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    Monday, September 18, 2006

    Actually waiting for dear to online for webcam before i off to Redang... but he's still in his parents' office... =(( i'm not angry with him at all.. coz he's not doing bo liao things. He's learning from his parents. =)) jia you ya dear...

    sob sob sob..

    ok... i'll set off to redang at 8.30p.m from school. But due to our the undone tribe's flag.. I need to be in school at 10.30a.m T.T sad... haiz... no choice... we need to get it done before we go redang.

    Missing Indo liao.. T.T my mum... dad... sis... foodss =((

    k ba...

    Will not be able to update until 22 Sept or later.

    Miss ya all...



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    Friday, September 15, 2006

    In indo!!! ^^

    Yup.. so by now I guess all SP Students have received their results! ^^

    and my results are so AMAZING for me..

    Yes! That is the word! Amazing =)

    GPA 3.745 for Marine Engineering and guess wat?? hahaha.. GPA of 4 for my Certificate in Engineering Maths! the one which i thought i might fail! =))
    dear got pretty gud result also ^^ happy for him.. =D

    Yeah.. super elated with my results =))
    Hope everyone did well too ^^

    Came back indo on Wednesday night.
    Dad and Mum went to fetch me *sweet:)*

    And another news... I gave my hair a makeover! =))
    Went to salon yesterday with my dearest Widya. =D
    Smoothing (somethg like Rebonding) and dye hair.
    I dye copper red. Errmm.. was really red initially and i wasn't satisfied.
    So they darkened the colour for me. So now it looks pretty ok. And it will continue to fade for first few washes. =) so I hope the colour will look better by then.
    But the colour cant be seen in the photos. I should say... ermm.. maybe it's because my hp's resolution is not that good.
    and a picture speaks a thousand words..

    yeah.. miss the old nancy?? haha.. i'm back with straight hair but not black thou and is not as long as last time now.. due to finance constraint so I cut it short to cut down the cost of doing those makeovers. haha.. lame reason! ;p nvm.. it will grow k! ^^

    oh ya.. went to the camp workshop on wednesday.I heard we gotta do snorkeling (is tat how u spell it??) haha.. u noe those water activities...ermm.. and I can't swim!! T.T abit scare now... but we are all allowed to play eventhough cannot swim lar.. but still u know.. haha...anyway we can see coral reefs i think.. hehe.. not sure.. but it sounds fun, isnt it?! =) and i really wan to see how Pulau Redang looks like. Heard too much about how beautiful the beach and sea look like... =D ermm.. hope it will be very FUN! =)

    k then.. internet here is really the turtle a.k.a slow =.=



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    Tuesday, September 12, 2006

    70th post! =)

    Finally went out today after a few days of rotting at home.
    Went to watch movie with Nely and Xin koko at woodlands. =D "The Host" pretty good but not the ending thou. T.T haiz... die die die... sianz la.. but the story really show how bonded is the whole family la.. Hilarious family.. haha. =D love their spirit =))
    And I screamed the loudest! arggh... luckily it's dark la.. so less people spot that I'm the one. haha.. stupid shocking scenes. Damn it la.. i was so hungry so was eating wedges in between the movie that's why when the creature suddenly pop out I was so unprepared! n screamed so loud. =.=

    Then went back to Lot1 and buy those stuff that my elder sis ask me to bring back to indo.. and also some stuff for the coming camp. money money fly away... =(( i'm planning to go back indo tml.

    Tml got a pre event workshop for the coming Redang camp. from 8.30a.m till 5.30p.m. hope i can wake up on time.. been sleeping at 5 morning for a few days le.. just can't slp.. dunno why also. =..= then after the workshop I shall go back home and get my stuff then set off to Harbour front. *Plan only la... dunno can anot.* haiz..

    that's all ba...

    tml result out le.. Wish me good luck!! wish everyone gud luck!!! =)


    ciao~~ =)

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    Monday, September 11, 2006

    Downloaded a few brushes for photoshop! =))

    See wat I did with them..

    yeah.. that's all.. =)


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    Not working le... T.T

    Might be going back to Indo for a couple of days after Wednesday. =))

    Mum agree le... so hopefully nothing will ruin my plan! =..=

    nothing else to blog...




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    Thursday, September 07, 2006


    so so so tired... =(( been serving drinks for two days. My left hand now (the one which hold the tray) has gained more muscle! =..= haiz.. but overall work 3 days le.. only earned $90 coz the short hours that I did... and my irregular working days coz of some Camp's thgs n Student development programme. haiz... sleepy sleepy ya...

    haiz... dunno why but feel abit depressed and stress =( especially regarding camp's stuff.. i begin to appreciate those creative ppl who knows how to design games to play in camp. They are the best ever.. i'm so sick of thinking about wat to play, how to play, safety, camp objective, proposal bla bla bla. Feel like dying lar. haiz.

    OK! Forget ALL about that.

    Next week will be a busy week! i wanna work as many days as possible. Other than Wednesday, I work almost everyday. =) haha. gonna be DAMN tired!

    Thinking of rebonding my hair n dye it to either black or mahagony brown. So need more savings.

    Dear is in China still. Hope he make fullest use of the every business trip he went with his parents. Hope he gains alot from those trips. =)) All the best my dear. He said will be back to Singapore around 23rd. Hope I'm free for a few days so I can accompany him before sch starts at 25th. really hoping will be very free for him by then..

    Missing mummy... T_T just met my dad few hours ago after work at Ritz-Carlton. My dad asked me to go home earlier, so i went back before he set off to cruising. ='( Called my mum while i was with my dad, she's still so cute and adorable! =) I told her I've earned $90 and she asked if I'm happy..haha.. of course la.. first time in my whole life to earn $90! The feeling is so gud. =) but my parents are still the best in my life! Love them to the bits. muachh.

    k la.. shall go makan some snacks. =p bathe n sleep.

    Tagboard replies from miRaCLe to ALL : "thanks thanks... sorry ya all... haha.. too tired to tag le... just reply here ba... keep visiting here! =) ciao!"

    ciao ciao ciao~~


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    Sunday, September 03, 2006

    1st Times...


    played bowling with Eileen,Trey and Arun on 31st August. haha..2 rounds n got a pathetic 48 points for 1st round n 51 for 2nd round. Dun laugh! lol... k la... wan laugh then laugh lor... 1st time mahh...


    ok..u all know that I'm working at Ritz Carlton right...yesterday night start..=.= n we are serving for "Singapore Chinese Orchestra Fundraising Gala Dinner" wahwahwahh... n I saw...
    Prime Minister Mr.Lee Hsien Long!! and Senior Prime Minister Mr.Goh Chok Tong with their wifes.. and because of that we gotta go through security check through scanner and there were police guarding the doors..
    so tired!! then the 4 tables which my group in-charged with got important guests.. Ms. Tina Lee (Mr. Lee Hsien Long's niece) n Mr. & Mrs. Benjamin. (director of some companies. who contribute in the fundraising..)
    Because of such important event, they dun really alllow us to make any mistake. But I did a few minor ones though. =p hmm..yeahh.. work until 12a.m and then went to change n queue to get my 1st pay! $33 =.= coz minus $6 for name tag. And not to mention not seniors (aunties who work as waitress for quite some time) tend to dislike new comers in their group. coz we are divided into groups of 4 ppl to 4 tables. Only VIP with 8 ppl to 4 tables. Then in my group the auntie... haha.. worst la.. comment on the performance and say it's not nice just a few steps behind a guest. =.= i was really scare that the guest hear what the auntie commented. .

    Going home..
    because queue too long for 1st pay.. we missed the 1st bus. =.= which is at 12.30a.m then we took the 1.30a.m bus. T.T while waiting we went to nearest 7-11 to buy food. n reached home at 2.30a.m =..= sianz.. k la.. gonna find things to eat le.. super hungry..

    hehe..that's all for my 1st time experiences.. =D


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