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    Wednesday, January 24, 2007


    I broke my CK one perfume.. haiz! sian arghh.. it's from dear. (Sry ya dear...)


    lousy day...


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    Monday, January 22, 2007

    My Weekend...

    -bad headache! ='(
    -sleep till 11.30a.m.
    -felt damn cold
    -slack around at home
    -went to lot1 n eat porridge
    -shop around
    -went home
    -read magazine and surf net
    -sleep at 3a.m. plus...

    -wake up at 10.30a.m
    -bathe n cabbed to bugis
    -meet my elder sis
    -help her do some shopping
    -eat at Ajisen Ramen
    -went to queenstown IKEA
    -cabbed to vivocity
    -shop around with 5 BIGG bags from previous shopping trip
    -went to harbourfront center , Shop again
    -went to check in for my elder sis
    -she went back to indo
    -nely and me continue shopping at vivo *for awhile*
    -bought a chomel's hair pin! =) love it!
    -went to harbourfront's The Body Shop
    -Had dinner at Orange Lantern(Viet's food)
    -bought necklace!
    -back to CCK.
    -tried Nely's leggings (She said it looks nice on me.. but i still dun dare to wear that to town. hahas. should i or should i not? *think 1st ba*..)

    Dearest mummy gave me $50. But I spent it in one day! =.= haiz. bought things and eat! nothing left now.

    Keep thinking of buying a digicam and borjouis's mascara today! =(

    digicam - no money! not dare to ask from dad T.T
    borjouis mascara - never heard any of my friend try this before. So gotta check if it's good. A shop keeper told me it's pretty messy and clumps the lashes. So I'm quite confused whether should trust her or not. =.=



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    Saturday, January 20, 2007


    finally we are done with engineering drawing!! ((= hope everyone can pass tat paper ;p

    remember the 14" TV that I won during the dinner and dance lucky draw? hehe...

    i exchange it with Azlan's prize! 2nd Generation Ipod Nano. Hahas. but 2GB only... and it's silver colour.. hahas.

    yesterday was rather free... i finished my engineering drawing paper at 12 then went to library for a while and settled some club things... and wait dear to finish his paper around 6+. So I play monopoly with club people.. so soso FUN =D hahas.. i got two cards for bail out from jail. HAhas. damn lucky. but they bought all property T.T i only got 3! =.= then dear finish his exam and come club find me then we off to wheelock place.

    at wheelock..
    bought an ipod nano silicone casing in green colour and a hook to manage the earphone strap.. hahs. i always got problem w earphone strap. sianz. so bought one to manage it. hope it's useful =.= and both cost me a total of $38.90!! sux. all their accecories so expensive... wanted to buy a fm tuner and a power supply charger. but couldnt afford it. hahas.



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    Sunday, January 14, 2007


    The weather is making me sleepy all the time! =.= argghh...

    just had meeting with Kim,Umi n Hansel for CRS argumentative essay.. it's been more than a year since i last wrote a proper essay. "O" level in 2005! hahas. well.. thanks for Hansel for doing almost the whole essay. =p

    yesterday's ADD was a success except some minor mistakes that Esther n I did. hahas.. but overall was great! everyone looks great also! =))

    was touch by some scenes that showing the SO BONDED year three students. hope ours will be like that too.. hahas..

    n I won a 14" tv! hahas. at least didn't waste my $50 on the ticket without eating much there. hehe... now i get a $225 tv. So i still get some profit! ;)

    Some pics are up in my multiply site

    k la... i wanna sleep first.. so sleepy.. the weather is here for us to rest well ya know.. so people!! dun waste it... let's have a nice sleep eh... hehes. Nitez. Amen.


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    Friday, January 12, 2007

    Tomorrow will be the dinner and dance! =) hope everything work out well!

    couldn't sleep before 3a.m these few days. =.= so end up sleeping in lectures (esp Maths!) ...

    seriously waiting for exam to pass (last paper on 7 Feb'07).. i need my holiday... hahas... =D

    well..update you all with the dinner and dance soon!


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    Friday, January 05, 2007

    hi all!!
    X'mas & New year have already passed.. Hope everyone enjoy the holidays.

    Holidays were great! =) spent memorable days with Lidya... hehe... and the secondary school gathering was awesome.. =D met everyone I missed so much including the teachers..lols.

    And then I went back to Indo on 27Dec. Same day as Lidya departure date. So I didn't send her off at airport.. felt quite bad.. =(( sryy ya lid! then went back to see my new house.. hmm... overall quite ok. Except that my family was so busy purchasing new stuffs. =.= they don't even have time to go shopping with me. =(( and another bad news is that my mum decided that i gonna share room with my sis nely.. and our room will not be furnished. =(( they will only put some cheapo cupboards. haiz. well.. i just felt abit dissapointed but since we hardly stay at the house as we are always in Singapore most of the time.. so I think it shouldnt be a problem that our room are not furnished as good as the other rooms. =.= ermm...all i need is a bed! =)) n my dad can also save another 3k.. so i think it's a great decision anyway.. hehe..

    ok.. i havnt been studying for the hols! =.=

    not to mention about assignments on hand.. met Ruyi for CCF duty and then she reminded me about the assignments! =((

    argghh.. sian...


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