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    Sunday, February 03, 2008

    just bake 2 sponge cakes. :D one for nely and another one for jinbo n family. ((:
    hehes. it's yummylicious. :D at least dear, his brother n his sister said it's nice. (((: anyway it's not the first time i'm baking this sponge cake la. ;p so got abit experience alr. My whole family tasted my cake before. All give good comments. muahahaha.. -show off-

    SUPPER TIME!! he cooked fried rice and i cook soup. He forgot to add salt into the fried rice n my soup is SUPER salty coz it was some short like salt veggie soup with tofu...those fermented kind of chinese veggie. N i put way too much salty veggie in the soup... i didn't at a single pinch of salt in it. hahas. but anyway perfect matching food. unsalt+salty=100% matching =..=

    and i cut my tiny finger while washing the scissors. T..T

    it bleed for awhile only. But very pain when i wash hand etc.. =..= sian.. and it's at the bending part!! grrr... ))):

    I havnt bought new clothes for CNY... T..T hopefully can wake up early tomorrow. wanna buy some cheap jeans so that i can wear them during attachment.

    Chatting with Lidya right now..;p n we are talking about Indonesia Former President Mr.Suharto's death. err...suddenly feel so political. Anyway.. alot of different type of discussion about his life as president for 32 years. It's confusing but it really depends on how you want to judge him. He's not perfectly good but he's not totally bad either. -shrugs-

    hmm.. kk. I'll probably blog again during CNY celebration in Indo ((:

    say bye bye to Singapore for a couple of days. hehes. I'll be going back to Indo on Tuesday with Nely. ((:

    Loves ya all~~

    ciaO! (((:

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