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    Thursday, April 30, 2009

    My FIRST swap!!

    I love ya Alyssa!! ^^
    She is really a friendly and kind lady!
    She made my first ever swap experience an awesome one! :D

    Here's the love package!

    can't wait to show you all~~ :p

    *sorry for the poor quality pic! :( i wasn't aware that my camera was on VGA mode!! T.T*
    see how cute the paper she used for her sweet letter :D
    adorable duckling~ ^^

    Our swap items:
    Super Kawaii Black sheep~~ ^^
    I can't understand how this things can be handmade! lol. need lots of talent!!:)
    and yes! she crochet this lil' sheepy!! so cute!! :D

    and she also help me to get a tube of "Queen Helena Mint Mask Julep"
    I love this mask!!!
    my friend got me my first tube from Houston-Texas :p
    and I love the minty feeling on my face and the smoothness it gave after i wash it off. My blackhead also reduces!!! Great stuff! :)))

    She included some extra loves in the package! didn't I told you she's really kind!! :D
    ugghh..sorry my bad! :( I've only taken picture for one of the extras~~*
    so here it is.. ^^

    very yummy melon candy~~ !
    My BF's favorite fruit! hahas! So i shared with him and it's yumyumyummyyylicious! :D

    Thanks you Alyssa for this great swap!
    I have fun swapping with ya! I hope you enjoy swapping with me too~~ ^^

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    Monday, April 27, 2009


    Hiiii!! ^^
    Finally got some motivation to update my blog.. :p
    Been reading other beauty bloggers' awesome blogs!
    too many to mention!
    and I can't believe I spent so much time in front of my lappy just to read and read!! hahas

    and!! been hooked up with Poupee Girl!! lol. so fun to dress up and collect cute items.. hehes

    I would like to share some of my nail stuff that i've been trying out ^^
    let's see....

    ♥Ribbon and lace!♥

    I did this while I was at Indonesia.. ^^

    My 3D Rubber Nail art bought from SASA. Can't believe this actually stick very well on my nails. It manage to last for a week! :)
    Using O.P.I Dulce De Leche as main color.

    ♥Pink and Green Gradient♥

    Items Used:
    This was also done in Indonesia. I only brought this OPI Dulce De Leche with me. So I gotta use it together with the "Beauty Credit" shimmer Ice green polish which I got in Indonesia. :)

    1. Base coat (from TFS)
    2. 2 coats of O.P.I Dulce De Leche
    3. Gradient on using Beauty Credit's Ice Green polish
    4. Top coat (from TFS)

    This is on my toe nail... ^^

    Nail polishes used :
    O.P.I Parlez-Vous OPI? ,
    O.P.I Tickle My Franc.y ,
    O.P.I Dulce De Leche
    Majolica Majorca Jeweling Line in VI494

    ♥Violet's dream♥

    (no idea how to name it :p)

    This time round I got my L.A. Colors Art Deco from Makeup Mix Shop!
    So I cracked my brain for more designs!! LOL. It was quite hard...
    so I flipped through Queen's Magazine..
    and try out their nail tutorials which are way too hard for me.. :(
    after some modification to make it simpler...
    I manage to get this...

    Items used:


    1.Apply O.P.I Chip Skip on my clean nails(Thanks Eileen for helping me to get this^^)

    2.Paint Base coat (I'm using TFS Creamy base coat)

    3.One coat of O.P.I Parlez-Vous OPI?

    4.Lined my nails with L.A. Colors Art Deco in white

    Line in opposite direction to create the 'net'

    5.Gradient with Majolica Majorca Jeweling Line Nail Polish in VI494

    6.Top coat (I'm Using TFS top coat) and we are done!! :))

    My sis like it alot and ask me to do on her nails! LOL. :D
    So I did it again but with other color (O.P.I Dulce De Leche) as the base color. :p
    It didn't turn out that well.. hahas :X
    I like mine better.. more purplish. muahaha :D


    Okay!! that's all.. hope you enjoy my nail craps! :p

    Wish everyone a Happy Monday!!
    don't let those 'blue' stuff spoil your day~~
    so let's say "NO" to Monday blues... ^^

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    Monday, April 20, 2009

    P&J Hauls plus some other small hauls ^^
    AND some thoughts on the Jap movie ,"Handsome Suit"
    (remind ya!! it will be along post!! LOL)

    Weekend was great! hahas.
    Hope everyone has a great one too!! :))

    P&J at BHG Bugis was having 20% off on all regular-priced item.
    So after much procrastination, sis and me went out from house at 8pm+!
    LOL! yeahh...
    it was really late but we didn't eat any proper meal for the entire day!
    except a few biscuits to munch away our hunger~ T.T
    So we decided to shop and had our dinner too!:p
    P&J SA over there was really kind and nice! :)))
    Pleasant hauling with her...
    I was telling myself to get my HG P&J Curly mascara only! but...
    we still end up with some extra stuffs!
    hahas. Sis was great! she paid for all the stuffs ;)
    It's good to be staying with own sister as we share alot of our stuffs!
    and saves some blings! hehes.

    So in the end we bought these....

    • Our HG curly mascara!(of course we don't share this :p)

    • An Eye Color Pallete I
      (the first two from left are our "wanted" colors!!
      the SA told us that the last color can be used for cheek! :D)

    • An Eye Gloss N
      (sis fall in love with this.. so she couldn't resist :p)

    So we got this GWP - Vanity Bag! :))

    And she gave us 2 sets of skincare samples!!


    After hauling, we went for our proper dinner!! ^^
    Eat at Bishamon - Japanese Ramen.
    It's cheap, nice and filling!! hahas. :D

    Even my sister's Japanese Colleagues recommend this rather than the highly raved Ajisen Ramen in Singapore... :p

    We were too full so we took a walk to Bugis Street! hahas
    So I shopped again.. =.=

    Bought this cute sandals at a good bargain! ^^

    and this cute necklace too~~ :D

    and some cheap earrings :p

    But all the shops were closing... T.T
    So we had a drink at Starbucks and head back home~~ :))

    Another great day! :p
    Went to meet some of my babes to pick up our graduation robes! :)
    and then we went for phone hunting! =.=
    manage to buy a phone for my mum's birthday!! ^^
    Got her a LG KF350 Ice Cream phone in Sweet BLue~~

    The keypad and font is really huge!
    I think it'll be great for her.. I hope she can use this without having to "frown" before reading the fonts. :p *she hates wearing glasses!!*

    Ain't this phone cute?? :))

    After getting the phone...
    I went to meet sis and Calvin at Plaza Singapura for movie!! YES!! Finally watched the "Handsome Suit"! :)))

    cute calvin posing~ :p

    It's a great movie!! The whole cinema was laughing so hard and some part of it are really touching!! :((

    My 2 cents:
    I always have the thoughts like the "Ugly" main character...
    Thinking of being prettier, taller, better complexion,etc etc!
    Just anything that is better! :( But if I were given all these in exchange to my own happiness, would I be happy that I'm a better looking person? :(

    Go watch it!! :D

    OHH!! before I forget~~
    I got this Rilakkuma hair tie before the movie!! :D
    it's so cute!! :)))))))))

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    Saturday, April 18, 2009

    Mum is back to Indo again~ :(

    She's really cute! I love accompanying her!! hahas. She always make me laugh so hard~ :p

    Anyway~the first thing we did was to get our eyebrow trimmed! haha
    both of really couldn't stand thin eyebrows on our faces! So we've not been trimming for quite a long time :p *it yucks!!*

    We keep emphasizing to the beautician that "we do not want THIN eyebrow!" :p
    until they were kinda laughing at us! XD

    Here's the before and after pic :p
    *I hope you won't go yucks on my before pic thou :p*

    We also did some shopping at SASA.
    As my elder sis (in indo) told me to get the pink lady eyelid tape and some plastic containers for her..
    And!! SASA is having their anniversary sale!
    So I bought the SILK WHITIA masks for my mum.
    Pearl whitening mask (4piece) + pore refining mask (4piece)+ eye collagen mask (should be 4 piece too) = SGD31 only! Usual price was SGD66.70!
    sorry no picture! as my mum has brought them back to Indo :(

    And I bought their strawberry whitening mask and peach water-binding mask! :D
    2 piece for SGD3! Usual price was SGD5.90/piece! :p

    I also pick up a Sally Hansen Dries Instantly Top coat *not sure why I get it :'( kinda regret now*

    and my favorite elastic band :p

    We went to Daiso again! hahas. We went there yesterday and pick up lots of nonsense :p
    so today I only got a "Dryness Spray" for nails. :D

    After my mum went back to Indo... the BF and I went to Vivocity and I saw this cute tote at Fie Japan. So he bought me this cute lil tote~ ^^

    see below...there's a zip at the side to another compartment!
    i love bags with compartments! :p
    inside is pink!! ^^

    They have really pretty accessories but it's abit too pricey for me :(

    Oh! I went to pick up my free gift as I purchased my Bioderma Cleansing water a while back but the SA wasn't there to give me... She's really nice! She saw my big acne T.T hence she gave me another free gift, the Bioderma Sebium AKN. The smell is so much like my Uriage Hyseac cream! =.= but she's still being very nice to me! *Happy~~* :D

    I'm using the Sensibio H2o but I wanna try this Sebium H2O!
    It's for oily or combinatin skin. :)

    And below is the bonus gift she gave me. It's expiring in June~
    that's why they are tagging it as free gift even though it's a full size item.
    but the SA did remind me to use it before June~ :)

    and then we catch Shopaholic!! finally~~ hahas. Been wanting to watch this for so long!! but I was in Indo when it release here..
    It's really nice!!
    I feel some familiar feelings there! :p
    most familiar phrase "Do I need this??"

    I always question myself with this whenever I shop! but I still end up buying lots of craps! :(
    As we (my 2nd sis and me) are staying in a rented room... My mum stayed over last night and she couldn't stand the messiness of our lil room! :p
    While packing our room, she found cosmetics,clothes, etc etc which are still in brand-new-with-tag condition! O.O That's what I call "shop a tons of craps"! =.=

    errmm!! okayy!! self-reflection needed urgently!

    well..I so wanna watch this Japanese comedy movie tomorrow! hahas. "Handsome Suit"
    Saw the trailer and it seems quite funny!
    Hope can get someone to go watch with me :p

    Have a SUPER NICE weekend!! ^^


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    Friday, April 17, 2009

    My haul from Makeup Mix Shop!

    After looking at the nail tutorials from Alyssa and Nikki's blog, I couldn't resist myself from ordering the L.A Colors Art Deco. :D

    It's my second time ordering from them!

    I only ordered 3 on my first haul!
    silver glitter,gold glitter and white..
    choose the cheapest shipping but I still got them in a week! :))
    they even include one Makeup masala pigment sample inside the package! ^^

    So having to receive the email that they are having free shipping anywhere for any purchase! I ordered another 9 but they only left one black instead of the 2 bottles I ordered. Toma (shop owner)email me to apologize for the mistake in taking order~ :) *really nice service eh!! ^^*

    And yes! another fast shipping!! :D a week after that I received them in excellent condition~~ hehes.. carefully bubble wrapped and with free Makeup Masala pigment sample! :D

    Love the shop! ^^ I'm no longer drooling over the pretty nail tutorials using this art deco stuff! hehes. Although I've yet to try them!! Xp

    my art deco collection
    have been so busy! :p
    Really have to start organizing my time more effectively! O.O

    have a nice day~~ ^^

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    Thursday, April 16, 2009

    IPSA Beauty Set from CLEO!

    Okay. I won myself this IPSA beauty set worth $214 (according to the magazine)! :D
    It's my 2nd time winning prize from CLEO. hahas.
    The first was a men's HUGO BOSS fragrance! I gave it to my dearest dad. :))

    okay! so....
    What's inside this beauty set??
    Let's have a look! :))

    There are 3 items inside the set:
    [click the link to view it in the IPSA official web]
    1. The Time Reset Cream CS2
    2. Face Color in H653
    3. Essence Lip Stick in H562

    ♥ IPSA Beauty Set ♥

    ♥ The Time Reset Cream CS2 ♥
    T.T read from the official web that... this cream is for dry skin...
    but I'm like an oil tank! :(
    so i'm still thinking of what should I do with this...

    ♥ Face Color in H653♥
    sorry.. i couldn't get a nice pic of the swatch T.T
    it's abit creamy in texture... and the shimmer is really nice..:))

    ♥ Essence Lip Stick in H562 ♥
    quite a sweet plum color.. ^^
    the texture is very smooth based on swatch experience.
    (sorry.. no pic again.. need more practice on taking pic on swatch :p)

    That's all for today!! ^^
    Have a nice and pretty day!!


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    Wednesday, April 15, 2009

    Hi all!!
    I'm back in Singapore! hahas.
    It has been a pleasant trip back at home... :))
    I love staying with my cute mum, handsome dad and naughty sis! ♥♥♥

    Okay.. I'm thinking of going back again on coming Monday! LOL.
    I just miss staying at home and eating my mum's cook everyday :p
    and Monday is my mum's birthday!! so I have enough reason to be back at home, aint I?:p

    haha. enough talk about home....

    let's do some catch up!! ^^

    I came back to Singapore for some really important stuff! ^^
    meeting with my dear, my babe Eileen & co. and get some stuffs for my first ever swap *wink wink* and of course to help Lidya (my bestie at Aussie) to get some nice top for her as she's complaining about having no nice and cheap top at Aussie which I couldn't believe!! hahahs.

    yeahh! so much stuff to do!! O.O

    Alright! I gotta wake up early to collect my prize!! I won a IPSA beauty set worth $214 through CLEO magazine! muahahaha :D

    I'll post some random pics for ya~~
    hahas. :D

    ♥ my attempts on using the pink ribbon ♥


    ♥ my cute god-daughter a.k.a my bestie's baby, Lala ♥

    ♥ the old but memorable house which I stayed from 0 to 12 years old ♥

    ♥ we went to karaoke-ing at indo. ♥



    ♥ on my way to the island where I was born! ♥
    my last visit was about more than 10 years ago!

    CiaO!! ^^

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