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    Monday, March 26, 2012

    Japanese "cakes"

    Went to Isetan supermarket to get some fruits last Saturday night. (without putting on make up and was wearing my home clothes! :O)
    Anyway.. Besides fruits, bought some other snacks of course :p

    Bought a Purindora (S$4.60) - it is a dorayaki sponge cake with a custard pudding. Kinda too sweet for me and some part of the pudding is burnt! :( taste soooooooo bitter!! O.O!!

    Have been watching some cooking channels on youtube and spot on the japanese hot cake video Link ->

    bought a box of the
    Morinaga Hot Cake mix from Isetan to give it a second try! Hahaa the last time I bought it, was a failed attempt :( As all instructions on the box are in Japanese.
    Thanks to the video! I managed to make some decent hot cakes :p
    I sub the milk with water since I don't have milk at home.. But still taste alright ;)

    Can't believe weekend is over :( only managed to watch 4 videos recording!! Le sigh~~ where is my motivation for this last lap in uni??! Come on! I can be better than this!!! Aza aza!! :P


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    Thursday, March 15, 2012

    Tangs 12% Rebate

    Rush to Tangs for my HG concealer from clé de peau (my 3rd sticks!!) but end up with bunch of other stuffs. -___-
    Total damage about SGD280

    Purchase these:
    1. Clé de peau Concealer $116
    2. Shu Uemura ultimate expression mascara $50
    3. Shu Uemura liquid liner N cartridge x 2 ($28)
    4. Shu Uemura eyebrow liner (retractable and refillable) $57

    Got these GWP:
    1. Shu Uemura elasto-vital ozone stretchable mask x1
    2. Shu Uemura cleansing oil premium A/O 50mL
    3. Shu Uemura glowing-fit lasting compact SPF 26 PA+++ 2g/0.07 OZ.
    4. Clé de peau refreshing balancing lotion 12mL

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    Sunday, March 04, 2012

    See Moo next month

    :( sent moo off to Aussie! *Boo* had a too fun month with big, medium and small ding :( being left alone here in Sg now make me feel SO SAD.. :(((((
    Hope Moo keep his promise and come back next month! >.<
    Gotta go back to reality! No more fun coz I have too much school works to catch up! T_T about 20 hours lecture recording ? FYP report in 2 weeks! :'(
    Aza aza hwaiting!

    Attached a photos collage. Had another dinner date with moo at Esmirada @ orchard hotel before we head to airport earlier! Miss you so much Moo!

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    Saturday, March 03, 2012

    Lovely day with Moo

    Last nice dinner for the month with Moo at The Moluccas Room, MBS. :( Ahhhh! Why he has to go Aussie??! Sigh... Anyway we watch Dr. Seuss' the Lorax on IMAX 3D. We both think it's really a meaningful movie! :) go catch it!
    P.S: Love you Moo! Come back in April!! >.<

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    Thursday, February 23, 2012

    Goodbye small Ding

    Farewell dinner last night for small Ding. We went to 9 Mohamed sultan road for Chikuwa Tei Japanese restaurant. Food was nice :))
    Then back home for packing~~ managed to squeeze most of his stuffs into my old luggage for checked-in, so that he don't have to lug too many things around. :P and we put a cross sign in front in case he couldn't find it on the belt :X
    Big Ding and me had breakfast (@ coffee bean) and lunch(@ thai express) at airport coz I insisted to stay at airport for studying but end up not as effective as I planned to :'( *as always~~* but it sure bring back some memories of us, studying at airport for our "O" levels about 6 to 7 years ago!!! Time really fliesssss ~~

    Received a surprise from big Ding yesterday.. Silly him bought me a passport cover :p I'm trying to cut down on "wants" for my "need" LOL So it is quite a luxury to have designer passport cover! Definitely not something I would get for myself.. But it's a gift! ;) Will treasure it my dear! :)) thank you!!! *big huggg*

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    Wednesday, February 22, 2012

    Lovely brunch with Ding^2

    Still trying to run away from reality of life, FYP, assignments,etc after the dream trip to Maldives! Missing it even more after going through the photos we took on the DSLR... Anyway hope I can get back to track ASAP! Have been lazing around a.k.a procrastinating too much, too long!

    Had a lovely brunch with the Ding brothers this morning at Hediard cafe. I had the croq Ferdinand again (had it on my first visit with ms.S) and ordered genmaicha Japan again :x guess I aint adventurous enough to try on other dishes :/ why oh why~~

    the big ding had the breakfast set and small ding had eggs benedict. Both of them had the Indonesia blue java coffee~~ stole bits of the food from their plates and I personally think that everything tastes so great! :D
    Bid goodbye to them while I left for lecture! Managed to grab a farewell gift for the small Ding who will be leaving tomorrow :( good bye irritating and annoying small Ding! You will be missed!! Take good care of your own health! Stop aching here and there :p

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    Sunday, February 19, 2012

    Good bye Maldives

    Amazing 3 days at Maldives :) most importantly with awesome companions! So blessed to be able to enjoy the amazing sea, sun and breeze! Gonna miss this place so much! Hope we could be back here soon~
    Thank you Maldives!

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    Sunday, February 12, 2012

    Waiting Wicked

    Waiting for Wicked show at MBS in a cafe, Java Detour. Another half an hour till the show start.. It should have been a happy outing with the Ding^3 but something happened in the morning :( hope everything will be fine SOON! Let's enjoy the show!~

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    Wednesday, February 08, 2012

    Second home trip during CNY

    A very joyful trip back at home :D this year is a special year as the sis is now married hence we have a new family member a.k.a brother-in-law a.k.a the Ice kacang king of Johor :P
    And got my first angbao (red packet) from the newly wed couple too!

    A lot of snacking and tea with the family~~ :X

    Make them play monopoly deal with me and turn out the two of them got more addicted to the games than I did :P a really fun and quick games as compared to the traditional monopoly. And the twist of fate in split seconds with appearance of certain cards! Haha exciting much!! :)

    The highlight for the whole trip is to celebrate Papa's birthday :D had an awesome feast!! :)) and it can only be at our favorite stall (for yearsss now!) and we don our matching dress! :) and they call us "the three gorgeous sisters" *miahahhaha*

    Gonna be mega hectic thanks to the FYP and other projects! Must believe that I can do it for this final lap in college! :) wish me ample luck and strength :D

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    Friday, January 27, 2012

    First two days of CNY in Indo

    Feasting and house visiting :D
    Had a lot of yummy foods and visited besties house on first day of CNY. Ms.W even made the CNY goodies herself. Love the bite-sized pineapple tarts (sorry no close up photos :p)
    They also made special beverages for the guests! :)) sweet touch!
    Left indo on second day but manage to accompany papa to telkomsel to change his SIM to micro SIM for his new iPhone 4S we got for his birthday :)) seems like he is enjoying the smart phone journey! *happy*
    The Telkomsel service is soooo good! They provide free foods at the centre and also great service level by the staffs :D *thumbs up indo!*
    On ferry back to Indo right now... Gonna have reunion with the family again since the newly wed sis and the husband is coming back to Indo as well :))
    Photos to share..

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