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    Friday, April 17, 2009

    My haul from Makeup Mix Shop!

    After looking at the nail tutorials from Alyssa and Nikki's blog, I couldn't resist myself from ordering the L.A Colors Art Deco. :D

    It's my second time ordering from them!

    I only ordered 3 on my first haul!
    silver glitter,gold glitter and white..
    choose the cheapest shipping but I still got them in a week! :))
    they even include one Makeup masala pigment sample inside the package! ^^

    So having to receive the email that they are having free shipping anywhere for any purchase! I ordered another 9 but they only left one black instead of the 2 bottles I ordered. Toma (shop owner)email me to apologize for the mistake in taking order~ :) *really nice service eh!! ^^*

    And yes! another fast shipping!! :D a week after that I received them in excellent condition~~ hehes.. carefully bubble wrapped and with free Makeup Masala pigment sample! :D

    Love the shop! ^^ I'm no longer drooling over the pretty nail tutorials using this art deco stuff! hehes. Although I've yet to try them!! Xp

    my art deco collection
    have been so busy! :p
    Really have to start organizing my time more effectively! O.O

    have a nice day~~ ^^


    Yumeko said...

    ooh nice collection!
    i wanna see what u do with them!

    fuzkittie said...

    Nice look at all the colors! I can't wait to see your designs.

    ✿Ji✿ said...

    I wanna see designs with your new polishes!♥

    Thank you so much for your nice comment!♥
    I already feel better now...^^

    Askmewhats said...

    awww.enjoy playing with these Art Deco's!!!! They'll work for you I'm sure!!! I ordered those colors too!!! And you're right about Toma's shipping rates and how she carefully wraps them :)

    Lisa said...

    Ooh La La! Nice nail polish. Now design! :)

    Ahleessa said...

    I love those art pens! :) I can't wait to see what you can do with them.