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    Tuesday, November 16, 2010

    Top 10!

    Just wanna post up some of my favorite items that i'm using right now! :)))
    no time for reviewing each of them :( exam and deadlines are coming REAL soon! Can't wait for everything to be over! anyway! wish me LUCK people!! hehe :D
    Here is the close up pictures and name of the products in random order...

    1.Urban Decay NAKED palette and UDPP
    UDPP is just plain LOVE! everyone loves it! :)) and for NAKED palette... now I hardly use the other eyeshadow palettes! :p *guilty* and I'm constantly going back to sephora to check if there's new stock coming in! coz I need 2 more for my girls! they simply love it after trying out mine! heehee

    2.Cellnique Skin Action Sebum Gel
    Love it's cooling effect on my skin! I applied it on my T-Zone and I think blackhead and pores around nose area really becomes better! :) going on 2nd bottle soon!

    3.Paul & Joe Waterproof mascara
    Been using this for quite a long time.. I think this is my 6th or 7th tub. coz they works great on my mega oily lids.

    4.Cle De Peau Concealer
    got my first stick from ms.S coz she got the wrong shade. and been in love with this since!! the top one is their old packaging. And I'm on my 2nd stick now! use it for my pimples, scars and under eyes circle! :p the only thing i hate about it is the price tag! SGD116 per stick!!! :(( luckily they can last kinda long!

    5.Kerastase Nectar Thermique
    use this on my hair before blow drying! :) smells great and give me smoother hair! on my 2nd bottle now!! heehe :D

    6.SATO Hakubi C Gel
    Help to reduce my post acne marks. yes! I got alot...too much flaws on my acne-prone skin! just can't seem to stop breaking out! T_T and the marks takes damn long to disappear but this gel speed this up!! :)

    7.MAC #131 stippling brush
    Got this recently and it's LOVE!!! went to get their brush cleaner and the SA was so friendly and we start chatting and dang!! I got this in the end of the chatting session. haha. But no regret since it's really a great brush for applying my liquid foundation! :) i ditched my sponges! now i need only a pea size of foundation! just realized sponges really absorbs lots of my foundation.. -__-|

    8.Shu Uemura Liquid Eyeliner
    After trying out ms.S's shu eyeliner... I can't resist and went to get myself one of this! coz my marjolica eyeliner begin to fail!! :( anyway. This baby has fine tip so you can control the line thickness really well.. i'm on my 2nd cartridge now. (yeah! they has refill cartridge around SGD24) hehe. but you gotta clean the tip quiet frequently if you use them on eyeshadows.. (the only point i dislike!)

    9.DHC medicated Acne make up base
    this make up base has good oil control! i still gets oily! but much slower than usual. haha. and it has SPF50 PA++ really hope they have PA+++ though! yes! i'm kiasu (paranoid) like that! :p in super sunny Singapore! LOL. I can't let my guard down at any moment!:p

    10.CHANEL Mat Lumiere
    This liquid foundation has GREAT coverage! *LOVE* I need good coverage foundation coz i have so much flawsss to even out my skin tone! -__- i'm on my 2nd bottle going to 3rd bottle soon! haha. A bottle can last about 6 mths for me. And with my new MAC #131 brush! i think it can last even longerr!! YAYYY ^^

    WELL! that's it!! hehe. Hope this is somewhat useful for ya all! :p
    but just a reminder, what works on me, does NOT necessary works on you! that's what i've learned after making too many impulsive buy based on reviews! ya know everyone reacts differently for different products. Best is to get samples to try them out before buying them in full size. :)

    Ok! gonna get some rest noW! :D

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    Friday, August 27, 2010

    Nail of the Week (NOTW)

    Just to share 2 of my NOTW that I tried these 2 weeks! :)

    The O.P.I "Party in my cabbana" on the above NOTW is one of my favorite nail color! :)) it is from a lovely package sent to me by Alyssa from Ahleessa 4 Realz ! :)
    she's really generous to send me a love pack with ALOT more goodies that I LOVE it sooo muchh! (I lost the pictures of the package she sent me! :(( I received it since last year august but was too busy to blog! I'm really sorry Alyssa! will try to find those pics and blog about it!)

    As for the above NOTW.
    I just paint the O.P.I party in my cabbana as the base color and use the dotting tool to do the white dots follow by a layer of glitter polish from Canmake.
    I really need more practice on dotting! haha. I swear I did it randomly but they still ended up TOO neat!! :/

    The Jill stuart polish in #27 delicate pink is a sheer pink polish. I love the smell from the polish! :p and it's pretty lasting too. but i need about 2 thick coats for the color to show up. The packaging of their polish is LOVE!!! ok. I admit that I bought it due to the cute packaging! haha :p it cost about SGD22 when i bought it in HongKong last December.

    Special thanks to ms.S! :p I used her blue polish (O.P.I "What's with the Cattitude?") that she left on the table! haha. :X

    For the NOTW, I paint the Jill Stuart polish as the base and follow by ettusais pearl white polish (Vacances Nail 2010 #F2) diagonally. Do the same for the baby Blue polish (O.P.I "What's with the Cattitude?") just on top of the pearl white polish but not covering the whole white portion and then layer them with the glitter polish. (just on the diagonally painted portion) and a layer of topcoat and Voila!
    easy DIY nail art at home! :p

    That's it!
    Happy Weekend ya all!


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    Friday, August 20, 2010

    Review: L'Occitane - Almond Milk Concentrate

    Just a quick review on this body cream :)
    I got this body cream from the BF's sis ms.S quite some time ago..
    She raves about this cream and have to give me one to try it out! so sweet of her! :p
    and I really LOVE this!! if not for the price tag! It would be on my HG list for sure!! :/

    Description from L'Occitane website:
    Almond Milk Concentrate
    L'Occitane blends both tradition (the use of almond proteins to firm the epidermis) and science (soft silicium to help support collagen synthesis) into a silky, concentrated milk that nourishes and smoothes the skin. Helps to firm and tone. Suitable for the whole body. Made with almond ingredients of Haute Provence origin, helping to revive the cultivation of the almond tree in the landscape of Provence.

    Tips from the website:
    Gently massage morning and/or night over the body, insisting on the zones affected by the relaxation (thighs, belly, bust…) by means of circular movements, always from above to down. Use Almond Shower Oil to cleanse, Moisturize with Almond Milk Concentrate and then treat immediately with Almond Delightful Shape to tone and redefine.

    Just my 2 cents:
    -VERY moisturizing!!
    -Lovely smell (well.. some people can't stand the smell thou!:p)
    -Absorbs quickly leaving your skin smooth and soft! (loving the feel of my skin upon application!!)
    -The texture isn't too heavy. (I don't feel oily after application)

    -Pricey!! (in Singapore!) selling at about SGD88 for 200ml!! (that's about USD65!!)
    *it is selling at USD39 in the US*

    Yup! the only CONS that stop me from pampering my skin with this awesome cream!

    TGIF! have a nice weekend!!


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    Tuesday, July 20, 2010


    As much as I love painting nails..
    I couldn't find some appropriate time to play around with nail arts ever since last year August (I got enrolled into university! and lead a pretty busy first year there!)
    Ok. maybe I did like less than 5 times! :(( *sigh*

    So as I'm finally able to enjoy the long school vacation (for almost 4 mths!! ok! i'm left with 1 more month now.. T_T) I bought some new colors to play with! haha :D
    so just to share a few photos I found in the BF's PC! :p

    My skill got rusty during this break from painting nails! :( hence, this not-so-pretty work!! :(( anyway this is without flash! i love glittery nails but it's such a pain to remove and my nails got so brittle afterwards!! -_- *ignore my super dry cuticles!*


    With flash and the nail polishes used for this nail! :) I got the jill stuart polish from Hongkong (in Dec 2009) LOVE the packaging!!! but it's too sheer!! :(( but it smells better than canmake or O.P.I polish! :p


    Absolute LOVE!!! ♥♥♥♥♥ haha! :D i really LOVE this color by REVLON (#914 Tropical Temptation) I've never spotted any Revlon that please me but this time it got me hook for more Revlon! :p I've used it for a couple of times now! ♥ ^^


    This pic is an old photos I found recently! forgot if I ever posted this up.. :p but yeah! just to share! I'm using O.P.I Russian navy and KONAD stamping


    Also an old photo! A nail I did for my sister. I love painting nails for my love ones! and I can never finish my nail polishes!! so I feel happier when helping and sharing my nail polishes collection with them! :D hope you dun mind the ugly cherry I drew!! :p it's my first attempt for cherry!! hahah. Thanks sis for her trust on me! :p


    ♥♥♥♥♥ ms.S came back from Canberra! so we went around for some good food. And she suggested a series of nail photos below... all taken after our meals.. hehes. very lovely photos! love how she whine to me about her boring life in Canberra! as i understand it as she will be back again soon! hahaha anyway! she just left for canberra last night! :((


    Okay! I just realised that I'm always at the right side!! hahha. This photo below, I'm wearing my latest REVLON haul, pastel purple!! (REVLON #GUM DROP) It leave a sweet scent upon dry!! the scent lasted for one whole day!! xD kinda amazed! haha. and ms.S is giving her nail a break form nail polish! :p hence the naked nails~~

    Ok!! That's all~~
    I have to start planning my Taipei,Taiwan trip!! :((


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    Monday, April 12, 2010

    Nothing to do with Beauty world.

    Exam is coming REAL soon!! and being the usual me!
    yes.. i'm rushing like mad trying to digest all the knowledge being taught for this whole semester into my teeny weeny brain within 2 weeks!!
    I know this SUCKS! :((
    no idea when i'll learn to be consistent and learn my lesson!! it has been repeating for the whole of my study life! BLEH!
    sick of this last minute routine before exams.

    And to make things worse!
    i think depression just came to me again!! i knew it! it's so dejavu! :(
    hate that feeling!
    all the negative thinking!! and all the skin problems really making me feel so LOW.
    friendship too.
    I think i really share too much!
    I should learn who to share and who I shouldn't.
    GAH! maybe i'm just TOO talkative! just wish that i can be a dumb and can stop talking! People only regard me as casual friend *DUH* and I told *** literally every bit of my life. :(


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