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    Wednesday, July 22, 2009

    Secret to my double eyelids!:)

    (and review for Cutie Cutie Double eyelids glue)

    It'll be a lengthy post (I typed this post in parts... :p life is getting busy for me hehes)

    My eyelids' story begin here...
    I used to envy girls with double eyelids! hahas. :D
    I was kinda "special" when I was little since everyone around me has double eyelids and I'm quite an odd one out with my single eyelids.. :(
    So they gave me nicknames like "mini eyes" (in chinese: "Mi Mi Yan").. and all.. hahas.

    as I grow up...and was introduced to makeup...
    I find it so hard to apply eyeshadow on my PUFFY single eyelids! :((
    Especially for newbie like me who isn't blessed with any makeup talent :p
    Well..My art is kinda lousy.. xD
    I think makeup is like an art! :)

    I enjoy looking and admiring them(art and make up).. but not when it comes to create! :p
    It's true! most of my friends who are good in art are good in make up!
    so I think they are VERY RELATED! :p

    So I was quite determined to get a double eyelids surgery when I earn my own money! hahas :X
    Even my mum and sisters were kinda supportive! *yey*
    Since it's like the most simple and common surgery in the cosmetic world! :p

    But still there's a big NO!
    I'm afraid that I might end up even uglier! since there are cases where the double eyelids look very unnatural... :( So I was abit turn off and telling myself to just live without double eyelids... :(

    Dig out some of my old photos with single eyelids for ya! hahaha :X

    can ya see my puffy single eyelids?? :/

    So I was introduced to use this "Cutie cutie double eyelids glue" by my sister :p
    She heard good things about this from her friend.. so I bought mine from SASA.
    Sorry I'm lazy to take pic of my own one.. so took this pic from ebay xD
    Forgot the price too... but definitely less than USD10. :p

    Then I start using it regularly (almost everyday!) for about a year!
    just use it with my HG P&J waterproof curly mascara.. :)

    and start using it with my majolica majorca eyeliner...

    TADAAA!! after about a year of using it.. I have my own double eyelids without having to use it anymore :))*HAPPYYYY*

    Yeah... I'm absolutely happy now having less problems with using eyeshadow! :p
    but my double eyelids are kinda naughty! :/ it will occasionally disappear... hahas
    so sometimes I still have to use eyelids tape.. (love "Pinky Lady" eyelid tape in size 'S') hehes.

    I used to be unable to use eyelids tape.. :p I dunno why.. might be the extreme puffiness of my single eyelids.. :( so Cutie cutie eyelids glue is LOVE!

    My REVIEW for "Cutie Cutie Double Eyelids Glue"

    - Easy to use (of course you need to practice! It's not fail proof... but the usual steps is :Apply on lids, wait for the glue to turn transparent and poke your lids with the stick :p)
    - Easy to take off by using water!
    - Cheap (less than USD10)
    - The bottle can last you for a LONG time (I've never finish one!)
    - Can be used as false lashes glue! (saw this tip from Jap Magazine)

    - Will show up when you accidentally touch it with water (e.g: sweat, rain, etc!)
    - Can't use it with eyeshadow :/ (They'll stick on the glue part and looks horrible!)
    - can be difficult to purchase.. :( Can't see them in SASA recently.. (maybe out of stock)

    Okay!! that's all I wanna share! :))
    Have a lovely day ya!!



    eclecticsatire said...

    oooo this is so interesting. I have hooded lids, would love to have the normal double lids. Think i shall go to sasa n try it out. :)

    Thx for sharing!

    Ahleessa said...

    Oh wow, all this time I thought you had double eyelids... hehe~ I guess you really do now. I wonder if it'll get rid of the fat from my eyelids... lol~ :X

    You should do a look with your eyes. I would love to see it. I doubt you're bad as you think. I think we are the worst when it comes to judging oneself. I think I'm bad with my eye looks, but I still post. :X

    A View from the Edge said...

    Nice post! I have double eyelids, but I would say they're not really "defined" and I still have trouble applying eyeshadows. My problem is doing a smokey look which can be a little tricky. Anyhow, I'm glad to know your secret to your double eyelids. By the way, I have a question...Is it more expensive to buy Paul and Joe items from your country than buying from the net? Just curious :)

    Askmewhats said...

    wow...such defined double lid! it does work! but not being able to put on e/s ? it's ok! the double eyelid itself made your eyes pop :D

    aichaku-愛着 said...

    very interesting!! is this the same brand where there's a video showing you how to poke your lids? :D reminds me, my double lids are very deep - i wanted it to be more shallow - i think i shd try eyelid tape...

    izumi said...

    wow! man i really gotta keep using my eyeglue more often >___<

    ♡ Nic Nic ♡ said...

    that's really great you got the eyes you wanted without evasive surgery!! i say you look pretty either way, but it nice to see you happy and confident with yourself ^^

    (( SKY )) said...

    Glad you got the results you wanted without surgery.

    Yumeko said...

    woo thats cool that you have them now!!

    nick said...

    i have an ability to swap from single to double eyelid at will lol all i have to do is look retarded for like 1 second and im all good ahaha, i used to be only able to hold the double until i blink but recently i can hold it for a few minutes ahaha...enough to take a picture cause i think i look better with it :P

    Reese said...

    Ummm I'm just about to start using the double eyelid glue... is it uncomfortable to blink? And I wonder if mine will dry clear (Goshim so nervous D:)

    If it comes in pink said...

    That's cool, I didn't even know things like that existed.

    Rosanna said...

    How interesting. I am mixed but one of my eyelids is slighty 'singler' than the other. I was thinking about eyelid glue but I'm not sure...

    Thanks for the informative post!

    Anonymous said...

    omg you're so lucky, i've bene using eyelid glue of different brands for 2 years but i still dont have natural double eyelids! and i think now (dec 2009) Sasa doesnt sell cutie cutie anymore... Hope i can find it cus i really want to have natural double eyelids! this post shall give me hope. :) thanks.


    Dave Bennett said...

    I am a white man from USA. I totally love Asian eyes. Single eyelids help give you the pure, clean smooth appearance of Asian girls' faces. I am surprised you do not like them. Sometimes I think girls worry about the silliest things!

    Anonymous said...

    Your blog keeps getting better and better! Your older articles are not as good as newer ones you have a lot more creativity and originality now keep it up!

    Anonymous said...

    I wish not approve on it. I assume precise post. Expressly the appellation attracted me to be familiar with the whole story.

    Babybubblz said...

    WOW amazing! You trained your lids well lol. I had no idea it was possible to create them *almost* permanently.

    I'm just dropping because I noticed we have the same name, which is also the BEST name ever! Hehe.

    Bye Mira!

    Anonymous said...

    i without a doubt adore your own writing choice, very useful,
    don't give up as well as keep creating due to the fact it just well worth to read it,
    excited to browse much more of your current web content, stunning day :)

    Askmewhats said...

    wow...such big difference!!!

    Anonymous said...

    Did you use other kinds of double eyelid glue? :) And are there any side effects to the glue? :)

    miRaCLe said...

    hi! i've only use the eye glue I've mentioned above! :)
    and dun think there's any side effect unless you are allergy to the ingredients :)
    Oh ya! i find it almost impossible to put on eyeshadow using the glue :(
    coz all the powder or cream just clump around the glue part. >.<
    other than that it's perfectly alright for me!

    Anonymous said...

    Thank you, that was extremely valuable and interesting...I will be back again to read more on this topic.

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    Anonymous said...

    I've tried Cosmerize double eyelid serum and I LOVE IT...! It's not noticeable like tape and easy to apply and take off.