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    Saturday, November 17, 2007

    One month plus didnt update!!! hahaha =D
    anyone missing me??? ^^ hehe.. paiseh paiseh~~
    My fats missing me so much la! I gain about 3 to 4 KG ))=

    all my bottoms cannot wear alr! (so u all know where are my fats now =..=)
    Anyway... put aside those hurtful facts which nothing can be done to correct it anymore!

    So let's start from 24 Oct (since i still can recall ;p)

    24Oct'07 (Xing Yu and Stella's birthdays!!)
    We went to eat at lighthouse bistro since Peiyi got the $100voucher so we only need to top up abit ^^ the food was so-so... but they (staffs thr) were real sweet to the bdae boy... hahas... extra slice of cake for him ((: although not the whole clique went.. coz some got things on so just a few of us went to eat and after that they went home and poor me... got lecture to attend... T..T so had to make a trip back to school... sian!!

    got special mashpotatoes from lighthouse bistro ;p

    Yandao bdae boy~~ hahas

    Ruyi busy taking video and Peiyi ---> donate the $100 voucher ;p

    Chio bu a.k.a "Esther the best"! hahaha
    (I like this pic la!! super chio ;p)

    Our da jie Sophia with spring chicken ;p

    My veggie spag ;p

    Back in school! =..=
    with my best friend in night class! Ms.Koh Seok Han~~ ^^

    signed scholarship contract sembahwang shipyard. Super nervous! But up till now haven't received any news from them. T..T haven't received the copy of contract which they said they are going to send me. (hope everything will be alright!!)

    Went to a talk after school. ((: Ms.Pauline, the first female chief engineer from Singapore Poly!! woohooo~~ our proud la.. hahahas... strong lady! cool cool cool~~ ^^
    Then rush home and took my luggage and back to indo! hahas. i dragged nely along also.. since dad and everyone was asking her to go back also... hahas.

    I went back for Apri's Wedding! ^^ Yes! my best friend wedding~~ ^^ so fast la.. we have known each other for 7 to 8 years! and she alr got married! First among us! hahas.. After nely's class fin at 4pm.. she rushed to harbour and we were off to indo in like so fast la.. no waiting time at all.. once book the tix and straight away check in! ^^

    I rest awhile and sms Widya to ask about the wedding dinner... coz i was told we were given some tasks. hahas. but i didn't know that i need to stay overnight la! =..= we were chit chatting at the bride's house while waiting for the groom who take forever to come and enjoy our door blocking treatment! not so fun T..T coz they were late! so we got so little time to play with the guys! lol. in the end... i only reach home to have some sleep at 9 morning! =..= i slept till 4pm then go prepare for the wedding already.. tiring day...

    Ms.Pauline @ SP

    waiting time~

    trio waiting team~

    Bride and bridemaid ^^

    Wedding Dinner!^^ we were asked to collect ang baos~~~ woolalala~~ hahas... easy task la.. but quite fun! ^^ errmmm.. just kaypoh around after that.. hehes. After the dinner went back with Apri and help her to take out her thousands hair pins and super hard hair..=..= all tangle lar... stupid hairdresser... so horrible... >..<>

    A few hours later...

    my mum gave me a bowl of birdnest when i was still in m dream. haha. I took from her and put beside me...then continued to sleep. When she came to collect the bowl, she wake me up again.. lol. ask me to drink it.. so i gulped in the whole bowl without really taste it! wasted la... =..= super long then can eat once leh... T..T

    before dinner~ ((:

    arrival of the couple!

    the SBB (7years plus of friendship^^)


    drunk groom! ;p

    Went to shop shop shop with my mum, nely and elder sis. ^^ and took evening ferry to Singapore. T..T missing them~~~

    29Oct'07 to 04Nov'07
    ELEARNING WEEK. Stayed at home but refused to do any elearning assignment until the last two days. =..= rushing like hell. but luckily got Shiying who send me the answer she got from Esther... hahahas... nice la.. copy everything =..= (dio scold by dear...T..T)

    Deepavalli!! holiday~~

    after school, we went to Clementi... bought henna thingy and Esther did the threading for eyebrows.. ^^ looks nice... then back to bowl at school's guild house. My first 105 la!! ^^ *tralalalalala~~~* and tried Karaoke at school. =..= BAD! although the room is super big! and it's cheap and equipped with 45inch plasma tv and sound system and big sofas and crumpler's bean bags... but the song system is by manual... means.. borrow vcd and put in by urself. =..=

    then we went to visit Greenpeace Rainbow Warrior! the ship is so cool... she is 50 years old but still one of our earth heroines ^^ fighting to save this earth for 18 years already... total coolness. And i learnt that in every hour.. Indonesia is losing 30 football field forest! T..T sad~~


    at moberly karaoke


    Greenpiece Rainbow Warrior

    the original Bell

    old bridge

    Rainbow Warrior - Amsterdam

    bid goodbye to her! T.T

    10Nov'07 to 11Nov'07
    Chiong study for Mid sem test!! =..= but everything seems to be so hard to understand and unfamiliar to me!! T..T almost break down la... but keep comforting myself that i can do it!!
    tough job... =..=

    12Nov'07 to 15Nov'07
    Mid Sem Test(MST) week.. =..= completed all tests... Leave it to the lecturers to mark... hahas.. after last paper... we went to KBox at marina square! as usual... kbox session always dominated by me... hahas.. sorry sorry... then we went to bowl and dinner tgt... so much fun! but no pictures taken to share the fun we had.. T..T coz my lagger phone can't make it and no camera!! (really feel like buying a camera!! grrrr~~)

    asked Shi Ying and Esther to go chinatown with me. ;p met up with Nely, Xiong Xin and Calvin and had our dim sum at "BreakThrough". Cheap and yummy~~ ^^ bought DIY aceccories... hahahas.. so fun.. then went to BUGIS!! we shop from 6 to 9.30!! haha.. all of us spent alot la.. except for calvin.. his task is to carry things for nely and me.. ;p lol. I bought... a black short to replaced the undersize one that i CAN NO LONGER WEAR! although i just bought it not long ago T..T a small slingbag in dark brown shade from SP baglady @bugis. (: and a top. sweets. ^^ went home and eat dinner again. hahas. these few days eat dinner so late la.. T..T fat plus fat equals to super FAT. ))=

    wake up at 11am since i slept at 6 morning! =..= then bathe and had breakfast with Nely and Calvin then we went to Bukit Panjang Plaza.. bought some stuffs for Dear at NTUC. hehe. then went his house. His mum brought me lotsa stuffs *happy~~* hahas. Got FOODS also.. lols. But I went there to do our school project.. T..T chiong till i almost siao! T..Tthen went back to have dinner with Nely.. ((: we ordered alot!! =..= then i suggested to go jog tomorrow.. so we can finish the food with less sinful feeling. hahas. =X

    Calvin on the phone

    La bi Ren posing

    Me and him at playground

    waiting for nely~~

    kk.. Super Long... dunno who will read lar... hahahaha..

    p.s: Lidya~~~ kapan dateng nya...=..= give me an exact date!!!


    papaya~~ treat you all half papaya... hehee..
    *i dun really like papaya!!=..= but it's good for constipation! ;p*

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    Thursday, October 04, 2007


    mum came few days ago.. stay at our place for 3 nights but she is staying at my cousin's house tonight... and tml going back indo.. T.T

    she came on monday.. thought that i wont be able to accompany her to go out but who knows God REALLY LOVES me. and gave me a day off from school on tuesday! hahas. ALL classes got cancelled!! so nely, mum and me spent our tuesday at JohorBahru. hehes~~ Calvin as our tour guide.. drive us around and shop around.. hahas.. EAT more than Didnt buy anything for myself.. =.= but eat till i feel like to vomit! =..= horrible... my mum and me keep complaining how bloated our stomach is. terrible!

    Calvin brought us to his dad's ice kacang stall! super nice lar!! hahas.. =D too bad i cant eat too much cold stuff! T.T so i just tried a few spoons. Will have to go there again! and have a big bowl of ice kacang till i shuang~~ lols. So i just ate hot dessert. super nice also ^^ coz i dun eat too much sweet thgs and usually desserts are sweet.. way too sweet. But his dad one is just nice! ^^ love it~

    class starts at 8am end at 8.30pm T.T so no time to accompany mum! nely accompany her to go for her chit chatting session with cousin and aunt. lols. one whole day! poor nely. hhehes. sian! take bus to school and alight 2 stops earlier!! T.T so have to take bus again. And take bus home also got problem! alight one bus stop later!! =.= so i have to walk longer distance to home. T.T then i walk the wrong way.. one big round! T.T sian. Dunno wat happen to me. so blur! called mum to check if they have eaten. Aunt treat them dinner alr. so i have to settle dinner on my own. then mum asked me to wait till she come back and cook noodle for me ^^ just love mum sooo muchh!! muach!!!!!! yummy noodle~~ hehe

    class starts at 1pm end at 3pm. Coz no prac. hehes.had brunch with mum at nearest coffeeshop. then take bus to school. Alight at the right bus stop. muahahaha. happy~ =D after school went to library and watch dvd with the gurls while waiting for the bowling competition. ^^ watch popeye and another movie call "Dummy" hehes. quite nice. yeahh 8 of us form two teams to join smac bowling competition. =p just went to have fun.. lols. 1st match got 66 =.= and 2nd one 104! my first time over 100!! lols... anyway it's been such a long time since 8 of us gather tgt and have fun! (((: fun fun fun =D

    mum's going back indo tml~~ T.T nely is going to Tioman tml morning also T.T sian sian sian...suddenly all away from me again. )))= tml class end at 12nn. So i'll be going to cousin's house and fetch mum to harbour. T.T sad sad sad

    Why are Happy moments always felt so short. T.T

    Have a nice FRIDAY everyone!


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    Saturday, September 29, 2007

    End of first week of School...

    So FAST! one week has passed! =..= errr.. nothing happened.. just the same bored schooling days except being able to catch up with the gurls. ((:

    i reckon this will be a tough sem...=..= as self study will need to be adopted for this entire sem. And there are more modules than previous sem.. *yawns*

    So Singapore's weather is in a very hot summer.. =..= or is it only me who feel so?.. i'm PERSPIRING as though i'm having sauna.. hot hot hot... =..= so hot that i refrain from going out if there isnt any necessary...

    Havnt managed to get a white dress for Apri's wedding next month. The hot weather makes me procrastinating my time at home.. doing nothing good..=..=

    kk.. hope the weather can get better.. *dreaming is good*



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    Sunday, September 16, 2007

    yesterday went yo jet ski with my elder sister and her friends..

    unlike Singapore.. here we do not need a licence to ride on a jet ski. ^^ but i think it cost alot! =.= although all paid by my sis' friends la... for a poor student like me.. haha.. ya..and for average expenses in Indonesia, it is considered expensive!! SGD$100 per hour.. =..=

    isn't it expensive?? *Lidya.. how much did you pay for it in Bali? more expensive?*

    the jet ski can be occupied by 3 ppl at once.. so it's quite big.. ((: it's fun riding on it.. especially when travel in high speed.. woohoo~~ the wind.. the sea water...the blue sky and the lotsa beautiful clouds.. ^^ it's just so nice.. ^^

    as for today....
    just went for an hour driving lesson n then go out to buy lunch...=..= quite boring.. haiz.. seeing my parents got some arguements.. T..T n my elder sister's mood got affected and become so bad... T..T haiz.. tension in my house... ))= sianz. Nely and me are still the victims.. get all the cold shoulders. haiz.. =..= but we are encouraging each other.. so not so bad afterall. (((: my Happy Family will still be happy after this. hehes. rainbows after the rain! *tralalala~*

    Nely was telling me she is scared of getting married... after seeing all the fights btween my parents. but i told her that there is no perfect marriage in this world *at least this is wat i believe* so i dun see any point to be scared of fights in a marriage.. it's common. =..= the crucial part is the way you handle the fights. Some got even better after the fight but some got divorce.. =..= so if you cherish each other then your relationship will get even closer. viceversa.

    *yawn* sleepy but it's about dinner time now.. so no more nap... =..=

    i cooked chicken rice!! hehes. went to steal pandan leaves from my old house. lol.. wait!! no stealing tat one also my mum planted it! it just that we moved out and rented out the place to other family.. haha.. but i need the pandan leaves for my chicky rice. so I walk to the old house and pretend nothing happen then bend down to pluck out a few pandan leaves. =p yipiee~~ and i got a few small pandan leaves for my chicky rice.. ^^


    kk.. feel much better after complaining to my dear thru msn about "her".. =..= so i'm on a-much-better-mood right now!! (((: thanks dear *dbb*. ^^


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    Thursday, September 13, 2007

    Good News Bad News...

    Good News first...((:
    my main diploma result got improvement. ^^ this sem got 4 distinctions, 2 As and 1 B+!! not bad right... (((: now overall GPA become 3.802 =D

    Bad News... ))':
    my diploma plus GPA... drop drastically... from 4 to 3.2!!! i got a C for last module.. T..T
    although it's kinda expected... but still feel quite sad about it... like heart pain >..<

    hahas.. dun wry.. i'm ok de!! ^^

    has been back to Indo for quite some days... yesterday got earthquake at sumatra. Jinbo called from singapore and Calvin called from johor to check if we are OK. hahas.. strangely... we din feel any of it *thanks God* ((: but some parts of Batam got people say feel the tremors.. =,,=

    learning to drive... manual... T..T we drive on road alr...we as in Nely and me... but i'm quite a slow learner.. machine keep dying when changing gear.. *dumb me*

    gaining weight... =,,= i'm growing horizontally... lols

    ok then.. update again nx time ^^


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    Tuesday, September 04, 2007

    HAPPY NEWS!! ^^^^^^^^

    received a call from Apri (-->one of my bestfriend in Indo) yesterday afternoon. ((((((:
    She asked if I'm able to go back indo on coming 27 October... so I asked her if she's getting married. =p and she said "Yes" woohoo~~ hahaha... so happy for her.... ^^ happy happy..but i think none of us will be happier than Trisna(-->another bestfriend of mine in Indo).. hahas. double joy for her! her brother marrying her bestfriend.. ^^

    So I'll be hunting for a white dress and a gift for her... happy happy happy~~~
    but still thinking wat kind of gift should we buy for her... hahas. =D

    As for today...
    =..= fairyland server is under maintainance till 4pm...*estimated* =..= let's wait till i can play... although my laptop is still lag like hell... =..=

    ok then.. Good night to my dear at US...=..=


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    Monday, September 03, 2007


    Nely went back to Batam...

    Jinbo flew to US...

    out of sudden.. i feel so lonely.. no one to accompany me for shopping.. for meals.. (I HATE EATING ALONE) and for whatever things i wanna do... =(( feel so weird...

    so decided to buy plenty of biscuits and breads to eat at home and playing fairyland... but my comp is giving me trouble.. suddenly become so lag... cannot type chinese! My new friends in fairyland are very nice people.. they knew about my situation.. and try to cheer me up.. play fairyland with me.. but i was so lag that we cannot play.. ))= so we just had some chats.. *Thanks 少丫(ShaoYa) and Sandy...* ShaoYa even brought me a new pet in the games.. He always buy things for me...((: and never want to receive my money... =..=

    the tears just being so unbearable... when you try to stop it from coming out.. it just fills up my whole eyes and drop down.. the more i cry the more i pity myself.. (DON'T PITY YOURSELF.. ) i cant live without friend. =( but i dont know why for now i just wanna be alone and sink into my melancholy life... it also crossed my mind that if i would die of any accident... will anyone be informed? or must wait till nely or jinbo came back and cannot find me... and they went to make a police report then my death is discovered? oh.. i think i'm having slight depression! ))`=

    Having problem in health for applying scholarship.. 6Sept going for another check up. )= hope everything will be alright..

    Wish me plenty of healthy...


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    Wednesday, August 29, 2007

    Hi to my dear blog!!! ^^

    NO! i never forget this blog ok.. just that I was too busy to update.. )): sryyy my mirablog *my blog's petname*..hehes!

    I was very busyyy with all the last minute revision for my semester exam T.T regretting now for not being consistent... we (girls in sp) were like promise to be consistent and get GPA4 for this sem....but ended up... last minute again... sian! luckily it's over now... i was so stress until wanna give up.. )): it's a disaster but it's over now... so holiday is here.. ^^ enjoy~

    till 12 Sept... we'll noe the result ((: *all the besttt*

    the day my exam end...friday nite.. jinbo, his bro n me went to eat steam boat at marina south.. but not so nice.. i like eating steam boat with alot of friendss... it's wayy better... then we went to bowl... =.= their bowling ball s*ck.. =.= can't find one that suit me... three noobs bowling tgt was quite fun...;p

    next day morning... nely n i went to johorbahru (JB) tgt... calvin fetch us at custom there... so fast reach JB.. fun! ^^ read about our trip at nely's blog! food was nice and cheap! all on Calvin somemore.. hahas.. coz it's my first time to visit him in JB... hehe... so gud of him.. then he accompany us to come back singapore...

    have been playing fairyland *recommended by my dearest jinbo* Cute and fun games. ^^ although everyone is speaking in chinese... and i cant really understand... especially taiwan's chinese is in traditional chinese not simplified one.. =.= quite hard to understand.... but i still play..hahas... n get to know 2 friends(they are siblings) in the games! taiwanese.. from taidong... ^^ very nice of me to train for level n buy me avatars and mana potion... ^^ hahas... i love taiwanese! hehes...

    Lidya is having midsem test right now... hope she can study well.. studying for midsem is really very useful... ^^ coz you force urself to revise before final sem exam! n it's a way to make you be a consistent person.. n when final sem test come.. you wont suffer that much! ^^ jia you Lidya!!

    Update again before i go back indo! ^^


    muach! *iloveholidays*

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    Monday, July 09, 2007


    long time no update..;p
    having quite alot of fun last week. ((:

    3rd July :
    Went for shopping with Umi and Shiying at Far East for our 5hours break!! hahas. fun and delicious trip. ;p went to eat at gelare! coz it was tuesday.. hahas. half price for the ice cream wafer! nice!then we went to shop around but the shops there usually open quite late... so we just loiter around and finally some decent shops opened and we started to shop! Had our lunch at lucky plaza! ayam penyet!! *slurp* just love it.. hahas.

    4th July :
    met up with the gals and went for lunch at moberly cafe (in Singapore Poly). Didn't get to try the food! =.= need to wait SUPER LONG as i got class after the break. But other gals gotta eat the spag and the curry rice.. ermm... looks quite expensive for food in the school.. $7/$8 for a plate of spag!! they say not very nice also... went for the sudoku challenge and we were late!!! =.= so i dun think we can make it for the finals! ))= but it's so over now.. hehes...

    5th July:
    Eat and bake dayy~~
    Super nice strawberry cake!! n my cupcakes.. ((: sushi were alright also.

    6th July:
    Bake somemore cupcakes for dear to eat on plane... ;p

    7th July: a.k.a 070707!
    Cousin's wedding day.. ((=

    8th July:
    wake up at 10am.. laze around and finally bathe and set off to meet Ruyi at CCK mrt and off to Kim's hse for baking cupcakes and muffins for Esther's bdae! ((: the kangkung was my suggestion! hahas. i said i wanna cook for them but ended up i only come out with the recipe n her maid cook them.. ;p but it was very nice! ^^ was a tiring n sweating day for us.. but we had so much FUNNN! ^^ P.S: Lidyaaa~~ bake some cupcakes with ur Queenie.. ((:

    We celebrated her bdae on 9th July... hahas.. so it's an early bdae celebration for her! ^^
    and now is 1.41am! i'm still typing this entry... hahas.. *was afk for some survey*
    So it's her bdae now!!
    "HAPPY BIRTHDAY ESTHER!!" ((: *the pics on the celebration is in her cam still.. ;p Esther.. i'm waiting for the pics...lols*

    gotta sleep.. 8am class!!! =.=

    Ciao~~ ^^

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