awww... everyone sure gonna miss our sexy lady in melb, Lidya!!! haha :D
    please be in singapore whenever you can alright! :))

    i'm a Happy auntie ;p
    Thanks the BF for accompanying me through out the shopping session! haha. love ya!!!


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    Thursday, December 25, 2008

    Wow! It's been more than half a year since I blogging!


    Stay happy, healthy and stress-free!
    *to whoever still visiting my blog*

    gotta sleep early tonight due to ISETAN Private SALE tomorrow! =.=
    Nely want me to help her get some stuffs. So!
    Have an good night everyone!

    Hope ya all have lotsa fun for x'mas!


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    Wednesday, June 18, 2008

    tests are cominggg real soon (coming monday to thurs) but yet to start my revision!

    anyway just pass by to post the pictures for the indo trip recently..

    still missing indo now.. T.T

    love love <3 indo

    alright.. gtg now!

    oh God.. please give me more motivation to start my revision! *urgenttt* :(((


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    Thursday, June 05, 2008

    thrilled! going back batam tml with Eileen, Kim, Ru yi and of course Nely & Calvin! :D

    Dear give it a missed for this trip as he has got tons of projects to do.. :( but anyway shall take plenty of pictures with the gals and my yet-to-meet-god daugther!! :D

    celebrated my 21st with dear at Bugis. Yes.. only at Bugis. hahas.
    We went to eat at a jap resto then head to sing at top one till 8pm and then had our fav mango strudel at Ritz Apple Strudel and bought a pair of Sex & the city tix! It was awesome! :D Simple and only-us celebration! :)))

    well. here's the pictures!

    Ok. Waiting for Nely to get off from work and we are off to Isetan Scotts! It's hurting my pockets! why am I not benefitting from the GSS yet after 3weeks has passed?? =.= all items purchased are undiscounted items! oh-myyyyyyyyyy!! help!!! :(((


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    Monday, June 02, 2008

    to myself!


    Thanks for those who greet me! love ya all :D

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    Sunday, May 25, 2008

    May 2008

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    Bad weather! I am melting till the point of vanishing! :(

    Really feeling so hot that I purposely dress up the way to make me feel more breathable.. =.= can't wear any long sleeves, thick outfits,etc etc. It's a big headache everyday when I open my wardrobe to dig for a super comfy and cooling outfit and bringing another jacket or cardigan for our super cold classrooms. madness.

    so this year I fall sick twice alr! I mean those major one which really require me to rest at home. :(

    Just got tonsillitis (dunno how to spell... but it means white patches on my throat which result in fever and shivering-type-of-coldness) =.= damn it. Now the white patches are still there even though is the 4th/5th day alr... T.T painful and swollen throat! arggh. Dad warn me to stop eating spicy food! which is like a severe torture for me! :( but I still take abit of spicy stuff thou. Can't really enjoying food without chilli! hahas.

    So Friday was the first day of GSS! Great Singapore Sale! :D Happy Shopping everyone!! :))

    Nely met me after her work at Lucky plaza for dinner at Ayam Penyet Ria. I didn't eat ayam penyet! :( coz it's fried food and my throat was still painful. So I choose the alternative soto ayam with rice. but I still can't stop myself from taking a nip of the sambal from Nely's ayam penyet which is heavenly nice~~ :D~~

    After dinner, we are off to start with our shopping trip. hmm.. bad one thou.. :( orchard was over crowded.. and dunno since when.. i start to hate going to places where I can't walk properly as they were too many people blocking our ways. Totally hate it! So we didn't get alot of things. Only two tops. and that's it :(

    Hope I get well soon!! :D

    jiayou aza aza!

    It seems to be a routine for us to go johor on weekends ever since this year. I love the food there! cheap and fabulous! :D and of course special thanks to our Johor ambassador, Mr. Calvin Lim, who patiently and impatiently being our companion and bodyguard for all the trips over there. So this is a short video from one of our johor trips. hahas.
    Our main lead is Nely. hahas! enjoy~~ :))
    Pictures will be posted soon...

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    Thursday, May 01, 2008

    Happy Holiday~~

    thou is only one day.. but it's still better than nothing! (:

    Dear's project is officially having a soft launch now... so if you have time might want to have a visit there and see if you wanna get anything from the web!
    Do help to give them feedback! thanks... :D
    ok. Darn full right now.. just went to have supper at youth park and we saw some youngsters practicing some cool dance over there. Dunno when will I start to control my over-eating habit..=.=
    too tired now... ):

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    Wednesday, April 23, 2008

    Finally went to k-song on last Friday night! But only 2 and a half hour cost us $20/person! T.T
    and I got sick at night.. was shivering and whole body aches like hell. )):

    Went to see doctor on Saturday since the fever just don't go away... and he gave me MC for Monday. What an awesome doctor!! ^^

    I was actually planned to skip school on Monday in the first place for dental appointment and medical check up. So I just went to settle all the medical appointments without the need to ask for excuse letter. muahahaha.

    Dear was great! he accompany me to the doctor and also take very good care of me.. muahaha.. coz I was abit bochap as I always think that my immune system is good enough and there's no need to see doctor. ;p

    But my ulcers are still very bad! T.T it has been there for so many dayssss... a few giant ulcers.. damn pain!! T.T swollen somemore.. even the dentist pity me lor... ):

    ok. School was not so good for the 1st two weeks.. hahas. Coz I always wake up late and skipping lectures and tutorials. ): I havn't even attend a single maths lesson so far. Hope will get better for the rest of this semester. hahas.

    So fast that we are now in 3rd year of our Poly life. Everyone is busy about final year project now. I take up the role to lead my team. Hope I can do it well and right. (: support me everyone~~ hurrayyy!! hahas.

    Oh ya! We have found a place to stay alr. Can't manage to get 1+1 unit )): but manage to get a decent place for Nely and me to stay for at least 6 mths starting from 7th of May. So it's at admiralty. Abit far from school. But Nely has been giving me the priority for 2 years (she claimed so ;p) so to stop her from nagging... I must give her the priority this time. hahas.

    She's looking for jobs around west area... ((: All the best Nely!! you can do it! Don't ever give up and look down on yourself. We are papa's daughters leh! We sure can success one! Must have faith! Ping yi's motto Perseverance Yields Success!

    Ok. Nothing else to blog about alr. hahas.

    ciaO~ :D

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    Sunday, April 13, 2008

    It's been really depressing finding place to move, knowing the cruel side of the world and understand the importance of money, etc...

    every time I think I've got a lot to blog about and share over here.. so that I won't be to stress out all alone. But I always end up lost in words. All the thoughts just sank inside... deep down inside and I can't estimate when it will just explode and making myself to a total break down. Obviously I hope it won't happen at all as I'm not sure if I can handle it when it really happen. I might just ended up in woodbridge or in coffin I supposed.

    I know life has never been easy for anyone. Asking for a simple life is as tough as anything you can think of. Simple life without so much worries... It might only happen when one's mind stop functioning, one's life stop playing, one's time stop ticking... Maybe I'm asking for too much.


    anyway.. life still goes on.



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    Tuesday, April 01, 2008


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    Sunday, March 23, 2008

    End of long weekend... ):

    Having fun these few days.

    Thursday after work went to meet dear n his bro for dinner at wisma's food republic.
    Wanted to sing after that but due to his heavy flu... so we changed our plan to watch movie.. "Step up 2. The street" which is nice. (:
    Then Calvin and Nely came to pick me up at dear's place. We drove to Rail Mall for drink and pool but it was full house. =.= due to holiday's eve. So we change our plan to drove to jurong to check out KBOX price. It was a bloody $25++ per person for 3 to 4 hours session. =.= and movie timing also not matching. So we end up going back.

    Friday woke up at 2pm! coz slept quite late the other night. And did some laundry. Calvin suggested to go JohorBahru(JB) for a meal. So he we get prepared and set off to JB only at 8pm. hahas. due to some procrastination. ;p So we went City Square and check out the Neway(similar to Kbox) but it was too expensive. =.= about $16 per person for 3hours. so we didn't sing but head to Giant to buy some biscuits for my teabreak at workplace. ;p After that we went to Calvin's home for awhile and went for food hunt! but it was rather late and alot of makan places has stop operating. ): so we endep up eating BBQ seafood and chicken. (SUPER NICE) the chilli accompanying the bbq food was awesome! We drank a total of 8 glass of drinks for 3 persons. ;p but it was damn "shiok".

    Then we head to back to Singapore (about 1am plus), got JAM at the immigration and checkpoints for about 3hours! alot of singapore's cars going back to singapore dunno-for-watever-reason. =.=
    So our plan to watch movie was also delayed! We reached Cineleisure at 4.20am. =.= the last movie starts at 4.15am. We could managed to watch that actually. But Calvin and Nely were not interested for that show.

    Then we went to Geylang!!! *Love the night life at Geylang!* so cool.. alot of makan places still operating! hahas. and there are also Fruit stalls. We bought a bunch of banana. lols. which is cheap and nice! ;p and went to eat beancurd (dou jiang you tiao) at Yong He which also operates 24hours. *pictures will be uploaded once i'm free to collate'em*
    The you tiao is DAMN NICE!!! crispy and fragrance. (: we missed out the dimsum stall. It was full house at that wee hours! =.= so we choosed to have the beancurd.

    I was half sleeping already but Calvin need to go SIM to check up for the school's courses at 9am. It was only 2 more hours till 9am. So we decided to accompany him to camp outside SIM till 9am. =.= We went to King Albert Park Mac for toilet break and continue to camp at SIM carpark till 9am. Nely accompanied Calvin to the service counter and I continue to "NAP" inside the car at carpark. ;p After they came back...

    We drove to Rail Mall to rent dvd. But Video Ezy is not open till 10.30am. And I spot a machine.. the one which u put coins and there's bubble ball that drop out. =.= sorry for the poor description. but in conclusion... i managed to get what i want with one attempt! CJ7 doll. ;p hehes. just wanna get it for fun actually.. coz I already have it at home. haha.

    Then we off to home.. and I slept at 2pm!!! T.T

    Saturday Woke up at 8pm.. Calvin, Nely and I went to eat somewhere near Bukit Timah Shopping Center. There's a stretch of resto there... so after some conversation... we choose to eat chicken rice at Boon Tong Kee. Which is abit pricey but it's nice! the chicken rice and the boiled chicken are matching with the chilli. And seafood soup is sweet with a lil bit of ginger taste! which we all like it. ;p cost us $30 for that meal. Then we went home since the movie that we plan to watch (The Orphanage) is on at 2am. So we drove to The Cathay about 1.42am. Only left front row!! =.= and Nely and Calvin was like quarrelling over some stupid things. (I was bored listening to their lenghty drama..which always repeats) then we went to check up at Cineleisure to see if there's any chance to watch other movies.. which failed. =.= then we drove home and sleep.

    Sunday Rotting at home. Woke up at 2pm and rot at home the whole day. Nely was nice to help me buy my brunch. Subway and tempura from shilin. (: then they went to JB and left me alone at home. =.= still not coming back at this hour!! grrr.. so bored. ): and dear cannot come out or come over to meet me. So i'm being abandoned for today! =.= ok. off to bathe now... and maybe have a good sleep. hahas. have not been sleeping well this whole week! =.=

    sorry to bored you with my long story! but this is my blog right? ;p


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    Sunday, March 16, 2008

    I like this also...


    can you understand the mv?

    Have a blessing week everyone!


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    Saturday, March 15, 2008

    Nice song! (:

    Hope you also like it..

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    err.. another one week.

    nothing much to blog about. Just the same boring week.
    Will be presenting mid term presentation this coming monday. T.T which i'm-so-not-prepared. sian. Need to present in front of Ngee Ann student also.. and to all the different supervisors..
    But it will not affect itp grade la.. it's just sort of a practice. So SY and I resort to just anyhow present lor. Since my supervisor is not so helpful. :X we lack of some data and are crapping inside. But he din give much useful comment. =.= except telling us not to worry and that this project will not affect our grade. Coz he is the one grading us.

    Nely, Calvin, Jinbo and I went to eat at The Cheese Prata Shop yesterday night. (Nely,Calvin and I just went there the day before..hahas) And we conclude that should visit there during week days non-peak hour. Coz when it's at peak hours... their prata are not as nice as non-peak hours. Maybe they are to busy to put in more passion in flipping our prata. =.= we tried the Foo Seng Nasi Lemak also. Nothing special about it. Although it's reccommended in some tv-show.

    After having our dinner then we drop Jinbo at his place since he need to work on the next day.. And Nely, Calvin and me went to watch movie. :D we went to cathay cinileisure. Which nv fail to remind me of the days with Lidya,Janice and Angel. (: -missing- We went straight to basement after parking at youthpark. And bought tixs for Water Horse. We went in and found out we got the wrong tix! which show Horton!! =.= So we went to change the tix and wait for another half an hour for Water Horse. And we only left with first row to sit!. Neck pain but water horse is a nice movie. haha. Funny and touching. :D the friendship between Angus and Crusoe(the water horse) is so amazing. hehes. Crusoe is a legendary water creature. okok. watch yourself and you'll know it. hehes. it's based on a book written by... -forgot- nice!

    hmm... wanna watch The Leap Year. =..=

    ok. That's all~

    Gotta do my logbook for itp.=.=


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    Sunday, March 09, 2008

    just finished compiling my pics for JB trip. :D

    We had so much fun and bloated our stomach with yummy foods ((:
    All THANKS to "Calvin" a.k.a "JB ambassador" a.k.a "La Bi Ren"!!! muahahaha~~

    We stuck at the woodlands checkpoint for awhile... got traffic jam.. =.= then head to change some ringgit and off to have our dimsum session. (: we filled the whole table with dimsum... total yummy and bloated. hahas. Only cost about 80ringgit. :D

    Then we went to danga bay and shop around the mall for some handicrafts. I saw lotsa people flying kite.. since I have never tried before... so I suggested to go fly kite.. hahas. :D

    We bought a 14ringgit kite and a 5ringgit bubble gun (yes.. those guns that you dip in bubble liquid and it can produce lotsa bubbles! hahas. Nely wanted to buy the gun. All of us laugh at her.. but in the end.. :X hahahas.. check out the pictures!)

    Our kite swim inside the sea..=.= (due to lack of skill.. we drown the kite in less than half an hour! culprit is Haibo (Jinbo's brother)!!) hahaha. I just hold the kite for once which is less than a minute! T.T must go try out again next time hehes.

    After mourning for our poor kite... we head for highlight of the trip!!! Yung yung ice kacang @ Tepian Terbau. It's Calvin's dad stall (: We tried ice jelly, cendol, cikong, bubur chacha and last but not least... my ICE KACANG! :D and Calvin ordered bbq sting ray and kupang for us... :D~ yummy yummy.. hahaha. so sinful trip! I couldn't stop eating at all.. hehes.

    Luckily we don't always go for JB trip. hahaha.. if not I'll be even fatter. T.T my weight seems to keep increasing... super pissed off.. It just won't go down! grrrr!

    But after all the fun.. Nely wanted to buy magazine at City Square.. so while walking towards the mag stall.. we walk around doing some window-shopping.. n the guys were so bored. =.= I felt bad so didn't really enjoy the shopping part of the whole journey. ):

    So moral of the story is... if going JB with the guys, it will be better to cancel all plans for shopping. (: but what else can we do in JB except food hunt and shopping? =.=

    ok.. i shall go watch Bull Fighting now... hahahas :D


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    Saturday, March 08, 2008

    WOW! it's saturday!

    I'm going to JB with Nely, Jinbo, Haibo and most importantly Calvin Labi. :D Our kind JB ambassador... ;p
    He's taking his IELTS test right now... Hope he can get good result! hehes. -Labi Jiayou!- :D

    Yesterday after work went to find Jinbo and Haibo. Jio them go eat Thye Hong prawn noodle. hahas. But after I walk past Teppan-yaki and saw that there's empty spaces... I immediately change our plan to eat there. lols ;p so the two guys ate beef set! =.= n i had the chicken set. Not so nice leh... regret for giving prawn noodle amiss. T.T sorry thye hong~~

    Then we went to K-song at Cash Studio (opp Hardrock cafe). 3 persons for 3 hours session we fork out about $67. Errm... only one free drinks per person. I was thirsty to the max.=.= But I think can bring our own drink (Jinbo n Haibo saw inside the rules). I even spot people ordering pizza hut delivery. hahas. But still not used to the system. So choose songs is a tough job this time coz I'm used to K-Box system. ;p but Cash Studio offers more updated Indonesia Songs. :p Alot of Singapore Malays are there. hahas. I hardly spot chinese there. Even the workers are malay. (: But I can't find Krisdayanti's song! only found Rossa's. =.=

    After singing, I head back home for my weekly laundry task. But I fall asleep after eating supper! =.= So just managed to wash part of my clothes this morning. and also clean the toilet Going to JB first then wash the other part of my clothes tonight or tml morning. hahas. :D

    kk.. nothing much to blog about already... ;p

    Gonna watch Bull Fighting (taiwan drama) hahaha. :D


    Have fun on weekends eh!


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    Friday, February 29, 2008


    Shiying (sy) and me are constantly waiting for friday every other day during our attachment this week ):

    It's not that we hate waking up early n travel all the way to the yard.. neither do we hate the people over there... but we are just too BORED. As our supervisor (mentor) is so busy with his work these 2 weeks. So no one share knowledge with us and challenge us with questions... hahahas. So this week is a plain boring week...

    Sy n me were just sitting around the workshop.. looking at the workers doing some stuffs which are about the same all over again and again. Or chatting with the workers.. they always got very interesting stories for us.. I was so shocked when one of them tell us he is a bachelor in history back in myanmar! and he's earning a basic salary of $400+ in the shipyard! what a waste. But he seems to enjoy it. Besides sharing stories with the workers.. we also do some hands on like lapping valves (which we have been doing since the 1st week of attachment). =.= ya.. basically that's what we do over there...

    haha.. actually nope.. I occasionally fall asleep when i'm really too bored over thr. hahas. was being 'advised' for not sleeping by one of the charge man in the workshop. So paiseh. hahas.

    My family is in China for holidays since 26 feb. will be back on 5 march. =.= I feel even more bored and the feeling of being left here alone is not so good. ):

    Ok. Got my results alr.

    my main diploma:
    Module Code - Credit Unit - Grade
    BA002A - 2 - A
    MA1068 - 4 - DIST
    MA1065 - 4.5 - DIST
    MA1069 - 3.5 - DIST
    MA1092 - 4 - DIST
    LC0614 - 2 - B
    MA1067 - 2.5 - B
    My cumulative GPA dropped by 0.001 .
    And for my diploma plus:
    Module Code - Credit Unit - Grade
    MS8110 - 3 - B
    Cumulative GPA dropped by 0.046
    So both has dropped. T.T
    but served me right for being so inconsistent. ): rushing like mad just before the exam week. One more semester to my diploma plus and i'm done with it. Must buck up for the last module!! go nancy!! :p
    shall end here... feeling darn sleepy right now.. my eyelids are so heavy while looking at this laptop screen.. i better sleep now... too tired from washing my pile of clothes in the laundry bag. =.=

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    Sunday, February 24, 2008

    Another week has passed... ((:

    just uploaded photos for January and February into my multiply website! have a look at it (:

    two albums, one for each month. hehes. So you can view my chinese new year pics in the February 2008 album.

    Well well... I wanted to watch "L- change the world" and "Jumper" since last week. T.T but havn't managed to find a convenience time so far. ):

    Lidya came to Singapore for a few hour while transfering flight. ((: we had our dinner at ayam penyet ria, the usual place. :D yummylicious still.

    Didn't send her off to changi airport coz it's too far and my elder sister was here for shopping also. So gotta accompany her. Sorry Lidya.. )): *u promised to call once arrived in melbourne! havn't bought urself a phonecard??*

    Ok. Have nice Week ahead! ((:


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    Sunday, February 17, 2008

    hihihi :D

    sorry for no updates.. I am so busyyy~~ )):

    I'm having Industrial Attachement(Internship) till 11 April 2008..
    this means no holiday for this semester!! T..T well.. it has been a week since my first day of attachment. Very tiring~~ need to be at sembawang shipyard by 7.50am. end work at 5.30pm.
    Long day.. hahas.. it's both fun and tiring. ((: so think more about the bright side, it will make my life easier. hehes.

    Watch 2 movies , "CJ7" - funnyyy :D but the story is those expected kind... errmm.. u'll know the ending eventhough you didn't finish watching it. hehes.
    AND "PS. I Love You" - very touching... a little bit different from the book but it's still so sweet. Will I get someone who can understand me more than myself? or it's just a story beyond reality? anyway it's nice. (((:

    shall upload some pics of my trip in Indo for chinese new year when I'm free. Going to bathe and sleep now.. (:

    I've been sleeping very early during working days! haha. it's amazing! since I've been sleeping very late since secondary school.

    Takecare everyone... ((:


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    Thursday, February 07, 2008

    Hope this year will be a succesful,peaceful, happy year. (((:
    I'm in Indo with my family right now. Going to Singapore on Saturday night.
    Have not been to anywhere today. Got heavy period. =..= sian! not feeling well from that thing. So decided to stay at home.

    will upload pics when i'm at Singapore, my sister's desktop must be got virus. =..= pop up and lagging~~ super lag. So it would be better to upload it when I'm in Singapore. ((:
    Hope everyone is happily spending their holiday!!
    Loves from Indo..

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    Sunday, February 03, 2008

    just bake 2 sponge cakes. :D one for nely and another one for jinbo n family. ((:
    hehes. it's yummylicious. :D at least dear, his brother n his sister said it's nice. (((: anyway it's not the first time i'm baking this sponge cake la. ;p so got abit experience alr. My whole family tasted my cake before. All give good comments. muahahaha.. -show off-

    SUPPER TIME!! he cooked fried rice and i cook soup. He forgot to add salt into the fried rice n my soup is SUPER salty coz it was some short like salt veggie soup with tofu...those fermented kind of chinese veggie. N i put way too much salty veggie in the soup... i didn't at a single pinch of salt in it. hahas. but anyway perfect matching food. unsalt+salty=100% matching =..=

    and i cut my tiny finger while washing the scissors. T..T

    it bleed for awhile only. But very pain when i wash hand etc.. =..= sian.. and it's at the bending part!! grrr... ))):

    I havnt bought new clothes for CNY... T..T hopefully can wake up early tomorrow. wanna buy some cheap jeans so that i can wear them during attachment.

    Chatting with Lidya right now..;p n we are talking about Indonesia Former President Mr.Suharto's death. err...suddenly feel so political. Anyway.. alot of different type of discussion about his life as president for 32 years. It's confusing but it really depends on how you want to judge him. He's not perfectly good but he's not totally bad either. -shrugs-

    hmm.. kk. I'll probably blog again during CNY celebration in Indo ((:

    say bye bye to Singapore for a couple of days. hehes. I'll be going back to Indo on Tuesday with Nely. ((:

    Loves ya all~~

    ciaO! (((:

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    Wednesday, January 30, 2008

    one more exam on 1st Feb and I'm done for year 2 in Poly ((:

    have not been studying enthusiastically this semester )): so can't expect much.

    oh ya! I was craving for kimchi the other day.. n came across this website Maangchi.
    Maangchi is a wonderful korean lady living in Canada. ((: she make wonderful cooking videos. hehes.

    I tried the korean vegetable pancake today. 2 times failure T..T so Jinbo tried on the 3rd time. And he managed to make a decent looking pancake! =..=

    the duo pancake
    his one
    her one
    don't judge a book by it's cover! ;p

    BUT! my one taste better than his. hahas. Coz i put more spring onions than he did. ;p more fragrance. hehes. and i add too much salt in his batter. ;p sorry hehes.

    he said my failure is due to too little oil was used and my batter was too watery. =..= so shall try again and again till i get it right! hahas :D

    Thanks Maangchi!! (((:


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    Wednesday, January 23, 2008


    just calculated marks which i gotten for the previous paper. haiz.

    after trying to re-do the paper... realise so many careless mistakes.
    only got 20 out of 100. which are all proving questions.
    Most calculations part I screwed.
    60 X 200 = 200. wth.

    May fail this paper which is 80% of overall grade. )):

    super sad.

    next paper on 25jan. [can't afford anymore mistake!]


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    Tuesday, January 22, 2008


    3hours paper. =..= I tried to stay longer... but I still went out after 2 hours of killing my braincells. ~..~

    Realised alot of mistakes after comparing with other pals. T.T haiz..


    AZA!AZA! diploma plus paper tml! (((((:


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    Thursday, January 17, 2008


    Went for last revision class for Diploma Plus lesson. But I hardly understand what the lecturer was revising with us. And the rest of the classmates are so clear about all the things the lecturer taught. Feel so stupid. ))): coz most of them did this in their main diploma. T.T *envy*

    And whenever I tell someone about how I worry about my exam.. they will say something like they sure I can do it... )): this is not the response that I wan... Seok Han is the best... (she's my diploma classmates.. my best pal in the class) she always encourage and guide me through... love her lots... she knows I really can't understand and offer to teach me if I need help. (: so sweet of her... she even asked me to give her a call if I need any help during my revision.

    this isn't my final lap in Singapore Poly.. *Nancy... u can't just fall down on this lap!!*

    T.T So stressful that I need to blog this things out... kk.. go back mugging my dip plus again...

    All the best Nancy... all the best everyone who'll be having their exam ((:


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    Sunday, January 13, 2008

    OH MY!!!

    how long have I been absent from my blog?

    lols..OKOK.. greet EVERYONE first.. (((:

    MERRY X'MAS 2007

    exam is coming soon!!! chiong-ing time... hahahas. but so hard to resist myself from watching drama series! )): anyway... so wish me BEST OF LUCK and plenty of concentration on my self-study session ok! ((: super nervous but still blogging and watching old drama series... hahas. *what's wrong with me?!*

    Well well.. must blog about some happy things! finally bought my DIGICAM!! ^^ canon ixus 70. hehes. and now aiming for a new phone *should i or should i not? )):* so confusing... hahas. let's see if there's any phone worth me changing away the current one.. ;p still can't spot a suitable one for the moment. hehe. *gud news or bad news? ;p*

    a recent pic of mine to remind you all how i look right now.. muahahaha... =D taken by my new cam. =D sorry for being so excited about it. hahas. coz i save for a very long time for it ok. hehe.


    lols. the lighting was too great for taking pics. so can't resist myself. ;p
    kk.. love ya all~~~ (((: cya!!

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