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    Friday, April 28, 2006

    in school now...
    waiting for dear to finish class.. ^^
    about half an hour later...
    hmm... before class over we attended a lecture..
    I think that's some sort of motivational talks...
    =.= they kept repeating that our course have good career prospect..
    and alot of my classmates are signing up for scholarship which have bond to some private companies...
    i'm worrying about myself now..
    dunno will I be able to get a job in the future...=.=

    Alot of my classmates wanna sail... including female classmates..
    but alot of them are also taking the scholarship so they sure got job after graduation..some seniors and lectures also don't encourage female student to sail..=( but I really wanna sail... can see nice view and travel around the world...



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    Wednesday, April 26, 2006

    finally got some time to post... ^^
    school is getting busy nowadays... got presentation
    and a few assignments...
    the most horrible one is ENGINEERING MATHS!!
    =(( I'm struggling like hell... haiz... luckily got dear to
    guide me along.. =) thx lotz.. although I always angry
    at time when I don't get what he mean..>.<
    haiz... it's really very hard as we are rushing through
    alot of chapters and on 27 June we gonna have our
    common test for that few chapters...=(
    hope I can make it through...

    Oh ya..
    Our class got a new classmate!
    and guess what?!! It's a female! yey...
    haha.. so now we got 8 female students in our class!
    1A01 girls roX...haha...=D

    Today I'm so elated!!! Met alot of Indonesians during
    the tuition grant briefing...^^ sosoooo regret not going
    to the International Student Orientation..;p
    I should have go and know them earlier...
    haha.. I met with lots of my primary school friends...^^
    and got a guy who is studying in the same course as me..
    ^^ Marine Engineering ROXXXX!!

    hmm...was thinking that got alot to post.. mind went blank after thought about
    the Indonesians friends I met... ^^

    HAPPY DAY!! =D



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    Thursday, April 20, 2006

    Hi!! 4 days of poly life enough to make me faint!!
    First day is the worst! =( only get to go home after my CEM(certificate in engineering maths) class... reach home around 10+p.m and the next day suppose to wake up at 5a.m but i overslept till 7a.m...and my class start at 8a.m... haiz... cannot make bathe n all i cabbed to school!! 45 minutes late for my first class...T_T taxi fee was $21.20!! *see.. i still remember...=((*

    Haiz... sianz.. spend on taxi... not worth it at all then wednesday got 8.30a.m class! Don't want late so Nely asked Calvin (Nely's classmate) to give us morning call...Lidya did call my phone n msg me too.. but my phone was in silent mode..haiz... really feel so sorry Lidya!! dui bu Nely received Calvin's call n wake me up at 5.30a.m..then I wait dear at raffles place! I wait him lehh..hahahaha..Once in a while lor... ;p then we went to school together... ^^I wasn't late! ;p

    so school has started for few days class still looks so boring and quiet compare to other classes...=(( FYI.. my class got 7 beautiful ladies *including me muahahaha;p* and about 14guys... ermm.. I think my class got the most ladies compare to otherDMR classes...;p (DMR=Diploma in Marine Engineering)Have gotten lotssss of assignments...=.= Hope I can finish them by end of week... >.<

    Havn't choosed my CCA yet... badminton and pool got trails!!=(( sure cannot make it... haiz... so now considering RED CROSS..^^but not sure it'll be busy or not... let's see how...=p

    that's all ba...gonna prepare things for tomorrow class... only got one class (IDEA)which starts at 10a.m until 12p.m...after that might go and apply a locker... my safety shoes is soooo heavyyyy dun wan to carry them go school early in the morning...=.=



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    Monday, April 17, 2006

    Guess I've done something which make him mad at me right now..
    what else can I do? maybe I shall just wait till he calm down...

    School gonna start today...
    not excited at all although I've not been in school for about 5 months..
    those in SP have got their own friends and get along well with their new classmates..
    but I've not known any new classmates who I am very close to yet...
    Fazli find his class fun... dear gotta know alots of his classmates...
    I'm starting to worry about my life in SP...
    hope it won't be a hard one...
    I hate boring class which is not unite at all... hope my class won't be like that...
    I never ask to have a class as rox as 403 but just don't be too bored will do...

    haiz...everyday seems to be a tiring day for me.. =( and yet I got more to worry right now..
    why all problems seem to pop out at this point of time... which I shall be happily welcoming the new chapter of my life in SP...
    how sux is this... I don't wanna hate my life!


    exhausted to death...


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    Saturday, April 15, 2006

    muahaha!!!here I come!! ^^another tiring day....
    hehe.. but who cares...bought quite alot of things...;pa pair of shoes,facial masks,make up remover and hair mousse. ^^ muahaha... but no clothes!!! jeans!!! =((Didn't see any nice one... =.=well.. i changed my blog song!!! anyone notice this??why not tag some comments? ;pand also i make some flash in the "Things" ^^aren't they look nice??? Lidya said they are nice!! =) ok..Lidya is the first to look at them!! ;p

    21st Speech day at Ping Yi was GREAT!Our school looks like getting more rich huh...;pI got $100 popular vouchers... ;pgonna buy Lidya,dear,Golf n Nely somethings..Promised to get slamdunk comic for Lidya nOne piece comic for Jinbo.Golf just asked for $10 dunno for what...Nely... I think she gonna buy Narnia ba..haha... whatever they like lor.. lol..Wilberg!! our student of the year got about $700 vouchers!!(popular and borders) speechless...=.=gotta met with Derrick, Xiu Yi, Jie Fang, Shan Joo, Marilyn,Chai jing etc.. ^^ not bad... they are all in JC right all wearing their uniforms except for men Mr.Zul said I should join them for JC.. haha.. JC just not my type...

    Ping Yi Secondary much changes in the school...not only the building but there are alot more..the speech day remind me of the 19th Speech daythat I attended 2 years ago...It was just like yesterday...I was wearing my uniform and got my prize forEnglish and Science ;p so tyco..haha...but that time we were only given a certificate...small one lor..haha... no prize... =pand the hall was darn hot and old...I'm really glad to see these physical changes with the school..Hope PYSS can improve academically... ^^

    I've been sleeping around 5 a.m nowadays... =.=gotta sleep earlier especially on Monday and Tuesday...=(( coz I got morning class on the next day... sux... uhhh..someone please give me morning call on Tuesday andWednesday morning around 5a.m will do... T_T thankss...k.. gotta bathe n sleep now...tml gonna accompany dear go eat beancurd..;pno more late or call it off on the very last minute...haha.. or dear gonna smack me! T_T poor me...

    haha.. kk!stop my craps ;p


    muach everyone!!

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    Wednesday, April 12, 2006

    another tiring day...
    couldn't slp last night.. so i ended up slept around 6a.m..T.T
    woke up about 9a.m...
    went out to tanjong pagar mrt station instead of redhill mrt station which our class was told to go..
    coz I know redhill is too quiet... >.<
    collected $67.86... haha.. I think I've got quiet alot compare to my classmates...>.<
    hehe.. not bad lar... got two ladies donated $10!! oh my... this isn't my first flag day but it's the
    first time I see $10 notes go in to the tin!! ;p sorry for being such a country bumpkin...

    hmm.. after that we (jinbo,golf n me) went to PS for movie but was cancelled due to something..
    and we went home afterwards... long and tired journey...=((

    tomorrow I gotta go school again... for International student orientation... hope I can know more friends there..which i doubt so...=.= coz I'll only be attending till lunch time and I'll fled home n get myself ready for speech day at Ping Yi secondary school..=)
    Gotta meet my secondary school friends!! haha... muach muach... miss them all!! >.<

    k.. gonna settle my tuition grant thingy online...=.=


    indulge in calbee prawn crackers!! yummy~~ *=p~~*

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    Tuesday, April 11, 2006

    woke up at 3+p.m =.=
    eat my breakfast cum lunch + surf net for a while..
    dear called to say he's downstairs my block...
    so i rushed to bathe n joined him in an hour..
    had our dinner around my block..
    then played games with his phone coz he didn't want to watch movie..
    yeah.. that's all n i'm home now...

    isn't this sound damn boring?
    what a day huh...=.= sorry for sharing this boring story...

    haiz.. tomorrow gonna have my flag day...

    oh ya.. saw my updated timetable...
    f*ck! my lesson ends at 8.30p.m for monday...=((
    so it's like... i gonna reach home around 10!!
    and gotta reach school before 8a.m for my tuesday class!
    it gonna be reallll tiring for me... haiz...


    omg!! my life is getting worse huh...
    no life man...
    hope my SP life gonna be REAL FUN after the sch start...
    God BLESS ME!!



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    finished my 1st day orientation in SP... >.<
    tiring... that's all i can say... haha... I get to know a female classmate..
    her name is Kim... she's chio okay.. =p so do the rest of the female classmate..
    so far I only get to know Kim better than the rest.. coz our class hasn't gone through
    any self introduction or so yet.. and we went through yesterday orientation with our
    buddy class.. so I'm not so sure who else are my classmate yet... >.<

    tomorrow gotta go for the iT thingy at SP.. but i think i gonna.... hehehe...
    sianz...dear told me it's actually nothing important...just how to log on to student
    account,for accessing library website bla bla bla...
    gonna skip ba...=p

    ermm... okay.. just got my timetable.. got 8 a.m class!! and 8.30 a.m >.< the rest start at 10 a.m.. friday the best lor...hehe.. end earliest...=D

    well.. gotta go bathe le la... >.< super "early" liao... ~.~


    hope my days in SP will be FUN!!! ^^



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    Sunday, April 09, 2006


    yeahh... i'm extremely exhausted today... haiz... end up with a "ZERO"
    well... tomorrow gotta wake up fu*king early at about 5 to 5.30a.m..
    lol...can't I just have a good rest at home... haha...yeah.. this is my life..
    gotta reach school at 8a.m for orientation which only end at 5p.m..
    wow... 9 hours of orientation... they really got so much things to tell us huh?
    can't we just discover it ourselves?
    all sux!


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    Saturday, April 08, 2006

    haha...=D stay at home today... woke up at 1.30p.m =.=
    yeah.. slept around 6.30a.m so it sounds ok that I slept till 1.30p.m right?;p
    I actually played gunbound till i get mad with my dear..haha.. this always happen..
    I'm just being childish huh..=p

    yeah.. currently chatting with lidya.. she's having flu and fever w/o taking any medicine!!
    what a lazy ass eh...=.= anyway hope she'll get well soon with the gallons of water flowing through her throat.. yeah.. water.. the only medicine she's taking now...
    oh great.. my dear also having flu right now.. haha.. but i can't visit him today.. my aunt's cooking i was told to stay at home for dinner...>.< hope dear can get well soon.
    And also finished his Gundam anime SOON! =.=

    really... i'm so lazy right now... (i mean i'm lazy all the time...=.=) wanna edit my blog but dunno what to edit.. any suggestion?? feel free to shout out in the tagboard! =) thxx...


    gonna have a pool games with Lidya in Yahoo!messenger =) *hope it won't be lag again*



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    anyone saw my new blog?? =.= please do shout out at my cbox! ;p
    yesterday was a real bad day for me...=(
    quarrel with her because of a stupid guy.. isn't it not worth at all?? sigh..
    maybe I'm just too busybody... end up I'm the silly one in this whole incident..
    make them quarrel and was told to take up the responsibility and settle the matter for her..
    fu*k up okay! I don't think the guy worth her doing so much things like a maid..
    if he want a maid, he should ask his dad to send him one from his country!!

    I was so angry and wanted to find someone out to eat and shop... as long as spend abit of money will do.. too bad that dear got involved..and he was also damn angry and had no mood to step out from house...=.=so i went to eat sakae sushi alone... wth... it's so much different to eat without the buffet package.. >.<>.< 1p.m!! was late to meet dear but we met anyway..cabbed to taka to meet dear...accompany him to buy two pans.. which are really cheap! ;p oh well... got a free meal for accompanying him..hehe.. not bad eh?.. =p
    then went his home to update my laptop things.. n went home for my aunt's crabs!! ^^ yummy~~

    today is much better...=) Thanks God! ^^

    ok.. shall off to play gunbound *lol indulge in gb again...muahaha~~just as "pro" as before*

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    Wednesday, April 05, 2006

    new blog ;p can't change the multiply layout! =(
    so i decided to make a new blog here..hehe..
    do visit kay!!

    cyaa~ =)

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