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    Monday, February 26, 2007

    new year!

    Happy or Sad?

    Watch taiwan news these few days.. so many bad things happen =(

    cant hold my tears back. I know bad things happen almost everyday.. but i feel especially sad when it happen during this period of time.. when we are suppose to be happy and celebrating this festive session.

    A grandma and a mum died because of a drunk driver travel in high speed n killed them when they were taking a walk. The mum got two children.. she divorced long ago n work to support the two children because got new year break so she went back to accompany her mum. It was said that the female driver just had a fight with her boyfriend so she went to drink then drive to chase her boyfriend's car. So irresponsible.. so unfair to the mothers... =((

    Then another one is a song writer. He was quite famous in Taiwan last time.. left behind 3 young children! haiz..

    kk.. enough of sad things..

    Nely is having her exam! so let's wish her all the best!! =))

    yesterday nite help my mum to pray. Alot of ppl were playing firework. hehe.. so nice!! =)) beautifulll...

    i'll update soon!


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    Monday, February 19, 2007

    Happy Chinese New Year!!
    got your angpaos liao?

    well.. i got only 3.. i think i'm getting old.. so none is giving me angpao.. haha..=D

    I'm in indo right now... quite boring =( nothing to do n everyone seems got their own things to do.. feel quite left out..

    but family is still as great as before.. =D love them!

    new house...not so bad.. but i'm sleeping with my sister.. ya.. my room is empty. =.= only an aircon, a toilet n some cabinets... =.=

    ya! miss dear.. =)) i know he's missing me also.. muahahaha...

    k! gotta bathe le..

    P.S for gua zai: Tiramisu! ((:


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    Tuesday, February 13, 2007

    chinese new year is coming.. =))

    just shop for my bottoms...ermm.. only bought one denim skirt at topshop.. spent $99 at topshop today ).( the skirt cost me $73!! =.= **not going to buy the skinny jeans from levi's le...=((** then a purse at $26.. ya.. so no more shopping for me! =.=

    got a voucher $8 for next purchase from topshop.. pleading my elder sis to come Sg so the voucher wont be wasted away.. =p

    the other day...bought a skirt n a t-shirt from mango also.. haiz.. but i wear them the next day.. so... cannot consider as new clothings for CNY ba... hehe.. but nely said not so nice...=.=

    ya.. so Nancy has been spending moneyyy for this week. No more shopping!

    gonna bake a cake ltr... hehe.. first time! i think i'll succeed ok! hahahaha... *unbelievable* well.. i shall give it a try..

    share with u all about my cake other day ba...


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    Sunday, February 11, 2007

    hey!! how are you all?? =))

    I've been playing games these few days.. haha RFonline (Rising Force)
    Went for meeting and club event at sentosa also.. hahas..
    feel like gg underwater world for the foot reflexiology by fish =p

    well.. my hols has finally started! =)) although i didn't do well for my maths.
    but i've done my best last minute study =) well done nancy!hehe

    but moody nancy is back! my super heavy period arrived. and my mood is uncontrolable. =(( got period pain also.. T.T sian sian sian ar!'s coming tml.. =) meet him and i shall off to my aunt's place to get the yummy snacks she made for us for CNY. =D~~

    haha... that's all ba...

    ciao~~ (((:

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    Tuesday, February 06, 2007

    I want eat calbee... click this --> Calbee.. i want the "Hot & spicy Flavoured Grill-a-Corn" ! =(( cant focus on my maths now.

    Wish me all the best for tml ya!!

    Exam at 6pm to 8.40p.m!!

    Missing my mum~~~


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    Sunday, February 04, 2007

    Can't focus on my Maths. =((
    Two more days.
    tml going for manicure n pedicure treatment! =))
    had a haircut at jean yip...i've got fringe!=p
    tried a skinny jeans at levi's.. dunno if i should buy.
    nice song for ya all...=)))))))

    Yui - Goodbye Days (From a japanese movie,"Midnight Sun")

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    Thursday, February 01, 2007

    just done with my basic thermodynamics paper =) one more engineering maths to go...

    well! I've got 6 days to study for maths paper. The other girls are now relaxing... only me! yes! me... and 3 more guys from my class who will need to suffer for another 6 days! =.=

    We were just told about the new class which we'll be in from next academic year onwards.
    After one whole year of hanging out with my classmates. After we are all get used to each other.
    After we are so bonded and loving each other(only for the gals)... they are separating us.. =((

    no more 8 girls in a class...

    Ruyi, Kim and Sophia - 2A01
    Eileen -2B21
    Shi ying, Umi and me - 2B23
    Esther - 2B24

    yeah.. so they said we are divided into classes for sailing, off shore and further study.

    sad sad sad.

    Hope Eileen won't be too sad. She was told by Fauzi that she's the only girl in the class. but I think the guys will look after her. So no worries girl! =)

    Esther got Rachel n Peixin. Hope you all can get along well. and we are buddy class!! see ya during lectures! =)

    Ruyi, Kim n Sophia choose to sail. Wish them all the best and have the chance to go for sailing!!=)

    As for me.. they said the "mi mi yan" Jeffrey will be in the same class as me. Hope he wont be disturbing me in class! =.=

    ok.. gonna rest awhile.. u noe.. basic thermo killed ten of thousands of my brain cells!


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