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    Monday, July 09, 2007


    long time no update..;p
    having quite alot of fun last week. ((:

    3rd July :
    Went for shopping with Umi and Shiying at Far East for our 5hours break!! hahas. fun and delicious trip. ;p went to eat at gelare! coz it was tuesday.. hahas. half price for the ice cream wafer! nice!then we went to shop around but the shops there usually open quite late... so we just loiter around and finally some decent shops opened and we started to shop! Had our lunch at lucky plaza! ayam penyet!! *slurp* just love it.. hahas.

    4th July :
    met up with the gals and went for lunch at moberly cafe (in Singapore Poly). Didn't get to try the food! =.= need to wait SUPER LONG as i got class after the break. But other gals gotta eat the spag and the curry rice.. ermm... looks quite expensive for food in the school.. $7/$8 for a plate of spag!! they say not very nice also... went for the sudoku challenge and we were late!!! =.= so i dun think we can make it for the finals! ))= but it's so over now.. hehes...

    5th July:
    Eat and bake dayy~~
    Super nice strawberry cake!! n my cupcakes.. ((: sushi were alright also.

    6th July:
    Bake somemore cupcakes for dear to eat on plane... ;p

    7th July: a.k.a 070707!
    Cousin's wedding day.. ((=

    8th July:
    wake up at 10am.. laze around and finally bathe and set off to meet Ruyi at CCK mrt and off to Kim's hse for baking cupcakes and muffins for Esther's bdae! ((: the kangkung was my suggestion! hahas. i said i wanna cook for them but ended up i only come out with the recipe n her maid cook them.. ;p but it was very nice! ^^ was a tiring n sweating day for us.. but we had so much FUNNN! ^^ P.S: Lidyaaa~~ bake some cupcakes with ur Queenie.. ((:

    We celebrated her bdae on 9th July... hahas.. so it's an early bdae celebration for her! ^^
    and now is 1.41am! i'm still typing this entry... hahas.. *was afk for some survey*
    So it's her bdae now!!
    "HAPPY BIRTHDAY ESTHER!!" ((: *the pics on the celebration is in her cam still.. ;p Esther.. i'm waiting for the pics...lols*

    gotta sleep.. 8am class!!! =.=

    Ciao~~ ^^

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    Monday, July 02, 2007

    updatess... ;p
    My weekend...

    Dad came on Saturday morning.. so i went down to harbour at 9.30am! but he went to his company to meet his boss. So i waited for an hour plus till nely came to join me for the waiting session! ))= then dad came n we went to bank together. After that my uncle came to fetch us for breakfast... wanted to eat bak kut teh.. but he drove us to this place...

    Delicious fish head curry and asam sotong! ((: it's at Prinsep Link. Pretty near bugis street there.. around Middle Rd. nice nice and reasonable price also.. hehes. then we walked to bugis to guan yin temple. And my uncle tempt us to eat DURIAN! lols. nice nice!!

    Saw alot of pigeon infront the temple.. ((: quite scary to walk pass them..

    Then Dad went back to Indo around 5pm.. Nely and I went to shop around harbour and vivo and i bought a dress. ;p then went to giant to get some stuffs for baking. ((: and off to dear's house to bake cookies. ((:

    Went to Thai embassy with Nely as she wanna buy the doll phone strap that i bought the other day. And Dear went to buy tickets for TRANSFORMER. Watch at 12.45a.m till 3.15a.m ((: NICE! SUPER NICE! i didn't expect it to be so nice.. hahas. Nely was feeling sleepy and keep complaining about me dragging her for movie despite it's alr so late.. ))= but she DIDNT doze off at all! hahas. too nice.. everyone was clappings for the movie at the end. She said she become energised while watching.. she's going to watch it again with Calvin. EVERYONE must watch! =D

    Then we went home and i slept till 1pm!=.= and laze around and finally went to bukit panjang plaza with nely and calvin at 4+pm. Bought stuffs for baking again ;p hehes. And Nely treat us for Jap food. ((: NICE!

    Thanks Nely!! ;p

    After the meal, went back with dear to bake choco muffin. hahas. Didn't turn out quite well ))= i bake too long.. coz went to swimming pool while the things is baking.. hahas. so it become abit too hard.. ;p not burnt yet.. just abit harder than normal muffin =p edible and pretty gud taste..hehes.

    Ya.. that's my weekend.. pretty busy huh... ;p
    Hope everyone also had a nice weekend! ((:

    Morning lesson was cancelled.. so my lesson start at 12noon. But i woke up at 5.45a.m! went to run... =.= just run for 10minutes and i called it off.. hahas.. i really too fat le.. weak also! ))= must exercise more... i found lotsa cellulite on my thighs!n fats on my waist.. =.= die die die! kill me.. slice off those cellulite and fats off my bodyy.. ))= must train must train! i dun wanna die of stroke or high blood pressure or any kind of unhealthy sickness.. God.. please let me die beautifully and healthily.. it's so important to stay healthy! i'll try to run at least thrice a week! =X hope i can be consistent!

    Loves and Hugs!


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