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    Thursday, November 30, 2006


    1st blogskin design by me.. haha.. lols. I noe it looks... ermm.. not much better than my old skin.

    but this one is made by me you noe... haha.. Dear help me to do the coding in dreamweaver. =)
    thanks dear! ^^

    had our 2nd General Meeting at 5.30 this evening. It ended...pretty FAST. haha.. at 6.40 we have finished all points in our meeting agenda and closed the meeting.

    Then made Ru Yi to wait for me at FC3 as I still have some stuffs to do with the other main committee members. Then finish around 7 p.m and eat at FC3 with Ru Yi , Sophia and PeiYi.

    Reach home around 9+p.m hahas.. we were just chatting away at school. =) Fun!

    Ok. Tml got section head coming to observe my lecture's teaching session so CANT be Late T.T

    08.00am! meeting Ru Yi at 7.15a.m. hahas.Hope i wont make her wait for me at mrt platform. muahaha..

    Gonna watch MMSP (Mr & Mrs Singapore Polytechnic) with dear and also club's committee members at 6pm. Just realised it got clash with my Yoga! =.= well.. let's see how tml..


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    I can't believe... she can actually help an outsider than her own sister...

    I won't believe her anymore.

    When you want people to cherish and respect you as sister..

    Please do something that makes you one.

    You failed to do so hence you can stop dreaming of others to respect you.

    I pity you for your poor character.

    or should I not waste my precious energy just for a lousy ppl like you?



    i'm hurt.. so hurt inside... the pain is beyond any description that I could find in my dictionary..

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    Tuesday, November 28, 2006

    Good news!!

    I got 96 for my maths paper! =)
    Proved that dear's b'dae wish really came true. lols!
    I made him to make that wish! muahaha~~
    thx lots dear... muach!

    Also got back my basic thermodynamics paper the other day.
    Got 96 also! Perhaps I should bet 4D! "9696" ;p hehe..
    Hmm.. not so gud for getting 96.
    A whole bunch of peeps scoring 100 for that paper.
    But still I'm absolutely satisfied =) *clapss*

    Another GREAT news!
    14 Dec 2006! Lidya is coming to town on 14 Dec 2006!
    So so so miss her ..hehe.. but she's arriving in the morning!
    =( I have class till 05.00pm T.T
    well... just hope there'll be some miracles like my class got cancelled or watever that can allow me to meet up with her and dearr Janice a.s.a.p!

    kk.. stop here!

    Gonna wake up at 06.00am for tml's class! =..=


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    Sunday, November 26, 2006


    nice weather to stay at home and sleep till i rot.

    my bed - my blanket - my pillow

    can't let them off at all.


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    Saturday, November 25, 2006

    well... 6.20p.m.

    another day has passed... quite a boring saturday i would say.. =.=

    i should start typing those minutes that i owe...

    no news from jeffrey at all. regarding campers data... haiz...

    yoga without Sofie is quite boring..but too bad she got shoulder ache so she won't be coming for the last two yoga sessions.. and i need to do my yoga written assignment asap! pass up by this friday...

    k... goin out for dinner ALONE. sian.


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    Thursday, November 23, 2006

    HAPPY B'DAE Dear... ^^

    yup.. my dearest dear bdae today... hehe..

    finally had my maths test! end at 7p.m *so late*

    after that took 106 from school to swensens at crown hotel to take my mango tango cake for dear... haha.. *choose my fav flavor..;p* 106 like to forever to come.. =.= then cab to dear house.. hehe... waiting for 11p.m to cut cake.. coz dear just had his dinner... too full to eat the sinfully yummy mango tango ice cream cake! ;p *countdown...*

    well, today we got workshop.. and i'm not doing gas welding anymore.. we switch with the other half of my class... for this term we'll be doing arc welding... did some exercise... quite tough.. T.T but still better than gas welding... haha..

    bad news: i become more fat le... =(( gonna eat less! hmph! i want my 40kg back!


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    Tuesday, November 21, 2006

    woohoo!! =D
    done with jetty jump! yipee.. nancy accomplished the task! muahaha...

    well.. and I have also presented for the CRS presentation. Not bad i guess.. since the teacher feel that our group done well for the presentation. Although time wise.. my presentation was too short as compare to my group members. =.= haha..all of them said I spoke too fast... =p

    anyway I've done it! *claps* ^^

    Thursday got one more paper!! Maths... linear algebra and vector.. =( kinda weak at it... so need more practices!! it's always careless mistakes!! =(( and also need time to finish up my GEMS assignment which is due this Friday!! =(( jia you jia you jia you!!

    hmm.. that's all ba... hehe..

    update again when I'm slightly more free..



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    Tuesday, November 14, 2006

    Love "Chop chilli chop chilli chop chop chop!"
    Love my class! DMR 1B01! u all rox! =)) to start my maths tutorialsss. -.-


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    Monday, November 13, 2006

    Dearest dear hack in to my blogger account... =.=
    hacker sia.. hahas..
    ok.. thx for the blessing.. =)

    Gonna have basic thermodynamics test tomorrow...
    Hope it wont be a disaster.. hope i can read up all the notes by tonite... =.=
    and tomorrow we still have CRS lesson! sux!

    argghh... sianz... havn't done alot of things.. the list goes...
    - Engineering maths Tutorial 5-6-7 and two sets of past year papers! *lot of time needed*
    - minutes (Debrief for SMAC interaction camp 06/07)
    - revision on basic thermodynamics by tonite!
    - revision for engineering drawing by this Friday*tough! =(*
    - Gems ~ elearning assignment and portfolio! by end of week!
    - ermm.. i hope that's the end... =.=

    well... all must be done ASAP!

    kk.. i better off for my basic thermo!


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    Sunday, November 12, 2006

    muhahah~~ dare to use my account post on my blog~~ jinbo here muahahahah
    post post post post spam spam spam

    ^^ hehe anyways jiayou for your test too!! muak

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    Thursday, November 09, 2006

    4th day of e-learning...

    I've just done with one online assignment for elearning. Not a good progress.

    Last weekend's camp was alright. I'm satisfied with my pearly shells and all the of all that i've ever done since my prep camp or should I say since the first time I learn all those clappings. =)

    Havn't done replacement for alot of my cards. Most important one is ez-link. =( just had my photo taken yesterday. Should make my replacement SOON.

    I'm broke. and I dun dare to ask more pocket money from my parents. Left with $200. Hopefully Dad will top up my account real SOON.

    Yesterday was a terrible day. Woke up real early (6a.m.) - forgot to bring mobile phone - have a BIG fight with nipple boy for no reason n I was accused of giving him attitude. - fuck. that's all. yeah.. i slapped him for not giving me a chance to speak up , i slapped him for keep cutting my words. I slapped him in order to stop him from saying whatever he said are right. U r imperfect human... not to mention you are only a boy without complete mind. I'm sorry to have slap him that once and i believe it will be the last time. Anyway he shouldn't have pushed me to fall down. And no worries... i've cleaned my palm with whatever soap I have at home, be it handsoap.. facial wash or body wash. =) it's perfectly cleaned.
    And I'm glad to announce that nipple boy is out of my life. =) thanks God for this fight as it makes me realise and learn lotsa things. Thanks.

    I've got an intense chestpain from the fight and both of my eyes turn so RED that i was shocked when getting my contact lenses out.

    Well. a Big FULL STOP for this. no more question or discussion on that incident. I shall let it out of my brain ASAP.

    There'll be Yoga lesson on tml. So need to make a trip to school again. =.= but i love Yoga! =) it's so relaxing.. feel great while doing it. I can even fall asleep on the yoga mat. hehe..

    well.. gonna start with another elearning assignment. =)

    wish me Gud luck! so that i can finish them on time.


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