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    Saturday, April 15, 2006

    muahaha!!!here I come!! ^^another tiring day....
    hehe.. but who cares...bought quite alot of things...;pa pair of shoes,facial masks,make up remover and hair mousse. ^^ muahaha... but no clothes!!! jeans!!! =((Didn't see any nice one... =.=well.. i changed my blog song!!! anyone notice this??why not tag some comments? ;pand also i make some flash in the "Things" ^^aren't they look nice??? Lidya said they are nice!! =) ok..Lidya is the first to look at them!! ;p

    21st Speech day at Ping Yi was GREAT!Our school looks like getting more rich huh...;pI got $100 popular vouchers... ;pgonna buy Lidya,dear,Golf n Nely somethings..Promised to get slamdunk comic for Lidya nOne piece comic for Jinbo.Golf just asked for $10 dunno for what...Nely... I think she gonna buy Narnia ba..haha... whatever they like lor.. lol..Wilberg!! our student of the year got about $700 vouchers!!(popular and borders) speechless...=.=gotta met with Derrick, Xiu Yi, Jie Fang, Shan Joo, Marilyn,Chai jing etc.. ^^ not bad... they are all in JC right all wearing their uniforms except for men Mr.Zul said I should join them for JC.. haha.. JC just not my type...

    Ping Yi Secondary much changes in the school...not only the building but there are alot more..the speech day remind me of the 19th Speech daythat I attended 2 years ago...It was just like yesterday...I was wearing my uniform and got my prize forEnglish and Science ;p so tyco..haha...but that time we were only given a certificate...small one lor..haha... no prize... =pand the hall was darn hot and old...I'm really glad to see these physical changes with the school..Hope PYSS can improve academically... ^^

    I've been sleeping around 5 a.m nowadays... =.=gotta sleep earlier especially on Monday and Tuesday...=(( coz I got morning class on the next day... sux... uhhh..someone please give me morning call on Tuesday andWednesday morning around 5a.m will do... T_T thankss...k.. gotta bathe n sleep now...tml gonna accompany dear go eat beancurd..;pno more late or call it off on the very last minute...haha.. or dear gonna smack me! T_T poor me...

    haha.. kk!stop my craps ;p


    muach everyone!!

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