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    Monday, July 31, 2006

    Didn't know that "Chocolate Pocky" goes so WELL with Hot Milo! =p~
    Absolutely delicious!
    Thanks Eileen! ;p


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    Saturday, July 29, 2006

    HAPPY DAY! ^^
    hahaha..ok.. quite alot of happy things happened yesterday...;p
    we(my cls + our buddy cls) went to Keppel shipyard. Nice!!! ^^ gotta went up to an oil rig (is tat the correct spelling? ;p ) hmm.. we climb up to 33m high! so cool! but tiring as well... my muscle still havn't recovered from wednesday's track and field... haha.. can't blame... too long never exercise... =p ok... then we went down to a dock and saw this big big big ship... ermm...the ship is about 18m high and very longg... hahahha.. after that the bus brought us back to school.
    Then we all changed and set off to marina bay together to have the very first class outing of our class...=) although a few can't make it... but it still FUN! never feel so bonded before... LOL. =X

    yeah... two lecturers went to join us.. and they treat us with lotsa drinks! lol. =D so nice of them.. we ate from 7+ till 10+ hehe... and took lotsa pics... will upload them soon after got them from Eileen n Sophia =)

    My class tutor is one of the lecture who join us. He sent 5 of us who stay in the west area home. So kind of him... ^^ initially we just wanna ask him to send us to clementi mrt. But he sent each of us home... =p feel so bad la..he even sent me to cck. Coz cck is rather far.. n he need ot make a big turn to drop me under my block. haha.. i shall pay more attention in his class and stop bullying him le la... haha... since he's so kind. Chat with him on the ride.. =) he's a SUPERB husband and father! hehe... shall not elaborate more.. coz.. i gonna bathe! ;p



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    Thursday, July 20, 2006

    tml is SMA Day...*finally!!* =) hope it'll be a successful event! we have work so hard for this! SMAC just simply BRAVO! =D ok..n hope after that i'll be free and can study! haha... EXAM is coming!! =(( so stress.. just flung my Software Programming! sux! T_T ok.. shall forget about it! it's over now.

    Finally have some time to meet dear. It has been a long time since we last met. =.= ok. from saturday--> sunday-monday-tuesday-wednesday!! 4 days. We went to lucky plaza but ayam penyet ria was having a LONG queue so we went to eat Pepper Lunch again! haha..

    the pic for today...

    Ok.. that's all! ;p


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    Sunday, July 16, 2006

    it's Sunday! and u know wat? Nancy always hates SUNDAY! =(( arggh..

    • tml gotta go sch!
    • haven't done my assignments which due this week!
    • have to start counting down for coming SATURDAY!
    • etc etc etc

    hahahaha!! craps! ok..

    another week has passed! woohh.. was doing a background for my desktop. ;p
    here it is...

    hmm.. it's in GIF format.. but i doubt here can see the blinkies i made. =.=

    super bored! =(


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    Friday, July 14, 2006

    yup! my drong3tak member, Meili a.k.a Janice's birthday today!

    wish she'll have a wonderful birthday!

    All the best!


    Nancy a.k.a Meimei =)

    p.s: Lidya a.k.a Toa Ni Po a.k.a Meipo berisik!! ;p

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    Tuesday, July 11, 2006

    Got my class complete gals picture. 8 of us. =) (attached below)
    So busy nowadays. Will try my best to update!! ;)

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    Thursday, July 06, 2006

    hi!! =)
    nothing special happened. hehe.. slept in class! =.=
    hmm... miss alot of lectures and tutorials coz of sleeping. Sleep so sound in class. All because of the strong air con i guess. ;p hahaha...

    Tomorrow gonna have meeting at Amara Hotel food court about SMA Day. After school I'll rush to ICA at Lavender to change my student pass address. The meeting will start at 6.30. Hope it'll end earlier... I'm so so so tired of meetingsss.. =((

    oh well... hope i can have some time in between so that i can go over to bugis.. it's been a long time since i last visited the temple there. afterwards may go purchase my hair spray at seiyu. haha... gonna finish soon, NEED to buy ASAP. Or... my curl locks will be straight and frizy... hate that. ;p

    ok.. gonna do some works now...

    cya guys! muachhh


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    Monday, July 03, 2006

    Nancy is sick today. =(
    Stomach feel so awful and now feel so cold and whole body is aching...
    what happened to nancy.
    Can't attend lessons for today and worst thing is absent from Annual General Meeting for SMAC =( I've been preparing for this like hell.. and now I make trouble for the club to find a sub for me for the meeting. haiz...

    well... hope I can catch up with the lesson that I miss out! and also Thanks Eileen for subtituting me for AGM. muach.


    ciao all~~

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    Sunday, July 02, 2006

    hey!! =)
    Have been so busy with schools, Club and moving house. So can't get a free time to blog.
    So tired!!! argghh... hope I can find a day when I can sleep for as long as I want. I've been dreaming of becoming "Sleeping Beauty". haha... sleep for a century? NICE!

    Hmm.. anyway... I took some pics, so do look up in my photos at !

    I've almost forgotten what I did for these days... but all I can remember is having meal at "Pepper Lunch" =D Nice!

    Oh ya! I screwed my Engineering Maths!! T_T hmm... just did badly for Engineering Maths. The rest are alright. haiz.. sad. so stress whenever thinking about my maths! ='(

    Tomorrow! SMAC Annual General Meeting. Scaryyy!!

    Gotta go... Doing my idea's proto type with See thor and Li bin..
    arrghh... I just hate doing project!!


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