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    Friday, May 01, 2009


    Sister and I was out to hunt for her black formal heels for work on Wednesday night! :p

    So as usual!! we got side-tracked!! T.T
    and bought a bunch of other stuffs!! =.=

    So what did I get this time? :p
    Let's see!

    I went to Guardian pharmacy at Paragon SC to get my Bioderma Sebium H2O (my make up remover!) :)
    I thought they were having 30% off as the SA texted me a day before..
    so I went to stock up! BUT!!!
    I paid for the full price (SGD33.90/USD22.87 per 250ml bottle) and the SA realize that she made a mistake with the promotion period :((
    To make up for her mistake.. she gave me lots of free gifts~~ =.=

    Actually I bought 6 bottles of the Sebium H20 and she gave me another 2 bottles for free~~

    and she also gave me...
    2X Sensibio moisturizer in 40ml size! and one Sebium Akn (a pimple treatment) in 30ml tube!! and 16 travel packs Sebium H20 :D
    what a generous SA!! :p

    After the SGD200+ hauls at a pharmacy!! =.=
    We went to hunt for the heels~~ :p

    So we went to a couple of shops but couldn't get the right heels and...
    we passed by... Topshop!
    I got this... while my sister got another blue tube dress.. :)
    Mine was given a 40% off for "get 2nd item at 40% off deal" *tee hee :D*
    It's really hard to get my US size 2 stuff at local Topshop.. they are always Out of stock! grrr! but this time round I got my size 2!! *yay*
    Others wear it as long tee but it's my onepiece! lol. coz I'm a shortie!! :p

    And then we couldn't just walked pass Ms.Selfridge~~
    and I got this tunic in purple~~*no idea why my pic show up more like a blue:p* sis got the exact same piece in grey :) yes! US size 2 again :D it's their last piece!! hahas
    while making payment!! the cashier lady told me that UOB card entitled to 15% off~~ hahas :D another great deal.. *thrilled*

    Then we went to Takashimaya's guardian and I got my canmake glitter polishes at 20% off! LOL. Yes... Singapore's Great Sale is still not here but there are sales everywhere! :p *hope Yumeko is having a great trip in Singapore.. hauling and just having lots of fun here :D*

    and before I went home! We saw this "Shoes and Bag affair" bazaar at Takashimaya basement! :p
    ALDO,Nine west, Calvin Klein, Paris Hilton, etc etc! all having sale!! =.=
    So my sister went around and look for the 'right' black heels~~
    and I can't stop trying those heels!! hahas.
    but I didn't get any heels :(
    The sizes is really limited.. and my foot is really tiny! i wear size 5! =.=
    So it's hard to get my pair of heels in a bazaar..
    alas my sister couldn't get any heel too! :(

    But I bought this mini make-up organiser to replace my Paul&joe pouch~~
    I love bag with shape! i mean something like this...

    LOL. you get it? it's like a rectangular shape... so my stuffs will get more organized.. hehes...
    I tried it out once I get home.. it's quite tiny! lol. but I love how my make-up get organised now.. I don't have to dig in a pouch for my lipbalm anymore! hahas. :D
    but I kinda like SWIMMER makeup pouch!! they are of waterproof material and with super kawaii prints on it! but too bad that Singapore doesn't have Swimmer stuff :(

    Went home to receive my package from Pichuya.
    It's a Singapore based online store! I found while googling for Nature (Taiwan Product)... :p *Thanks to Fuz!^^ she mentioned about this brand in her blog*
    Pichuya's service is great! I ordered my stuff on Saturday and I got my package on Wednesday.. ^^ pretty fast ain't it?! :)))

    Here's what I ordered~~
    (click the link to view it in Pichuya web)

    Nature Rose Oxygenating Hydra Eye Cream EX

    Hmm... very nice rose smell! Can't wait to try this after I finish up my Clinique Refreshing Eye gel.. :D

    Nature Tea Tree Acne Sunscreen UV Protector SPF 50/PA+++
    I hope my acne will get better using this sunscreen~~ :p

    but I will need some time trying out these stuffs.. as I'm just into my new Skinfood Parsley and Mandarin Mild Foam cleanser... and I also bought their Aloe BB cream too!
    Need lots of time to add them into my skincare and makeup routine one at a time.. as I'm afraid any of these might irritate my acne condition and I couldn't find the culprit :p

    Okay!! I think that's all for my lengthy post! hope you are not bored!
    Thanks for reading!! :))

    P.S: I typed this without my glasses! Couldn't find it :( So i hope you don't mind any typo or mistakes in the post! :p


    Yumeko said...

    omg girl
    size 2! u are soooo thin! i am sooo envious!!!!

    and looooving the hauls and samples galore

    yes i am doing well on my holiday here, thank you for thinking of me sweetie!!!!

    izumi said...

    oooo clothes :) and mu haul! love it~ sounds like a very nice SA ^^

    can't wait for your reviews!

    fuzkittie said...

    Nice hauls! The dresses are just adorable~~ I hope you like those @Nature ones, I'm liking the Lavender toner, even tho the smell isn't pleasant, haha.

    Lisa said...

    Hey girl. I am going to Singapore in July! Interested in getting the Bioderma stuff, which shop is the SA working at? If I remember correctly, GSS is in July, right?

    Askmewhats said...

    wow you are SUPER SEXY!!! I love both outfit and i love all your hauls!! I wish we have SA's like you do :)

    acutelife said...

    Nice clothes, I love the topshop one :) sometime when you have something to buy in mind, you end up with bunch of unplanned stuff and zero of the targeted stuff lolz..happens to me all the time:)

    ✿Ji✿ said...

    Awww the nailpolishes look sp sparkly and cute!♥

    Pop Champagne said...

    hahaha you girls bought soo much stuff!!! what a great haul :)

    Whit said...

    wow great hauling!!! let us kno how you like the eye cream :)

    and great freebies! sheeesh!!

    miRaCLe said...

    @ Lisa :
    (i replied to your blog comment page too)
    hi Lisa!! ^^
    GSS 2009 start from 29 May to 26 July! :D

    I got my Bioderma stuffs from Paragon's Guardian. The SA moves about between a few Guardians' outlet... So you gotta contact her to ask about her exact location before you go down :)
    let me know if you need her number! ^^ hmmm... Malaysia doesn't have any Bioderma products??