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    Friday, February 29, 2008


    Shiying (sy) and me are constantly waiting for friday every other day during our attachment this week ):

    It's not that we hate waking up early n travel all the way to the yard.. neither do we hate the people over there... but we are just too BORED. As our supervisor (mentor) is so busy with his work these 2 weeks. So no one share knowledge with us and challenge us with questions... hahahas. So this week is a plain boring week...

    Sy n me were just sitting around the workshop.. looking at the workers doing some stuffs which are about the same all over again and again. Or chatting with the workers.. they always got very interesting stories for us.. I was so shocked when one of them tell us he is a bachelor in history back in myanmar! and he's earning a basic salary of $400+ in the shipyard! what a waste. But he seems to enjoy it. Besides sharing stories with the workers.. we also do some hands on like lapping valves (which we have been doing since the 1st week of attachment). =.= ya.. basically that's what we do over there...

    haha.. actually nope.. I occasionally fall asleep when i'm really too bored over thr. hahas. was being 'advised' for not sleeping by one of the charge man in the workshop. So paiseh. hahas.

    My family is in China for holidays since 26 feb. will be back on 5 march. =.= I feel even more bored and the feeling of being left here alone is not so good. ):

    Ok. Got my results alr.

    my main diploma:
    Module Code - Credit Unit - Grade
    BA002A - 2 - A
    MA1068 - 4 - DIST
    MA1065 - 4.5 - DIST
    MA1069 - 3.5 - DIST
    MA1092 - 4 - DIST
    LC0614 - 2 - B
    MA1067 - 2.5 - B
    My cumulative GPA dropped by 0.001 .
    And for my diploma plus:
    Module Code - Credit Unit - Grade
    MS8110 - 3 - B
    Cumulative GPA dropped by 0.046
    So both has dropped. T.T
    but served me right for being so inconsistent. ): rushing like mad just before the exam week. One more semester to my diploma plus and i'm done with it. Must buck up for the last module!! go nancy!! :p
    shall end here... feeling darn sleepy right now.. my eyelids are so heavy while looking at this laptop screen.. i better sleep now... too tired from washing my pile of clothes in the laundry bag. =.=

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    Sunday, February 24, 2008

    Another week has passed... ((:

    just uploaded photos for January and February into my multiply website! have a look at it (:

    two albums, one for each month. hehes. So you can view my chinese new year pics in the February 2008 album.

    Well well... I wanted to watch "L- change the world" and "Jumper" since last week. T.T but havn't managed to find a convenience time so far. ):

    Lidya came to Singapore for a few hour while transfering flight. ((: we had our dinner at ayam penyet ria, the usual place. :D yummylicious still.

    Didn't send her off to changi airport coz it's too far and my elder sister was here for shopping also. So gotta accompany her. Sorry Lidya.. )): *u promised to call once arrived in melbourne! havn't bought urself a phonecard??*

    Ok. Have nice Week ahead! ((:


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    Sunday, February 17, 2008

    hihihi :D

    sorry for no updates.. I am so busyyy~~ )):

    I'm having Industrial Attachement(Internship) till 11 April 2008..
    this means no holiday for this semester!! T..T well.. it has been a week since my first day of attachment. Very tiring~~ need to be at sembawang shipyard by 7.50am. end work at 5.30pm.
    Long day.. hahas.. it's both fun and tiring. ((: so think more about the bright side, it will make my life easier. hehes.

    Watch 2 movies , "CJ7" - funnyyy :D but the story is those expected kind... errmm.. u'll know the ending eventhough you didn't finish watching it. hehes.
    AND "PS. I Love You" - very touching... a little bit different from the book but it's still so sweet. Will I get someone who can understand me more than myself? or it's just a story beyond reality? anyway it's nice. (((:

    shall upload some pics of my trip in Indo for chinese new year when I'm free. Going to bathe and sleep now.. (:

    I've been sleeping very early during working days! haha. it's amazing! since I've been sleeping very late since secondary school.

    Takecare everyone... ((:


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    Thursday, February 07, 2008

    Hope this year will be a succesful,peaceful, happy year. (((:
    I'm in Indo with my family right now. Going to Singapore on Saturday night.
    Have not been to anywhere today. Got heavy period. =..= sian! not feeling well from that thing. So decided to stay at home.

    will upload pics when i'm at Singapore, my sister's desktop must be got virus. =..= pop up and lagging~~ super lag. So it would be better to upload it when I'm in Singapore. ((:
    Hope everyone is happily spending their holiday!!
    Loves from Indo..

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    Sunday, February 03, 2008

    just bake 2 sponge cakes. :D one for nely and another one for jinbo n family. ((:
    hehes. it's yummylicious. :D at least dear, his brother n his sister said it's nice. (((: anyway it's not the first time i'm baking this sponge cake la. ;p so got abit experience alr. My whole family tasted my cake before. All give good comments. muahahaha.. -show off-

    SUPPER TIME!! he cooked fried rice and i cook soup. He forgot to add salt into the fried rice n my soup is SUPER salty coz it was some short like salt veggie soup with tofu...those fermented kind of chinese veggie. N i put way too much salty veggie in the soup... i didn't at a single pinch of salt in it. hahas. but anyway perfect matching food. unsalt+salty=100% matching =..=

    and i cut my tiny finger while washing the scissors. T..T

    it bleed for awhile only. But very pain when i wash hand etc.. =..= sian.. and it's at the bending part!! grrr... ))):

    I havnt bought new clothes for CNY... T..T hopefully can wake up early tomorrow. wanna buy some cheap jeans so that i can wear them during attachment.

    Chatting with Lidya right now..;p n we are talking about Indonesia Former President Mr.Suharto's death. err...suddenly feel so political. Anyway.. alot of different type of discussion about his life as president for 32 years. It's confusing but it really depends on how you want to judge him. He's not perfectly good but he's not totally bad either. -shrugs-

    hmm.. kk. I'll probably blog again during CNY celebration in Indo ((:

    say bye bye to Singapore for a couple of days. hehes. I'll be going back to Indo on Tuesday with Nely. ((:

    Loves ya all~~

    ciaO! (((:

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