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    Tuesday, October 31, 2006

    back from camp yest.

    still exhausted.. stop crying over my wallet... but still miss it at times...

    well.. tml gotta wake up at 5.30a.m! 7.30a.m need to be at dover... almost 2a.m now...

    how many more hours left for me to sleep? -count yourself

    off to bed..


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    Thursday, October 26, 2006

    Lost my wallet. the one dear bought for my bdae...

    my indo IC-money-photos(with dear n family:( )-more than 10 privileges cards-ocbc atm card-concession etc... gone.

    =( i feel like dying now...

    tml got lesson from 8am to 5pm. yoga at 5.15 to 6.30 then camp at 7pm until sunday evening.

    sunday evening gotta meet up for CRS project.

    nice schedule.

    i gonna die from stress soon.

    I'm exhausted...

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    Tuesday, October 24, 2006

    Selamat Hari Raya Puasa!!! ^^


    Actually posted an entry a few days before but it failed to be uploaded... *argghh!!* so i was so piss off to retype it all over again... the mood wasn't there already... haha... so i've come back from the exciting MEL camp at Superstar Virgo. =) nice... this time round with my lovely classmates.. definately fun! =)) and food there is just as awesome as before... haha.. =D Ruyi, Kim n me felt so sinful while on board. haha.. we eat alot up there.. and Ruyi got sick on the cruise. She said maybe she ate too much chocolate thingy there (e.g: eclairs, choc cream cake, choc puff,etc) *slurp!*

    Well... It was then that I relax to my bits... =) enjoy the breeze on the helipad of the ship... (ermm.. not breeze actually.. the wind was definately STRONG.. coz my hair was flying all over my face... lols..) but those days are fun.. i love staying in the same cabin as Ruyi n Kim. haha.. actually only Kim n me were given the same cabin. But we help Ruyi to exchange with another buddy class girl so that she can be in the same cabin as us.. =p it was so fun!! =))

    If only all 8 gals in my class can go on board... that will be much more fun!! if only.... haiz...

    We sailed to Penang and Phuket. But we didnt get to go on shore while in Penang. We went to engine room!! =)) but we gotta go Phuket. Ermm.. not so fun there.. haha.. got my head bumped on something while playing banana boat. T.T and my head was pain for the whole day.. and at the very last minute then I realise I should buy a t-shirt which remind me of Phuket. But it was pretty too late by then. T.T oh.. shall visit there AGAIN! =.=

    oh ya.. pics are up! view at the MEL Camp album =)
    ut these are only from Hansel n Hafiz's cameras... haha..more to come.. =P

    anyway... after the relaxing journey... back to Singapore.. back to school.. all works that need to be done are already piling up there for me. =) Can't run away... and I know I need to accomplish them all.. =)) trying my best to cope right now... between study, CCAs and of course my dearest dear... =)) thanks for his understanding that I can spare more time on my CCAs. thx dear.. hehe.. sorry for let you noe about my coming camp so last minute. Just simply forgot about it.. haiz... so sorryy..

    Yup. So I got prep camp coming up this friday to sunday. and the actual camp will be up next friday to sunday. =)) hope everything can be carried out smoothly. =))

    Face them all with smiles... and I know I must do it and I can do it.

    hi there! more cheers and support needed from ya all =D

    God bless!


    P.S: Lidya's back to Bali!!! i wish i'm there right now... T.T hope you are enjoying there! =)) miss ya always!!

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    Thursday, October 19, 2006

    i'm back!! =)

    yeah.. second trip to Superstar Virgo. =D this time round with some of my classmates.. =)) have real fun with them.. muach =* thx ALL for the unforgetable memories :)

    gotta enjoy more days this time round. Last trip took SS Virgo from Redang to Singapore so only got to spend one night in the cruise. This time 4days 3nights =)

    And on top of all!! we got to tour in the engine room. =D bravo!

    but not all 8 girls in our class gotta go.. T.T haiz.. if only they can go also.. we'll have much much much more fun!

    drank white wine n baileys while on board =D both are free treats. haha.. white wine was Mr.Foo's(our lecture) treat and baileys was Xing Yu's (my classmate) treat =))hehe.. but still used up quite alot of money to buy photos of me on board. hehe.. vain lar... haha..=p phuket trip wasn't that nice. Got myself hurt on the head while playing banana boat T.T haha..dun scar or wound! just headache for the whole day.. =( but still feel great being with Kim n RuYi. =))

    and now... alot of catch up need to do... =( wish me gud luck k! =)


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    Thursday, October 12, 2006

    hey ALL!!!

    busy busy busy... i really need to start learning more about time management... Y.Y so that i wont stress out myself huh.. haiz..

    was forced to skip my CEM lecture (the extra module that i'm taking) for camp workshop. haiz... stupid la..the "No apologies" workshop..i've attend for that workshop twice.. first was for the Redang camp. it's useful workshop la.. but u know... a second time for 4 hours workshop on sex education won't be that interesting huh... super sleepy...=.=

    i gonna miss alot of the lecture and tutorial while i'm away for the camp. ='( and common test is just next month. T.T

    alot of assignments piling up again... and i dun have any mood to do them at all.. everyday reach home at about 11 p.m... bathe n do some club things then i'll go sleep afterwards. then next day have to wake up early for sch...what a life...=( Might be bringing assignments to the cruise la... =.= talk to Kim n Ru yi that 3 of us will bring it there...haha.. do while on cruise.. wow! see.. we are just super hardworking... hahaha... hope that this Saturday I can have time to do some of it so that i can bring less assignments there.. T.T

    All the best to me!!

    wanna sleep le...


    P.S: will be off for cruise on Sunday noon. Back in Sg on Wednesday evening. =)

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    Saturday, October 07, 2006

    Hi... second post for the day... =p

    uploaded some pics from Redang camp trip. =))

    view at here!
    kk... waiting for dear to bring me some food n we'll be going for SP musical.. ^^

    God Bless~



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    heyy!! missing me??=p

    Sorry for this late update..haha.. have been so so so busy ever since I came back from Redang Trip. =((

    Redang trip was definately fun and memorable.. =)) NICE BEACH!! (wait till i got time to upload those dozens of pics that we took.. will inform u all once it's uploaded in and the nicest of all is the Snokerling part. =D super AMAZED by the soft coral , clear sea water and those cutie fishesss around us... nice nice nice... =))after snokerling we board SUPERSTAR VIRGO! so luxurious.. =p the ship is really gigantic and glamour... nice buffetsss up there =p
    I got sunburn and turn sooo tan *cheers* ^^ although my sisters n dearest mummy complain that i look like Justice Bao. =p but i love the tan... my skin is still peeling right now.. haha... wat a big impact huh... coz i didnt put any sunblock or so during the camp session. hahaha... i'll make sure to purchase a sun tan oil if i would to have those outdoor activities! tan is cool!! =p n dear said i look nice in tan too.. =))

    And guess wat?? ;p another 2 camps are coming. One is MEL Camp organised by my department (SMA). And I gotta go SUPERSTAR VIRGO again! =)) but this time round longer haha.. 15 oct to 18 oct. =)) last trip only one night n half a day only. T.T n of course gotta pay more for this camp. $220 and it's consider cheap coz it's partially subsidized by my school =)) and asked permission from dad.. my sisters was so sure that I wont be allowed to go since i've just back from the Redang trip. But kind daddy is just so nice =)) and agree to let me go... =p anyway.. just hope everything gonna works smoothly and i got to enjoy n learn new things there. =)
    Second camp is SMAC interaction camp. =)) I'm under Event or Games I/'s gonna be held in school on 3 to 5 Nov... hope in the middle of busy arranging all the events.. i can still have fun fun fun with SMACians ... =D cheers!! ^^

    Oh ya.. drag dear along to watch "World Trade Center" with me.. made him treat me also.. hehe... nice movie..=)) very touch... and as usual i wept thru the movie..T.T should go n watch! learn some gud things from the movie. =) and feel so happy to know that there's alot of good people out there... =))

    Gonna watch "Superstar", Singapore Polytechnic Musical at NUS with dear this evening.. =)) hope it's nice... watched the trailer and find it ok.. so i ask dear to go along. We bought the saturday slot. =) no Sg President Mr.Nathan...=.=

    haha.. wat a long entryy...;p


    ciaoo~~~ ^^

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