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    Thursday, January 29, 2009

    Back in Singapore on last Tuesday.
    but Sorry for the lack of update :(
    It's my last three weeks in my current school!
    Pretty busy with assignments, tests and exams before graduation :)
    Wish everything will be fine. ^^

    and the Chinese New Year in Indonesia was great! :)
    gotta spend time with my dearest family, watch fireworks and meet up with my friends! ^^

    will be going back to Indonesia on Saturday again to celebrate my dad's birthday.:))

    So I guess will not be able to update anytime soon. :(

    I've wanted to update my new majorlica eyeshadow palette :D *my first ever try on eyeshadow* haha.. after looking through so many beauty bloggers' tutorials. :p


    my new HG handcream!! so nice :D

    hmm.. hope I can get more time to blog soon. :))

    But I'm still reading your blog (all dear beauty bloggers) :D
    Just can't stop reading from those informative and pretty blogs. hehe.

    Good nights everyone...

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    Sunday, January 25, 2009

    i've got tonnes of pictures to share here but it's hard using the lousy connection here in Indonesia :( will try to upload them when i'm back in Singapore :)

    did so much last minute shopping for Chinese New Year :D
    i'll be in Indonesia till tuesday :)) gotta enjoy my precious time with my family ^^

    hope everyone is enjoying their weekend right now ^^

    Happy Chines New Year! :D

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    Wednesday, January 21, 2009

    so tired :((
    has been travelling from east to west of Singapore these 2 days due to the chinese new year stuffs.
    My dearest mum got me to send gifts to relatives and ya.. manage to do some catch up with them too. :)
    but it's super tiring as I have to travel after school and then go back home late nights and wake up early for school. :(

    Enough of my rants... ;p

    Had a super happy steamboat session with Gua's ex-classmates on monday night. :D
    it's fun preparing the steamboat stuffs with the girls and then eat till we bloated. :)))
    Thanks for inviting me for the steamboat... ^^

    And today did some fun stuff in school! :D
    I help Rain to paint her nails. :))))
    (hmm.. hope she won't mine me posting her pictures here :p)

    Used P&J for her finger nails and the OPI for her toe nail
    Really enjoy doing nails for others.. ^^ I always do it for my mum and sister too.. it's very satisfying to see them enjoying the nail painting session and feeling happy in their beautiful nails! :)) but i still have a lot to learn.. haha. after all...i only have those basic skills :p

    And Rain's nails is super small!! haha. I think she will spend a veryyyy long time to finish her polishes if she owned one ;p
    I only use one stroke to cover her small nails.. so cute... ^^

    But as we didn't have time to wait the nails to dry up thoroughly.... she smudges a few of her finger nails polish after i left :((
    haha. she was so sad and called me up. anyway.. i'll bring the stuff to school again to do some touch up on them :p

    well.. i'm supposed to do my assignment!!


    ciaO :)

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    Sunday, January 18, 2009

    finally have time to blog :D

    hectic week preparing presentation for my final year project and finding out info on university. =.=
    last night went to have MOS burger with gua's friends (Jesslin, Sharon and ZhangMin) . and I found out a cheaper way of getting OPI nail polishes. *yeah!!*

    normally it is sold at S$23.95/piece (USD 16) in Metro Shopping Center. But the nail salon sells it at one for S$22 (USD 15) and 3 for S$55 (USD 37) which means about S$18 (USD12) per piece! :D

    Great deal right? haha. but it's definitely much cheaper in US. :( anyway, the SA was so kind to help me choose the colours and have them tried on my nails. :))

    And ZhangMin and the gurls help me out too! so i bought these 3 colours...

    • Dulce De Leche (soft pink)
    • Russian Navy (bold blue)
    • Princesses Rule! (shimmerish pink)
    Add to my nail polishes collection :)) Previously I only owned 1 OPI in "Parlez-Vous OPI?"
    hahs. it's in pastel purple. Saw it in Jap nail art magazine! so nice on the model's hand. ;p so i went to purchase it at Metro. (expensive!=.=)

    see picture below.. ^^
    (from left: Parlez-Vous OPI?, Russian Navy, Princesses Rule!, Dulce De Leche)

    all color above in one coat only.

    and then I cant resist to try them out on my nails! ;p
    paint my finger in "
    Dulce De Leche" (last colour from above pic)
    and my toe in "Russian Navy" :))

    both with 2 coats OPI with P&J base coat and top coat.

    sorry for my unhealthy cuticles.. my cuticles have been in my worse condition. hahas.

    Will end this post with tons of pictures from this week cam-whoring :))
    (location: school and sushi tei)

    with Eileen

    with the babes

    unglam pose

    typical chinese pose ;p

    sushi with gua

    the beans


    melon and orange sherbet



    soft shell crab handroll (yummy!)

    beef (for gua n stella only!)
    i don't eat beef :p

    ika shio


    red bean n glutinous ball (nice!)

    pumpkin ice cream! (yucks!)

    the nice sky on our way home :)

    took in other lightning settings ;p
    one more
    love the sky! :))

    okay! have to rush for assignment again! :(


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    Monday, January 05, 2009


    • Paul & Joe base coat
    • Paul & Joe shade 09
    • Paul & Joe Top coat

    Love this colour! :)) thanks the man for help me choose this. hahas. Although initially he choose another RMK Nail polish in Shade 64 but it's out of stock! :(
    but anyway this is nice too! and it's cheaper too. hahas. :D
    RMK selling at S$32 while P&J selling at S$22! save my 10bucks. yey! hahas

    It's Monday! so wish everyone have a great week ahead! :)))


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