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    Sunday, May 31, 2009

    My Graduation Day (28 May 2009)

    Yey!! Officially graduated~
    (Thanks for those who congrats me thru twitter and on my previous post! ^^
    LOVE ya ALL!! <3)
    Went to school earlier on that day to make sure that we got a nice spot for parking :p

    My guests : My sister, the BF and Calvin :)

    After an opening speech by.........
    Okay... I forgot who was the speaker..
    but it's someone from Singtel. Hahas :D
    Then I was the FIRST to go on stage!! :( Was so NERVOUS!!!
    Those peeps before me didn't attend the ceremony...
    So I was so unprepared!!
    But I'm the FIRST to receive my scroll! :p *yey!!*

    Enough of my story~~
    Picturessss TIME!!

    That's all! :)
    Hope ya all have a GREAT Weekend!!!


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    Wednesday, May 27, 2009

    !!!BF's Graduation day & KATE Deep eyes Palette!!!

    HeLLO!!! :D

    Hope everyone is doing well and stay pretty!! ^^
    I finished with the Korean Drama "Boys Over Flowers" within 2 days!
    LOL. Awesome drama!! :))
    you should watch it if you are a drama addict! :p
    or if you love the "meteor garden" (taiwan version) & the anime "hana yori dango"! hehes

    Yesterday was a tiring day!
    I slept for ONE hour only
    (due to another taiwan drama and...
    new addiction to restaurant city in facebook! *thanks to my bestie!*)
    I know I need more beauty sleep for my already troubled skin :(


    After one hour of sleep, I went to attend the BF's graduation ceremony! :)
    Congrats to my dear!!

    Yes! we are in the same school but different courses. :)
    So his graduation was yesterday and mine will be on tomorrow!!! hahas.
    Kinda lazy to attend.. but it's a nice ending for our 3 years in the school :)

    The BF won an award... and get a S$250 cheque!! *jealousss* hahas
    Oh! and I bought him a bear bouquet and a sunflower bouquet! :D
    I think sunflower will be great for graduation day but thinking about how it will be gone after a few days... So i bought him another bear bouquet to keep as a memory! :)

    BF and the bear bouquet!
    *oh!it was raining! what a spoiler weather! :(*

    I bought some Roses for his ex-classmates babes too! hahas.
    Beautiful ladies and me... :)

    I was wearing my new KATE deep eyes palette in BU-1. *weee~~* My sister got them for me from Malaysia when she was visiting Genting Highland :) *thanksss sis!!*
    I love the color and the texture! hahas :D
    nice palette!!

    pssstt.. I realise that I forgot my mascara while taking pictures! hahas :D
    Lucky me! so I managed to put it on before going out of house! hehes ^^
    else I'll be feeling uncomfortable for the entire day with my naked lashes!!

    Okay! that's all!!
    I have to go iron my graduation robe now..
    more pictures for my graduation day on TOMORROW!! ^^
    Wish for no rain!!

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    Friday, May 15, 2009

    Hiiii!! :D

    Sorry!!I am hooked on old taiwan drama! :p
    and didn't have any motivation to blog... :/
    I'm watching "It started with a Kiss"(or 恶作剧之吻/itakiss?)
    the first and second season. ^^
    Watched the Japanese version Longggg long time ago...
    But the Taiwanese one is quite different from the Japanese one..

    anyway~It's hilarious! the main actress is too cute and blur! hahas :p

    Okayy!! enough about drama! :X
    I wanna share about nails stuff again~~ hehes

    I bought the KONAD set!! ^^

    Got it at a small pushcart store.. i choose the S$29.90/US$20.40 per set..
    It comes with
    -3X5ml konad nail polishes of your choice (i got black,white and red)
    -2 plates of your choice (i choose M57 & M44)
    -scrapper and stamp

    Help both my sisters to get their nails done with Konad~~ hehes.
    They choose the same lace design.. but using different colors as base..

    On my elder sister

    my second sister

    and then I did on myself(not as easy as doing for others T.T)

    on my ugly toes :p

    note: the ribbon and heart print is made from plate #M03
    (my second sis bought it about 5+ years ago... hahas! she throwed away the scrapper and other stuff except for this plate *yey!!* as she couldn't work it out that time. :p
    so i got a free plate for my collection~~ hahas)

    I made another design!
    KONAD + Gradient~~ ^^

    Items used:
    - Paul&Joe Base coat
    - Paul&Joe #05
    - O.P.I Princess Rulez
    - Konad Plate #M57 with Konad white special polish
    - Canmake glitter polish in #11
    - The Face Shop Top coat

    after stamping.. *see the excess stamps at sides of nails*

    cleaned away with nail polish remover on q-tip

    gradient ROX! hahas

    Okayy~~ That's all!!^^

    Hope you like Konad as much as I do~~ hehes :D

    Have a GREAT Weekend! :))

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    Saturday, May 09, 2009


    Wish ya a wonderful day!! and be happy always!!
    My most cheerful babe ever~~
    We always love your smiles!! :D
    Enjoy your coming sailing journey!!
    Take care and keep us updated of your fun journey! :)

    We had an advance birthday celebration for this babe of mine :)
    Hope you had fun on that day~~ hehes ^^

    Look at the beautiful cupcakes we ordered for her... ^^

    Ordered these Gorgeous Cupcakes from Cupcake Fantasies own by Edith. Her service is excellent! and her cupcakes are delicious and so pretty! ^^
    I customised the sailor theme as the birthday girl will be sailing on next Friday!
    (a lil note about my study...we have just graduated from Diploma in Marine Engineering, some of us went sailing *sob* while some remain offshore in shipyard,etc and some go for further study!)

    So I heard Ruyi(the bdae girl) and Kim are sailing on the same vessel! ^^ *congrats*
    It's a Car-carrier from a Swiss company.. seems GREAT! :D Hope they have a great journey!

    picture below --> from left: Eileen, myself, RuYi(bdae girl) and Kim

    Our picture taken on 2006! hahas :D

    have we changed alot?? :p

    P.S:This is a scheduled post! I'm in Indo right now and most probably without internet access T.T Hope ya have a great Weekend!! :))

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    Friday, May 08, 2009

    Nails! ^^

    I'm going back Indonesia again! :D
    this time for Mother's day~~ :))
    So will not be updating or reading blogs this entire weekend :'(

    I just did my nails~~ hehe :D

    My first attempt using the rhinestones which I just got the other day~~ ^^
    have a look ya~~

    It's not really nice imo :/
    but I was too tired to re-do.. hahas.. *excuse*
    I tried to arrange those rhinestones into a bow~~
    but the bad color combination make it so ugly :(
    *boo* shall keep trying next time! :p

    my matching toenails :p

    Sorry... I forgot to take a pic of items used~~ :/
    but here's the list:
    -O.P.I Chip Skip
    -The Face Shop Base Coat
    -Ettusais polish in green x2
    -Canmake Gliter polish #06
    -The Face Shop Top Coat

    This is another nails I did last weekend~

    Items used:

    1.O.P.I Chip Skip
    2.The Face Shop Base Coat
    3.O.P.I Tickle My Franc.y #NL F16 x2
    4.Canmake Gliter polish in #11
    5.The Face Shop Top Coat

    That's all for my simple nails post! :p
    TGIF and hope you have a great weekend!! ^^
    Happy Mother's day to ALL Mothers in the world! <3

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    Monday, May 04, 2009

    Awards and Tagged!! :D

    I got some Awards from Alyssa (about more than a month ago) and tagged by Whit!! :)
    Thanks ladies!! :D

    1st Award...

    The rules:
    1. When you receive this award, show that you're happy to the giver.
    2. Nominate at least 5 blogs, that you think rocks.
    3. Let them know about the award in their post.
    4. Now blog like you're never blogged before.

    2nd Award...

    List 7 things that you love, and then pass the award on to 7 bloggers that you love! Be sure to tag them and let them know that they have won.You can copy the picture of the award and paste it on your sidebar letting the whole world are Kreativ!

    7 Things I Love~~
    1. Family! ^^ esp. my cutest ever Mama!
    2. BF :))
    3. My super supportive friends!! :))
    4. Sleep!! :p
    5. currently obsessed about nails!! :D
    6. Reading beauty blogs! LOL. It's a SERIOUS addiction!!
    7. Shopping!! Shopping makes me HAPPY! hahas :D

    Last Award...

    “This award is bestowed upon a fellow blogger whose blog’s content or design is, in the giver’s opinion, brilliant."

    “When accepting this auspicious award, you must write a post bragging about it, including the name of the misguided soul who thinks you deserve such acclaim, and link back to the said person so everyone knows she/he is real. Choose a minimum of seven (7) blogs that you find brilliant in content or design. Or improvise by including bloggers who have no idea who you are because you don’t have seven friends. Show the seven random victims’ names and links and leave a harassing comment informing them that they were prized with Honest Weblog. Well, there’s no prize, but they can keep the nifty icon. List at least ten (10) honest things about yourself. Then pass it on!”

    10 honest things about me...
    1. I'm quite scared right now that I'm becoming more makeup addict! now I can't go out without make up!! I know it's very bad! hahas. the BF is complaining all the time.. :p

    2. I'm very forgetful!! =.= So I always jot down things in my organiser.. :p

    3. I can do dishes but I DISLIKE mopping floor!! :(

    4. I cries alot in cinema! =.= even while watching comedy movie like "Handsome suit"!
    I guess I'm too emotional! BAD! :(

    5. I'm having a hard time right now.. trying to cut down on my shopping spree! T.T

    6. I just promised my BF that I'll try saving up for a LV Petit Noe!! hahaha!

    7. I'm a weirdo! I can be a VERY homey person but I can also fall in love with those extreme outdoor activities too! hmm.. might be due to my horoscope? Gemini!!:p

    8. I love listening to soundtracks of the movie or drama I love...and keep repeating them without feeling bored! :p
    e.g: I've been listening to Korean drama "My Girl"'s OST for the longest time ever!! :p

    9. I'm very bad with my time management! :( sorry for those who are affected.. :p I'm always known for being late in meetings etc! Hope I can seriously change this bad habit!

    10. I love doing nails for my mama!! ^^ she's so cute~ I like to tease, hug and kiss her too! LOL! :D *love you mama!!*

    TAGGED! by ms.Whit ^^

    Rules: Take a picture of yourself RIGHT now. No primping or preparing. Just snap a picture. Load the picture onto your blog. Tag some people to play.

    LOL! okay~
    I just came back home from Kinokuniya! Got a Popteen mag for my sister and got myself a NAIL Venus!! spring edition!!~~ hahas...
    I was flipping through the mag while browsing Whit's blog to check out the tag~~ :p
    so I snapped some pics of me with the lovely mag!! I LOVE it~~~ ^^
    It's written in Japanese :( can't understand a word.. T.T
    but I can still admire those beautiful nail arts pictures!! :))

    Thanks Alyssa and Whit for taggging~~~ ^^
    I enjoy doing it~~ hahas :D

    OKAY!! I think alot of people have done the awards thingy.. and the tag require picture~~ not all bloggers might be comfortable with this..
    :p so I won't be nominating anyone! :)
    If you are reading this and you haven't done all of the above! please do it!!
    It's really fun!! ^^

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    Sunday, May 03, 2009

    FOOD: Japanese Food @ Singapore~~
    (and my new earrings and hair tie haul :p)

    Have been eating Japanese Food for 2 days! :p
    coz the BF like ramen alot.. hahas!

    So we went to Ajisen Ramen on Thursday night~
    Ramen over there is of okay standard..
    I prefer Ramen at Bishamon better! hehes.
    It's cheaper and more yummy!! :))

    We were too starved and didn't took photos of our ramen :p

    We ordered some dessert too...
    Okay! I remember to take picture of the dessert! :D

    I love eating Red bean dessert~~ So I ordered this~ ^^
    but it was too sweet for me!! :(
    So I couldn't finish it except for the four mochi ball~~ :p

    The BF and his brother ordered the same mango icecream with cornflakes~
    They didn't like it either... (Both of them like Dairy Queen's sundae better :p)

    The cashier girl said UOB card got 10% off! I'm loving my UOB card~~ keep bringing me more discount~~ hahahs :p

    After dinner.. I went to buy some earrings and a hair tie! all bows!! LOL!:D

    The next day~~ Friday night! We also had Japanese food~
    We went to Shaw House's Tonkichi!
    as we were catching the 10p.m movie!! X-Men Origin!!
    It's a great movie~~ I love Wolverine~~ :X
    ohh!! back to the food~~ :p
    I love Tonkichi~~
    It's my 3rd time eating at Tonkichi..
    Their service and food quality are always awesome!! :))
    but we always have to queue up over there..
    and there's alot of Japanese families eating there too...

    Their pricing is quite high for a poor student like me. :p
    Average SGD25 / USD17 per set meal.. but their servings are really BIG!
    Definitely worth it! :D

    I ordered their mother's day set :p
    It's "Soba and Katsu" comes with a Strawberry pie from Rive Gauche!!(my fav cake shop! I love their mango mousse cake and strawberry shortcake ALOT :D)
    The set cost SGD28 but I got my Isetan member card~ so it's SGD25~ ^^

    The BF ordered Shoyu Ramen set! hahas. I told ya he likes ramen :)

    The BF's brother ordered Chicken Ju set...

    We add 2 more gelato icecream too~~
    Yuzu Gelato (I like this!! a lil bit sour,sweet and milky~~ very refreshing! :D)

    Mango Gelato

    That's all.. hahas.:D
    if any of you guys are coming Singapore~~
    you may want to visit Tonkichi(expensive but has BIG serving) or Bishamon(cheap and yummy ramen) if you like Japanese food~~ ^^

    Hope you enjoy the food trip with me~~ :)

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