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    Sunday, March 23, 2008

    End of long weekend... ):

    Having fun these few days.

    Thursday after work went to meet dear n his bro for dinner at wisma's food republic.
    Wanted to sing after that but due to his heavy flu... so we changed our plan to watch movie.. "Step up 2. The street" which is nice. (:
    Then Calvin and Nely came to pick me up at dear's place. We drove to Rail Mall for drink and pool but it was full house. =.= due to holiday's eve. So we change our plan to drove to jurong to check out KBOX price. It was a bloody $25++ per person for 3 to 4 hours session. =.= and movie timing also not matching. So we end up going back.

    Friday woke up at 2pm! coz slept quite late the other night. And did some laundry. Calvin suggested to go JohorBahru(JB) for a meal. So he we get prepared and set off to JB only at 8pm. hahas. due to some procrastination. ;p So we went City Square and check out the Neway(similar to Kbox) but it was too expensive. =.= about $16 per person for 3hours. so we didn't sing but head to Giant to buy some biscuits for my teabreak at workplace. ;p After that we went to Calvin's home for awhile and went for food hunt! but it was rather late and alot of makan places has stop operating. ): so we endep up eating BBQ seafood and chicken. (SUPER NICE) the chilli accompanying the bbq food was awesome! We drank a total of 8 glass of drinks for 3 persons. ;p but it was damn "shiok".

    Then we head to back to Singapore (about 1am plus), got JAM at the immigration and checkpoints for about 3hours! alot of singapore's cars going back to singapore dunno-for-watever-reason. =.=
    So our plan to watch movie was also delayed! We reached Cineleisure at 4.20am. =.= the last movie starts at 4.15am. We could managed to watch that actually. But Calvin and Nely were not interested for that show.

    Then we went to Geylang!!! *Love the night life at Geylang!* so cool.. alot of makan places still operating! hahas. and there are also Fruit stalls. We bought a bunch of banana. lols. which is cheap and nice! ;p and went to eat beancurd (dou jiang you tiao) at Yong He which also operates 24hours. *pictures will be uploaded once i'm free to collate'em*
    The you tiao is DAMN NICE!!! crispy and fragrance. (: we missed out the dimsum stall. It was full house at that wee hours! =.= so we choosed to have the beancurd.

    I was half sleeping already but Calvin need to go SIM to check up for the school's courses at 9am. It was only 2 more hours till 9am. So we decided to accompany him to camp outside SIM till 9am. =.= We went to King Albert Park Mac for toilet break and continue to camp at SIM carpark till 9am. Nely accompanied Calvin to the service counter and I continue to "NAP" inside the car at carpark. ;p After they came back...

    We drove to Rail Mall to rent dvd. But Video Ezy is not open till 10.30am. And I spot a machine.. the one which u put coins and there's bubble ball that drop out. =.= sorry for the poor description. but in conclusion... i managed to get what i want with one attempt! CJ7 doll. ;p hehes. just wanna get it for fun actually.. coz I already have it at home. haha.

    Then we off to home.. and I slept at 2pm!!! T.T

    Saturday Woke up at 8pm.. Calvin, Nely and I went to eat somewhere near Bukit Timah Shopping Center. There's a stretch of resto there... so after some conversation... we choose to eat chicken rice at Boon Tong Kee. Which is abit pricey but it's nice! the chicken rice and the boiled chicken are matching with the chilli. And seafood soup is sweet with a lil bit of ginger taste! which we all like it. ;p cost us $30 for that meal. Then we went home since the movie that we plan to watch (The Orphanage) is on at 2am. So we drove to The Cathay about 1.42am. Only left front row!! =.= and Nely and Calvin was like quarrelling over some stupid things. (I was bored listening to their lenghty drama..which always repeats) then we went to check up at Cineleisure to see if there's any chance to watch other movies.. which failed. =.= then we drove home and sleep.

    Sunday Rotting at home. Woke up at 2pm and rot at home the whole day. Nely was nice to help me buy my brunch. Subway and tempura from shilin. (: then they went to JB and left me alone at home. =.= still not coming back at this hour!! grrr.. so bored. ): and dear cannot come out or come over to meet me. So i'm being abandoned for today! =.= ok. off to bathe now... and maybe have a good sleep. hahas. have not been sleeping well this whole week! =.=

    sorry to bored you with my long story! but this is my blog right? ;p


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    Sunday, March 16, 2008

    I like this also...


    can you understand the mv?

    Have a blessing week everyone!


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    Saturday, March 15, 2008

    Nice song! (:

    Hope you also like it..

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    err.. another one week.

    nothing much to blog about. Just the same boring week.
    Will be presenting mid term presentation this coming monday. T.T which i'm-so-not-prepared. sian. Need to present in front of Ngee Ann student also.. and to all the different supervisors..
    But it will not affect itp grade la.. it's just sort of a practice. So SY and I resort to just anyhow present lor. Since my supervisor is not so helpful. :X we lack of some data and are crapping inside. But he din give much useful comment. =.= except telling us not to worry and that this project will not affect our grade. Coz he is the one grading us.

    Nely, Calvin, Jinbo and I went to eat at The Cheese Prata Shop yesterday night. (Nely,Calvin and I just went there the day before..hahas) And we conclude that should visit there during week days non-peak hour. Coz when it's at peak hours... their prata are not as nice as non-peak hours. Maybe they are to busy to put in more passion in flipping our prata. =.= we tried the Foo Seng Nasi Lemak also. Nothing special about it. Although it's reccommended in some tv-show.

    After having our dinner then we drop Jinbo at his place since he need to work on the next day.. And Nely, Calvin and me went to watch movie. :D we went to cathay cinileisure. Which nv fail to remind me of the days with Lidya,Janice and Angel. (: -missing- We went straight to basement after parking at youthpark. And bought tixs for Water Horse. We went in and found out we got the wrong tix! which show Horton!! =.= So we went to change the tix and wait for another half an hour for Water Horse. And we only left with first row to sit!. Neck pain but water horse is a nice movie. haha. Funny and touching. :D the friendship between Angus and Crusoe(the water horse) is so amazing. hehes. Crusoe is a legendary water creature. okok. watch yourself and you'll know it. hehes. it's based on a book written by... -forgot- nice!

    hmm... wanna watch The Leap Year. =..=

    ok. That's all~

    Gotta do my logbook for itp.=.=


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    Sunday, March 09, 2008

    just finished compiling my pics for JB trip. :D

    We had so much fun and bloated our stomach with yummy foods ((:
    All THANKS to "Calvin" a.k.a "JB ambassador" a.k.a "La Bi Ren"!!! muahahaha~~

    We stuck at the woodlands checkpoint for awhile... got traffic jam.. =.= then head to change some ringgit and off to have our dimsum session. (: we filled the whole table with dimsum... total yummy and bloated. hahas. Only cost about 80ringgit. :D

    Then we went to danga bay and shop around the mall for some handicrafts. I saw lotsa people flying kite.. since I have never tried before... so I suggested to go fly kite.. hahas. :D

    We bought a 14ringgit kite and a 5ringgit bubble gun (yes.. those guns that you dip in bubble liquid and it can produce lotsa bubbles! hahas. Nely wanted to buy the gun. All of us laugh at her.. but in the end.. :X hahahas.. check out the pictures!)

    Our kite swim inside the sea..=.= (due to lack of skill.. we drown the kite in less than half an hour! culprit is Haibo (Jinbo's brother)!!) hahaha. I just hold the kite for once which is less than a minute! T.T must go try out again next time hehes.

    After mourning for our poor kite... we head for highlight of the trip!!! Yung yung ice kacang @ Tepian Terbau. It's Calvin's dad stall (: We tried ice jelly, cendol, cikong, bubur chacha and last but not least... my ICE KACANG! :D and Calvin ordered bbq sting ray and kupang for us... :D~ yummy yummy.. hahaha. so sinful trip! I couldn't stop eating at all.. hehes.

    Luckily we don't always go for JB trip. hahaha.. if not I'll be even fatter. T.T my weight seems to keep increasing... super pissed off.. It just won't go down! grrrr!

    But after all the fun.. Nely wanted to buy magazine at City Square.. so while walking towards the mag stall.. we walk around doing some window-shopping.. n the guys were so bored. =.= I felt bad so didn't really enjoy the shopping part of the whole journey. ):

    So moral of the story is... if going JB with the guys, it will be better to cancel all plans for shopping. (: but what else can we do in JB except food hunt and shopping? =.=

    ok.. i shall go watch Bull Fighting now... hahahas :D


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    Saturday, March 08, 2008

    WOW! it's saturday!

    I'm going to JB with Nely, Jinbo, Haibo and most importantly Calvin Labi. :D Our kind JB ambassador... ;p
    He's taking his IELTS test right now... Hope he can get good result! hehes. -Labi Jiayou!- :D

    Yesterday after work went to find Jinbo and Haibo. Jio them go eat Thye Hong prawn noodle. hahas. But after I walk past Teppan-yaki and saw that there's empty spaces... I immediately change our plan to eat there. lols ;p so the two guys ate beef set! =.= n i had the chicken set. Not so nice leh... regret for giving prawn noodle amiss. T.T sorry thye hong~~

    Then we went to K-song at Cash Studio (opp Hardrock cafe). 3 persons for 3 hours session we fork out about $67. Errm... only one free drinks per person. I was thirsty to the max.=.= But I think can bring our own drink (Jinbo n Haibo saw inside the rules). I even spot people ordering pizza hut delivery. hahas. But still not used to the system. So choose songs is a tough job this time coz I'm used to K-Box system. ;p but Cash Studio offers more updated Indonesia Songs. :p Alot of Singapore Malays are there. hahas. I hardly spot chinese there. Even the workers are malay. (: But I can't find Krisdayanti's song! only found Rossa's. =.=

    After singing, I head back home for my weekly laundry task. But I fall asleep after eating supper! =.= So just managed to wash part of my clothes this morning. and also clean the toilet Going to JB first then wash the other part of my clothes tonight or tml morning. hahas. :D

    kk.. nothing much to blog about already... ;p

    Gonna watch Bull Fighting (taiwan drama) hahaha. :D


    Have fun on weekends eh!


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