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    Wednesday, June 24, 2009

    !!!Ettusais Nail Polish!!!

    (and my "bumble bee" nails :p)

    (they have some really cute nail art design in the webbie ^^ go have a look!!)
    Selling at S$4/bottle. (about US$2.70)
    It's in a mini size of 2ml per bottle. :p
    So you getta experience the difference colors at an affordable price!
    Not to say their quality is not bad too!!
    So I got myself 7 colors. :))





    used this for my toes (see end of this post)



    woohoo!! perfect bumble color! :p






    Love this Gold glitter!! Perfect for gradient nail!! awesome!! :D
    see my gradient nail using this polish in my previous post HERE


    This red is gorgeous! brighten up my hands :))
    I went back to get another bottle for back up :p

    Overall hauls :p
    The 2 bottles of make up base are for my sis :)
    So we got free gift of body shower gel and pouch (i think it's a Marc Jacobs 'inspired' :/ found similar pouch on marc jacobs' site)

    My Bumble Bee nails!!! :D Will be watching Transformers on this coming Friday with my love ones! :) So I thought of doing a bumble bee nail for my fave Bumble bee!! :D

    Using ettusais's yellow polish (#8) and L.A. Colors Art deco in black! ^^

    Looks kinda bare so I top it with canmake glitter polish in #06 for the bling effect!:p

    How can I left out my toes! :p I did some 'youtubing'and got inspired to do this! ^^ a bee on my big toe with the trail on the other toes.. hehes. :D can you tell that I'm trying to create an effect that the bee flew from my smallest toe to the biggest toe? LOL. :D

    I used acrylic paint to draw! it's so much easier than using nail polish!! ^^ and I got a dotting tool too!! so easy to do dots now :p

    Took this pic right after i drew the cloud :p so it still looks like a bumpy cloud.. but the acrylic paint settles down after it dries :D

    Using the ettusais #09 blue polish

    Hope you enjoy!! :D

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    Monday, June 15, 2009

    !!!NAILS!!! :)

    Hi all!! Sorry for being away for so long :/
    Have been pretty busy with some stuffs..
    3 major ones are... :(
    -the BF has officially gone for his mandatory military service! T.T
    (means no one to shop,chat and eat with me! *sob*)
    -alot of things to be done for university admission and student's pass
    (argghhh... so many deadlines to meet! submitting this and that.. driving me nuts!)
    -saving my face! some jumbo acne have been popping up! :( i'm suspecting the tea tree makeup base cum sunblock from @nature. :( as that's the only new product that I tried recently. Anyway.. it might because of that 'period' too. I will try the makeup base again once my face is cleared up :((

    Okayy! enough of my rants :p
    Just wanna share some nails I did over the past few weeks :))

    Hope you enjoy~~ ^^

    P.S: be prepared!! lots of PICTURESS!! xD


    My first attempt on "Checked Nail" :p

    P&J Red polish , L.A. Colors Art Deco (Black,White and Gold)


    "Starry Night"

    O.P.I - Russian Navy and Konad Stamping (Plate #57-lace and #03-stars)


    "Baby Pink Lacey"

    Canmake baby Pink polish #09 and Konad Stamping (Plate #57-lace & Plate#03-flower)


    "Bling X-Pinky"

    P&J 2008 LE #001, L.A colors Art deco in black and silver glitter

    matching toes :p


    "The Tree"

    My random design :p.. My friend said it looks like “tree” LOL

    O.P.I Dulce De Leche(pink), O.P.I Parlez-Vous #NL F14(purple) ,L.A. Colors Art Deco in Black, Beauty Credit Nail art Sticker


    "Dotty Flowers"

    Ettusais LE mini Red polish #11, Konad Stamping (Plate #69) *NEW plate! Just got it few days ago!! ^^*

    Recently had a mini nail polish haul at ettusais ^^ will show swatches on next post! See the red I'm using here.. It's very pretty in real life! Brighten my hands! *LOVE*


    "White Rose"

    My first attempt drawing a rose xD LOL.I know it's not really look like a rose... but yeah.. I bought a nail art brush.. so i gotta try using it! :p
    oh! i'm not using acrylic paint :/ I'm just using regular white nail polish from canmake.


    "Simple lines"

    O.P.I Dulce De Leche(pink) and L.A. Colors Art deco in white


    "Flora Frame"

    O.P.I - Oh...To be 25 again.., L.A. Colors Art deco in white, The Face Shop Glitter Polish, and Beauty Credit Nail Art Sticker!


    "Purple Gold"

    using: O.P.I Parlez-Vous #NL F14(purple) , Ettusais LE Gold glitter mini polish #14 *another LOVE* ^^

    matching toes again :p


    ahh!! such a LONG post!! xD
    Hope you are not bored :p

    It's MONDAY! hope everyone have a GREAT week ahead!!
    and a speedy arrival of Friday!! :p


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    Tuesday, June 02, 2009

    I LOVE My Family, BF and babes! :D

    Thanks for the surprise cake, gifts, giant card, calls and messages (in Facebook and phone) :)))
    I love them to pieces!

    Yes! Seems like most people are telling me that word "older"!! LOL.
    But I still love your greetings!! :D

    Pictures time!!

    ♥Lovely card from besties♥
    LOL!! She put my dream bag (LV-Petit noe!!)as the cover pic!! LOVE it!! :D

    Sweet messages!!! *touchhh*

    ♥Yummy cake from him♥
    My favourite cake!! :D Mango mousse cake from Rive Gauche!
    P.S: their strawberry shortcake is awesome too!! ^^

    ♥Beautiful book from besties♥
    It's an organiser! So PRETTY!!! there are some fairytales themes inside (e.g: alice in the wonderland + cinderella + snow white + peter pan)

    ♥CUTE Doraemon!!♥ ---> got it from those arcade machine~~ err.. where you use the claw to get dolls! *what do you call that thingy??* Calvin got one for me the other day as early birthday pressie and I wanted one more for bestie at melbourne... She's an avid doraemon lover! so I just had to ask the BF to get one more for her! :D *yeyyy*

    ♥Ichiban Sushi♥
    Went to eat at ichiban sushi at Plaza Singapura~ (been going there for 3 days straight!:p)

    ♥From him..♥
    He wrapped it himself!!!hahahas :D kinda messy~~ he said coz he cut it wrongly somewhere.. :X Love the wrapper! :p

    ♥Unwrapped!!! ^^♥
    He got me a cute cell phone!! :D Sony ericsson T707!! *LOVEEE*
    in PINK!!! :))) Cutest ever~~ I have wanted a clamshell phone for the longest time! and tadaaaa! Thanks dear!! :D

    ♥Cute??? :D♥

    No!! I'm not going to let this cute phone to have scratches on it!! :D
    So I went to G-Mask!! (place where you get your phone wrap in some nice protector~~)
    Wanted to put some blings on.. but after asking for the price....I gave up immediately! :p 1 crystal = S$1 (USD0.70) No wayyyy man!! It gonna make a BIG damage if the whole phone is wrapped with bling.. :(
    So I decided to get those shimmerish wrap! :) total cost: S$49 (USD34)
    So here is the outcome!! :D

    ♥FRONT - Got a transparent wrap as there's a small screen in the front♥

    ♥BACK - Shimmerish butterfly!!♥
    btw.. the doll is from those claw machines too! I got it using S$1!!! So luckyy :p

    *Happy* hehes :D


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