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    Saturday, February 28, 2009

    Dear all!! I will be away from blogsphere from 1 March to 9 or maybe 15 march :((
    will try to read all your informative and cute posts that I will be missing very much! :))
    Hope my vacation is a fun and enjoyable one! :))
    Stay happy everyone!! ^^

    below is a post on mini haul i did thru etsy! :)

    Etsy Hauls
    from Anderson Soap Company!
    After reading Yumeko post on this hauls she made from etsy!

    i just click on the link she provided and got hooked with the fluffy whips.

    They look too delicious to be resisted! :p
    I never did any shopping from etsy before! I thought it was for craft stuffs only :p

    so i signed up an account and make my purchase! hahas.
    Online shopping is indeed way too convenience, I'm beginning to feel the adverse effect on my pocket due to online shopping. =.=

    To the haul...

    [Click pictures to enlarge]I bought these:
    Oatmeal Cookie,Cherry Blossom, Mango, Pure Romance, Vanilla bean, Burnt Sugar, Vanilla Cream and Hula Girl! additional gift of Pomergranate Lip Balm! :))

    ingredients for the lip balm:
    My 2 Cents:
    *I've tried 2 of them so far, oatmeal cookie and cherry blossom.
    *Cherry blossom give a milder smell than the Oatmeal cookie
    *I love the smell of oatmeal more than cherry! :)
    *Both give out a decent amount of bubble with a net sponge (i use about 1.5-2 tsp)
    * the lip balm has a very nice smell! love it! note the ingredients :))
    *very efficient seller! mail out my items next day after my payment! and i got them in 10 days. :)
    *Price : USD28 (after discount of 30%) + USD18.5 (shipping) = USD46.50

    That's all dears... see ya in 2 weeks time! :))

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    Friday, February 27, 2009

    Review: Majolica Majorca - Lash Gorgeous Wing

    From MM ad:
    A unique mascara that combines long and short fibers to fill the spaces between your lashes. See your lashes grow longer and thicker with every additional coat. Eyelashes that look like they might take flight at any moment!


    My 2 cents :

    * It really lengthens my lashes with the fibers.
    * Easy to apply as the texture is light (is this a pro??)
    * Cheap S$22+ (US$14) -bought it in early feb! forget about the exact price. Sorry :p

    * Smudges on my oily lids :(
    * Fibers sheds and get into eyes and also stick on my cheeks! :(

    Final words:
    I purchased this as it is cheaper than my HG P&J Waterproof Mascara. But it fails on my sister and me.. I tried using it before my P&J mascara (this solved the smudging issue but the fibers still shed along the day) so I won't be purchasing this again! :(

    P.S: my first review! sorry if it's unclear :p

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    Wednesday, February 25, 2009

    Weee!! I'm back!! :D

    Tuesday, 24 Feb 2009
    exam was alright but i swear not to do last minute study again!! it's just so tiring :p
    Went to catch "Pink Panther 2" with besties and then head to daiso before going home.
    uhhm.. i love daiso! haaha. i can spend more than an hour just shopping in daiso :p.
    and we had our dinner together before we part!
    Just couldn't believe that's end of our 3 years in the school! hope we can still be as close as we are right now after our graduation. :))
    i know most of them are going to sail!! All the best my gurls!! smooth sailing life yey! :))

    Todayy!!! :))
    wake up at late afternoon today! pardon me as i didn't sleep for more than 30 hours straight! so ya.. that replenish my loss of energy! hahas. Gua agreed to accompany me for shopping!! hahs
    Went to the only "Make Up Forever" store in Singapore!
    it's located at :
    39 Stamford Road , Stamford house

    love the building! :))

    Wanted to get their aqua eyes in 0L only but i ended up with another primer.
    Didn't buy the HD primer but bought the Corrective Make-up base SPF18 no:5.
    - Aqua Eyes 0L S$32 (US$20)
    - Corrective primer S$45 (US$29)

    in the lil hot pink bag! :p

    the corrective primer!
    hope it won't break me out!! ~.~

    have no idea why i purchased this!

    the aqua eye 0L glides on smoothly! but smudges so badly on me :((

    Saw their kabuki brush! it's really soft and pretty but it cost S$65!! and i just bought my body shop kabuki.. so i have to resist the temptation!! :((

    Afterwards went to Levis to get more jeans! hahas. and they are having a great deal!!
    2 jeans for S$199 :))
    so i bought 2 - one slim style from their latest collection and another skinny jeans. Save me a total of S$120!! *soooo happy* hahahs
    Went to Watson at Ngee Ann! love that Watson! big and organised :))
    i bought :
    • the sharpener for the aqua eyes! - S$7.65
    • Rosken "High Potency Vit E cream" - S$15.90 ---> i love this!! i bought the dry skin version and it feels wonderful as my handcream! :))
    • L'oreal eye and lip mu remover - S$10.40 ---> cheap and effective! my HG. hahas.

    Went to Sephora for the BE eyelid primer and TFSI!
    but both are unvailable!! :((
    i can't use my majo eye pallete without a primer right?? :'((

    Well!! now exam is over and all i have to do is "wait" (for result and uni posting result).
    So my coming vacation plan:
    • 1st to 9th march : China (Guangzhou and Shantou) with my parents - Confirmed!
    • 9th to 11 march : Batam Island,Indonesia (my hometown) with my besties - Confirmed!
    • 12 march to 14 march: Batam Island still! but with another group of friends! :))
    • 18th to 20 march : Redang Island, Malaysia! with the bf and his sister + brother!
    So busyy hahas. but yeah! hope i can still read everyone's blog!! :))

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    Saturday, February 14, 2009

    Happy Valentine's Day

    • bake a heart-shaped banana brownie and chocolate sponge cake *nice nice nice* :p
    • received 22 roses (21 red and 1 pink) from gua :) *gosh! he said i'm turning 22 so he ordered 22 roses for me T.T anyway!! Thanks dear.. you got me a surprise! :))*
    • received a couple bunny mobile phone accessories from gua's lil bro. *so sweet of him!! :))*
    • went to eat Japanese dinner with ma love ones (gua, gua's lil bro, Eileen and Rain)

    simple and lovely v-day :))

    Thanks all for this v-day!! *muachhhh*

    P.S: I'll be away preparing for my final exam till 24 march 2009! :'( Good luck to my besties and myself! let's study till our ass off for this last lap in SP! :))

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    Thursday, February 12, 2009

    2nd post for the day :p

    Went shopping for more baking ingredients for Stella (the bf's sister) as she is going to bake a cake for her bf on valentine. *sweet* :)) so I did some mini shopping too!

    I found my favourite wasabi rice crackers with peanuts at Isetan! :D
    and saw this Japanese facial cotton is on sale and selling at S$3 only :p It's big in size (145mm x 98mm) and thin. I used this to run under hot water and then put on my nose area before doing nose pore strip! :D

    and bought a Shiseido Ma Cherie's conditioner :) cute packaging ain't it? ^^ it's S$15.75 for 210ml. Can't read the Japanese description but the English version is really brief...
    it says
    "A conditioner to repair and replenish the proteins and nourish the hair cuticles to make hair glossy and smooth. It moisturises the hair an forms a protective coat to prevent split ends and to give a glossy look. It has a floral fruity fragrance and als. "

    Shall try it out soon! :D

    Okay!! shall start my revision for the coming final exam!! woohoo!! finally have some time to study... hahahas.


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    Specially dedicated post for a special friend :))

    Today is one of my best friend's birthday!

    Happy Birthday Kim! :D

    She is my first friend in the school! :))

    we baked her 2 cakes! one moist chocolate cake for her late night celebration with her classmate and one banana brownie for our own celebration with her :))

    Rain also baked some honey cornflakes for us and her bf. ^^

    It's a fun baking session and we also make her a jumbo b'dae card for her! :D
    although the banana brownie turn out pretty short in height :p hahaha
    but it's still yummy!! ^^

    Ok. I skipped class today since the lecturer is boring as usual :p and went straight to school with the cake and the jumbo card for her with the helmet that Eileen get for her :)

    Hope she enjoy her last birthday in our current school! hehes.


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    Wednesday, February 11, 2009

    The Body Shop Foundation Brush

    I love The Body Shop Brushes, i have 2 of their "Blusher brush" - one in normal type and another retractable type for travel and also "the face and body brush". Just added this "Foundation Blush" into my collection :D

    They are soft and affordable :)

    from The Body Shop Website:

    A high-density foundation brush that ensures just the right amount of loose powder is held in place between the bristles for progressive release and a smooth, even coverage. Rounded cut hairs are designed to allow circular movement across the face. Features a specially designed handle that fits easily into the palm, to allow appropriate pressure and flexibility.

    Price: S$33.90

    Tips: Chase Aston, International Make-Up Artist says, Always dust and smooth loose powders in a clockwise circular downward motion. This will ensure that no particles collect under the fine hairs at the side of the face.

    Instruction: Tip the Natures Minerals Foundation SPF 25 so a little powder is deposited in the lid, then work the brush into the powder. Tap any excess powder from the brush. No powder should be visible on the brush. Then, using circular motions, apply evenly across the face.

    Brand New in pack :D

    cute kabuki

    it's meant for their mineral powder but i will be using this for my loose powder :D

    top view (it's very dense!)

    come with a black pouch
    Don't think the pouch is gonna be durable though. The sides seems easily tear-able. :(

    okayy! Good Day all :))


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    Saturday, February 07, 2009

    Have a Break! :D

    I know I am supposed to be studying and rushing my group assignment. hahas.
    but I need some rest too :p

    So we went to had our jap dinner and head off to watch Underworld: Rise of the Lycans

    The third film in the $200 million UNDERWORLD franchise delves into the origins of the centurie sold blood feud between the aristocratic vampires, known as Death Dealers, and the barbaric Lycans (werewolves). A young Lycan, Lucian (Michael Sheen), emerges as a powerful leader who rallies the werewolves to rise up against Viktor (Bill Nighy), the cruel vampire king who has persecuted them for hundreds of years. Lucian is joined by his secret lover, the beautiful vampire Sonja (Rhona Mitra), in his battle to free the Lycans from their brutal enslavement.

    I didn't watch the first two Underworld. But I can get the meaning of this story still :)
    so go watch it if you haven't :))
    I think this is a great movie. The love between the vampire(Sonja) and lycan(Lucian) is the main story of this movie :p

    So alright!! I'm getting back to study now.... :p

    Good luck to all my babes and peeps for this last lap in Singapore Polytechnic :)


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    Thursday, February 05, 2009

    It's been such a pain as I'm controlling myself to stop reading blogs for a couple of days this week.
    as I have got 4 tests this week! still left with 2 more tests on tomorrow :D

    Went to Ngee Ann City with gua after school today :D
    as I need to get a make up remover to change away the Fancl Mild Cleansing Oil that I have been using for years due to its convenience.
    So I bought Bioderma Sensibio H2O after Stella's highly recommendation :)) *thanks babe*
    tried it just now... it's very gently and give me a cleansed feeling afterwards. :))
    just hope it can save my itchy and blotchy face :((

    And also got myself the Fekkai Protein Rx Reparative Shampoo from Sephora after looking at Fuz's recommendation in her blog :) it's selling at S$34 for 200ml. Alot more expensive than my normal shampoo... hehe...and I just finish shampooing with the new shampoo, the smell is nice :D hope my hair will be less greasy :p

    Ok!! should get back to revise for my tests tomorrow :))
    Wish me luck everyone~~ ^^



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