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    Wednesday, July 22, 2009

    Secret to my double eyelids!:)

    (and review for Cutie Cutie Double eyelids glue)

    It'll be a lengthy post (I typed this post in parts... :p life is getting busy for me hehes)

    My eyelids' story begin here...
    I used to envy girls with double eyelids! hahas. :D
    I was kinda "special" when I was little since everyone around me has double eyelids and I'm quite an odd one out with my single eyelids.. :(
    So they gave me nicknames like "mini eyes" (in chinese: "Mi Mi Yan").. and all.. hahas.

    as I grow up...and was introduced to makeup...
    I find it so hard to apply eyeshadow on my PUFFY single eyelids! :((
    Especially for newbie like me who isn't blessed with any makeup talent :p
    Well..My art is kinda lousy.. xD
    I think makeup is like an art! :)


    I enjoy looking and admiring them(art and make up).. but not when it comes to create! :p
    It's true! most of my friends who are good in art are good in make up!
    so I think they are VERY RELATED! :p

    So I was quite determined to get a double eyelids surgery when I earn my own money! hahas :X
    Even my mum and sisters were kinda supportive! *yey*
    Since it's like the most simple and common surgery in the cosmetic world! :p

    But still there's a big NO!
    I'm afraid that I might end up even uglier! since there are cases where the double eyelids look very unnatural... :( So I was abit turn off and telling myself to just live without double eyelids... :(

    Dig out some of my old photos with single eyelids for ya! hahaha :X

    can ya see my puffy single eyelids?? :/

    So I was introduced to use this "Cutie cutie double eyelids glue" by my sister :p
    She heard good things about this from her friend.. so I bought mine from SASA.
    Sorry I'm lazy to take pic of my own one.. so took this pic from ebay xD
    Forgot the price too... but definitely less than USD10. :p

    Then I start using it regularly (almost everyday!) for about a year!
    just use it with my HG P&J waterproof curly mascara.. :)

    and start using it with my majolica majorca eyeliner...

    TADAAA!! after about a year of using it.. I have my own double eyelids without having to use it anymore :))*HAPPYYYY*

    Yeah... I'm absolutely happy now having less problems with using eyeshadow! :p
    but my double eyelids are kinda naughty! :/ it will occasionally disappear... hahas
    so sometimes I still have to use eyelids tape.. (love "Pinky Lady" eyelid tape in size 'S') hehes.

    I used to be unable to use eyelids tape.. :p I dunno why.. might be the extreme puffiness of my single eyelids.. :( so Cutie cutie eyelids glue is LOVE!

    My REVIEW for "Cutie Cutie Double Eyelids Glue"

    - Easy to use (of course you need to practice! It's not fail proof... but the usual steps is :Apply on lids, wait for the glue to turn transparent and poke your lids with the stick :p)
    - Easy to take off by using water!
    - Cheap (less than USD10)
    - The bottle can last you for a LONG time (I've never finish one!)
    - Can be used as false lashes glue! (saw this tip from Jap Magazine)

    - Will show up when you accidentally touch it with water (e.g: sweat, rain, etc!)
    - Can't use it with eyeshadow :/ (They'll stick on the glue part and looks horrible!)
    - can be difficult to purchase.. :( Can't see them in SASA recently.. (maybe out of stock)

    Okay!! that's all I wanna share! :))
    Have a lovely day ya!!


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    Saturday, July 04, 2009

    Paul and Joe

    Last Friday before watching Transformers, Sis and I went to P&J counter...
    and hauled abit :D

    I controlled myself and tempt her to get a few stuffs! hehes
    It's great to stay with sis as we can share alot of stuffs! :p

    Let's see what we(she) hauled! hahas

    My HG mascara,the P&J "Waterproof Curly mascara" is going to be discontinued!! :(( they are replacing it with this "Waterproof Mascara"! So I thought no point stocking up my HG anymore.. T.T and get this to try out instead... :) *hope it works just as great as my HG!*

    Brown Eyegloss (#05).. Sis likes their eyegloss ALOT!!
    easy to use/blend easily, colors show up well and doesn't creases ^^ last month she got the #04 (in pinkish) and fall in love with their eyegloss! :X so she hauled for more! :p

    Gold eyegloss (#01) The SA told sis that this is the best seller among the other gloss... ~.~ her comment after using: "VERY shimmerish!" *as compare to the other 2 colors she got..* :))

    she LOVE 'em!! :D

    To top up the amount so as to score both GWP! Sis got this "Mascara Primer Duo" - One side is for curling and the other is for volumising..the SA told us that it's meant to use either one at a time.. I forgot why...but isn't it weird if they design something like this but can't use both at once? I want CURL and I want VOLUME too!!xD

    GWP!! ^^ pretty tote!

    makeup pouch

    PRETTY eh? ^^

    Okay!! it's Saturday!!
    hope everyone has a GREAT Weekend!! have fun, enjoy and TAKE CARE! ^^


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    Wednesday, July 01, 2009

    LOVE Packages :D

    Just have to share my love for receiving packages ^^
    Either online shopping or blogger's giveaway..
    all are LOVE!! :))
    Smile just linger around my lips when I look at the packages.. hehes
    sounds pretty silly but yeahh.. happy it is!! :D

    Have a look at them :)))

    1.NicNic's Giveaway!
    yey!! first time winning a giveaway :D
    it's a wonderful package!! ^^

    Besides the prizes she mentioned in her blog.. she include in a big beautiful makeup palette! ^^ colorful eyeshadows + 2 blushes + 2 lipgloss!!
    Now I can play around with more colors!! ^^
    Thank you NicNic!! :D

    Check out her blog!! I love reading her reviews,hauls and those beautiful Japan's scenery pics! She's very pretty too!! :D
    Visit HERE!

    2.Eki's Hime Headband!!
    I can't resist how beautiful it is!! and ordered 2 of the headbands :D *of course the Cutie Eki also include ALOT of extras LOVE for me!!*
    The headbands are very pretty!! ^^ I even feel myself prettier when I have it on my hair! hahas :X
    She included matching bow clips for my headbands!!^^ and...
    A Maybelline's Wet Shine lippie in Nude Glow #200 --> been wanted to buy maybelline's nude lippie but figure out Indonesia is cheaper than Singapore :p So i can't make myself to buy.. but voila!! Eki got this pretty shade for me! ^^ and those minty chocolate is delicious!! ^^ I always love chocholate mint combo! :D

    beautifully wrapped!^^

    Love the adjustable bows on the headband!! ^^ i can place it on top or side of my head!! woohoo!!:D

    ahhh... it looks much much prettier when worn! :/ I will have to take a shot with it!!
    check out the mini bow clips she gave me!! super kawaii! :D

    yeah!! super kawaii hair accessories!^^ *love love love*
    get yours NOW!! only from EKI's KAWAII STORE

    Yeah!! I love looking at their collections!! :D but due to my super 'petite' size..
    I can hardly get any apparel that fits me through the online world.. I've made too many impulsive online purchase :(( *most of them are still sitting nicely with their plastic wrappers in my house! okay.. some are underneath my bed :p super messyy*
    I tried them on but it's just TOO BIG! :(( *sob*
    So i figure out! i can only get some other stuffs besides apparels! =.=
    Then I Fall in love with this bag!! :D *love the 'fixed' shape and the vintage feel :p*

    Picture below is taken from

    Get yours HERE! ^^
    Joined this spree site for a backpack! ^^
    Ema (the owner) gave me a great shopping experience!:D
    she's friendly and her Korean spree is FAST!!
    Love it! :D

    It's been a few years since I bought a backpack! :p
    I just happened to crave for one! So i got this mini backpack~

    hmm.. this picture is kinda blur :p sorryyy~~

    Picture below is taken from

    Okay!! That's all for the lovely packages~~

    P.S: Go catch TRANSFORMERS if you haven't!! :p
    Gotta LOVE OPTIMUS PRIME but BUMBLEBEE is still the CUTEST! ^^

    P.P.S: Ji is having her first giveaway!! :D HERE

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    Wednesday, June 24, 2009

    !!!Ettusais Nail Polish!!!

    (and my "bumble bee" nails :p)

    (they have some really cute nail art design in the webbie ^^ go have a look!!)
    Selling at S$4/bottle. (about US$2.70)
    It's in a mini size of 2ml per bottle. :p
    So you getta experience the difference colors at an affordable price!
    Not to say their quality is not bad too!!
    So I got myself 7 colors. :))





    used this for my toes (see end of this post)



    woohoo!! perfect bumble color! :p






    Love this Gold glitter!! Perfect for gradient nail!! awesome!! :D
    see my gradient nail using this polish in my previous post HERE


    This red is gorgeous! brighten up my hands :))
    I went back to get another bottle for back up :p

    Overall hauls :p
    The 2 bottles of make up base are for my sis :)
    So we got free gift of body shower gel and pouch (i think it's a Marc Jacobs 'inspired' :/ found similar pouch on marc jacobs' site)

    My Bumble Bee nails!!! :D Will be watching Transformers on this coming Friday with my love ones! :) So I thought of doing a bumble bee nail for my fave Bumble bee!! :D

    Using ettusais's yellow polish (#8) and L.A. Colors Art deco in black! ^^

    Looks kinda bare so I top it with canmake glitter polish in #06 for the bling effect!:p

    How can I left out my toes! :p I did some 'youtubing'and got inspired to do this! ^^ a bee on my big toe with the trail on the other toes.. hehes. :D can you tell that I'm trying to create an effect that the bee flew from my smallest toe to the biggest toe? LOL. :D

    I used acrylic paint to draw! it's so much easier than using nail polish!! ^^ and I got a dotting tool too!! so easy to do dots now :p

    Took this pic right after i drew the cloud :p so it still looks like a bumpy cloud.. but the acrylic paint settles down after it dries :D

    Using the ettusais #09 blue polish

    Hope you enjoy!! :D

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    Monday, June 15, 2009

    !!!NAILS!!! :)

    Hi all!! Sorry for being away for so long :/
    Have been pretty busy with some stuffs..
    3 major ones are... :(
    -the BF has officially gone for his mandatory military service! T.T
    (means no one to shop,chat and eat with me! *sob*)
    -alot of things to be done for university admission and student's pass
    (argghhh... so many deadlines to meet! submitting this and that.. driving me nuts!)
    -saving my face! some jumbo acne have been popping up! :( i'm suspecting the tea tree makeup base cum sunblock from @nature. :( as that's the only new product that I tried recently. Anyway.. it might because of that 'period' too. I will try the makeup base again once my face is cleared up :((

    Okayy! enough of my rants :p
    Just wanna share some nails I did over the past few weeks :))

    Hope you enjoy~~ ^^

    P.S: be prepared!! lots of PICTURESS!! xD


    My first attempt on "Checked Nail" :p

    P&J Red polish , L.A. Colors Art Deco (Black,White and Gold)


    "Starry Night"

    O.P.I - Russian Navy and Konad Stamping (Plate #57-lace and #03-stars)


    "Baby Pink Lacey"

    Canmake baby Pink polish #09 and Konad Stamping (Plate #57-lace & Plate#03-flower)


    "Bling X-Pinky"

    P&J 2008 LE #001, L.A colors Art deco in black and silver glitter

    matching toes :p


    "The Tree"

    My random design :p.. My friend said it looks like “tree” LOL

    O.P.I Dulce De Leche(pink), O.P.I Parlez-Vous #NL F14(purple) ,L.A. Colors Art Deco in Black, Beauty Credit Nail art Sticker


    "Dotty Flowers"

    Ettusais LE mini Red polish #11, Konad Stamping (Plate #69) *NEW plate! Just got it few days ago!! ^^*

    Recently had a mini nail polish haul at ettusais ^^ will show swatches on next post! See the red I'm using here.. It's very pretty in real life! Brighten my hands! *LOVE*


    "White Rose"

    My first attempt drawing a rose xD LOL.I know it's not really look like a rose... but yeah.. I bought a nail art brush.. so i gotta try using it! :p
    oh! i'm not using acrylic paint :/ I'm just using regular white nail polish from canmake.


    "Simple lines"

    O.P.I Dulce De Leche(pink) and L.A. Colors Art deco in white


    "Flora Frame"

    O.P.I - Oh...To be 25 again.., L.A. Colors Art deco in white, The Face Shop Glitter Polish, and Beauty Credit Nail Art Sticker!


    "Purple Gold"

    using: O.P.I Parlez-Vous #NL F14(purple) , Ettusais LE Gold glitter mini polish #14 *another LOVE* ^^

    matching toes again :p


    ahh!! such a LONG post!! xD
    Hope you are not bored :p

    It's MONDAY! hope everyone have a GREAT week ahead!!
    and a speedy arrival of Friday!! :p


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