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    Wednesday, March 25, 2009

    Tiring day~~
    Went to Bugis to meet up with my parents as i overslept! :p
    After wards we went to Mt. Elisabeth hosp for my dad's check up...
    and then off to Isetan scott with mum and sis~~ ^^
    so tempted to get the maquillage lipstick :((
    but... i promise myself no more hauling!!
    We ended up getting the Shiseido Revital wrinklelift AA...
    picture below...

    It cost SGD$158 for 15g!! =.=

    my friend's recommend this so i tot it will be great for my mum! :))

    They include in a GWP above SGD$138..
    a small maquillage pouch, a set of bio-performance intensive care program (3-day trial) and the Shiseido skincare sample set...
    The bio-performance intensive care program claims that can feel the effect in 3 days! hahas. will get my mum to try it out... :p

    I'll be going back to indo tml with my parents!! ^^
    Might not be updating soon.. :(

    will be missing ya all.. hahas.
    mwah! ^^

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    Nail Polishes

    Do you organize your nail polishes well? :)
    I was about to paint my nails and realise that my nail polishes are in a mess!
    So i decided to clean them up and store them nicely..
    I couldn't locate some of my nail polishes!
    LOL. maybe it's at the BF house or some corners of my room. ~.~

    I also clean up all the mouth of the bottle! *is it how u call it?:p*
    I feel that by cleaning up the mouth, it helps to lengthen the shelf life of the nail polishes. As it can be closed more tightly and less air gets in to the bottle.

    So have a look at my collection..... ^^
    I seriously need a bigger container!
    Do you have any tips on better way of storing nail polishes?? :((
    Mine end up in a mess still... mission FAIL... LOL
    It's expanding... but that's the biggest clear container I can find at home to replace the small one...

    I love P&J's packaging..
    although their quality is not as good as OPI. But their packaging rox!:p
    my P&J's polishes...


    Okayy.. it's not Shiny top coat but it's glittery top coat! :p
    the glitter is amazing!! hahas. very fine and dense :))
    it blings up any matt polishes very well!! :)) other than that... it's nothing great...
    my polishes still chip in pretty fast :p i guess i'm too rough!! hahas.

    #001 is a very pretty hot pink! :p i used to use it alot! hahs
    #16 is a bright hot RED! i love it too! it suits my yellow skin well! makes my skin looks fairer.. :))
    #003 a dark brown like chocolate! :)) I think it's great on my toes.

    #05 is a beige color.. it's great for tone down look or OL. :) but i need 3 coats to get the color on my nails.
    #06 purplish nude.. hahas! one of my FAVE! i love it alot! ^^ very feminine colour.
    #09 peach pink.. this brightens my skin! not bad... oh ya! the BF choosed this.. :D

    I found out some nail art from the Queen's mag :))
    share them here..
    I spot some bows in there... hahas.
    but I'm not up to that standard to make those bows :((
    (source: Queen's magazine - Taiwan)
    **click pictures to enlarge~

    bow!!(see below)

    Gotta get some sleep real soon!
    My parents will be coming to Singapore tml for some medical check-up and visa application... :)) have to go meet them in the morning and...
    I'm going back Indo with them on Thursday!! :))
    oh no!! i have to pack my luggage again.. grrr!
    hopefully I'll get to update again soon! ^^

    hugss :))

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    Tuesday, March 24, 2009

    Haul Time!

    I've been buying things "unintentionally" when hanging out with the BF and friends!
    hmm.. guess no more shopping for quite some time!
    i didn't even know how much money left in my account right now..
    lost track. hahas..
    need some self-control! =.=

    Bought some cotton tops from Promod, Uriage skincare, nail polishes , hair accessories, a book and mag.

    Let's have alook!

    !Promod Tops!
    I bought 3 tops from Promod at Suntec. Hmm.. I like cotton and simple tops as I can't stand pretty but uncomfy stuff on my body.
    It's marked up in Singapore! So's cheaper on the web especially those with special price! so much different! :((
    So here's the 3 tops below.
    (Photos taken from Promod Webby)

    I've been using Uriage skincare for 2 months now.. Not bad imo.
    Went to Watson to restock my thermal water...
    and to my surprise!! Uriage range is selling at 10% off!
    Too bad i just bought my hydracrystal moisturizer last week! :(
    So I bought 2 bottles of 300ml Thermal Water and one of the 150ml size to bring around. :) The SA convinced me to get the Hyseac cream for my pimples and acne. :( I hope it works!

    She gave me 2 small samples to try out. hmm.. actually i dun quite like sample :p as i think the amount is insufficient to tell whether a product will work.

    !Hair Accessories!
    They are cute! but priceyy :((
    I love BOW :p
    so i got a bow headband and a bow elastic :))
    The headband is SGD$25.90 and the bow elastic is SGD$19.90!!
    but aren't they cute? ^^

    Went to Kinokuniya so i bought "Totto-Chan" and "Queen's" mag
    Totto chan is a great book! hahas. I'm half way thru my friend's copy and decided to get one for myself as a collection. :p
    The cover is cute :)

    !Nail Polish!
    Okay.. i got bored with my P&J top and base coat. :p
    so i went to TFS and get them. My sis bought the brown shimmer polish from their more expensive range of nail polish. The color and the shimmer is gorgeous :)

    We went to Sephora but didn't get anything :(
    TFSI is still out of stock! how we decided to reserve a tube!
    I saw the long list of reservation while filling up the form.. =,=

    And.. my friend got this CUTE blotting paper from SASA.
    It has got Winnie the pooh and friends on the blotting film!!
    *i love piglet!!*
    so cawaii ^^ i was abit reluctant to use it when she gave me a piece :p

    Alright!! sorry for such a long post :P
    hugss :))

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    Saturday, March 21, 2009

    Redang Trip!
    Just arrived in Singapore last midnight after more than 12 hours of boat ride plus bus ride!
    Super tiring journey! hahas.
    but Redang Island is just as wonderful as my last visit 2.5years ago! woohooo!
    Love the breezy seaside, the clear water and the cute fishes on our snorkeling trip! :))

    I got abit tanner but still way better than my last trip in which i turned into total charcoal! hahas. This trip i fully gear up with SPF70 sunblock and re-apply my sunblock when necessary. :) no sunburn anymore! hahas.

    showing ya all the picturesss i took on my Redang Island trip! :))

    We set off at 10pm on Monday,16 March 2009!
    9 hours bus ride + 2.5 hours waiting time + 1.5 hours boat ride = 13hours!
    Day 1
    We reached at Laguna Resort at 12noon on 17 March 2009. Had our lunch and checked in to our seaview room!! :))

    After a nice shower! We went to sit by the beach. Enjoying the beach, splashes from the clear water, playing with the fine and clean sand and without realising.. one by one, we all fall asleep by the beach! :p then we went to bathe again and went for dinner and explore the souvenir shops around! :)

    Day 2
    It is our snorkeling day! it's such a pity that i dunno how to swim :( so i dun get to those deep sea snokerling on this trip! I tried it on my previous trip with the school as my partner was a lifeguard! this time round the BF do not want to risk with me ;p
    but it's still enjoyable! weeee~~~

    Then we went back to the beach and rent 2 canoes and start on our fun kayak trip on the nearby water! :D hahas.

    Day 3
    It was a relaxing day! coz I fall sick again! :( I was feeling unwell a day before the trip. Bad Fever and cold. :( my parents even suggested me to cancel the trip! but i've paid the fee and all! and i miss Redang so much! how can I just cancel it? :p so i went ahead and then falling sick on Day 3! T.T
    We just laze around at room and at beach. :)
    Us girls were reading books with some cakes and smoothies while the guys went to try out the archery. :)
    Tried the airbrush tattoo on my bicep and went for a foot reflexology at night! :p it was PAINFUL! :((

    our "tattoos"! :p

    After a few rounds of pool games, i went to bathe and then we went for supper! last supper at Redang! :(( and then it's sleeping time!
    We have to wake up at 5.30 a.m and check out at 6a.m on the next day! :(

    Last Day
    Wake up at 5.30a.m. then check out at 6.15a.m and had our last breakfast over there.
    and took the earliest ferry to the harbour for bus to Singapore!
    sleepy head - morning at the beach

    Took from the wrong side of the gate!
    should be the "Bon Voyage" board :p

    So another 1.5hours boat ride and then waiting time of 2 hours before the bus depart on a 12 hours bus ride! :(( so exhausted! hahs.
    waiting for the bus at side of the carpark :p

    sorry for the super long post! :p

    And Redang Island is still a must visit beach resort! :)) It was made famous by the HongKong Movie "Summer Holiday" starring Sammi Cheng and Richie Ren. Hmm.. and i will definitely visit that place again when i've figured out the art of swimming! :D

    Gonna watch "Dragonball Evolution" tonight! hahas. :)) hope it will be nice!! okayy! off to paint my nails, dress up and go! :D

    Have a nice weekend everyone!! :)

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